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Jul 26, 2010

From Care2 - Photos - Bullfight Fiesta Payback:

Bullfight Fiesta Payback

Date: 07/24/10

Tags: "animal cruelty" "animal rights"

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See what it's REALLY like to turn the tables on the Matador! Would you celebrate it for a week EVERY YEAR then?


Every year, thousands of bulls & horses in Spain are subjected to horrific torture & brutal deaths for the joy of Blood-Thirsty Spaniards & Tourists! Although these monsters have been enjoying this sheer cruelty for thousands of years, they've just recently proven that they can still  stand to go even lower--with Bull-BURNING!!!

That's right folks! As if they're not Psychologically Depraved enough, these bastards now want to set the poor bulls ON FIRE and let them run around going insane from the pain & smell of their own skin & flesh sloughing off their bodies, while scores of degenerates jeer & scream at them! All in the name of "Entertainment!"

Which now brings me to this lovely picture--and an interesting idea! Want a sure-fire way to put a stop to this madness? Picture this.... Let's pass an international law to do a Lottery of all the men (and women, too!) who aren't inmates, and who really enjoy the sport of Bullfighting, from 18 yrs of age & up. Then draft-pick a bunch of them, with NO PAY, to actually EXPERIENCE THAT SURREAL TORTURE RIGHT ALONG WITH THE BULLS! RIGHT DOWN TO THE DEATH--EVERY YEAR!

I know these sick-minded people would most quickly find some other way to entertain themselves if THEY also had to watch each other enduring the same fate as these poor animals--from the Runs through towns where they will ALSO get screamed at, have fireworks tied around their heads, & repeatedly struck with objects--to the Ring where THEY TOO, must get burned alive, stabbed repeatedly with swords & spears, and forced to keep fighting while blood pours into THEIR lungs, and slowly drowns THEM in front of thousands of their cheering compadres!

Then Bullfighting would very quickly come to a screeching-hault! A picture's worth a thousand words. Would you still "Encourage the Tradition" if it meant you may be next in that Lottery to suffer through it too? Think about it.

We need to gather as an international community & put a stop to this!

Please sign the various Petitions and Petitions under "Animal Rights" or "Animal Cruelty" so you can also leave Comments to politicians, create your own blogs, & network with various international & domestic organizations besides the above mentioned ones.

Either way--DO SOMETHING!! GET INVOLVED!! And let's eliminate this!




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Posted: Monday July 26, 2010, 12:14 pm
Tags: animalcruelty animalrights [add/edit tags]

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