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Oct 3, 2006

Horses require routine annual dental care, especially as they become older. Fall is the preferred time to check a horse's teeth before winter feeding of coarse hays. Sharp edges on the horse's molars can be removed or "floated," which makes it easier for the horse to chew feed and results in more efficient feed use. Any time a horse holds its head to one side to chew, feed falls out of its mouth, and/or whole grains appear in the manure, you should have its teeth checked by a veterinarian. Also, Fall is a good time to schedule their second round of shots and vet visit of the year. Get it all done at once.
All fences should be checked in the fall to make sure they are in good repair before heavy snows and winds come in. After every fall storm it is a good idea to check fences for limbs and other debris. Also, check all barn doors, shutters, and outdoor troughs for cracks, etc.
Clean out stalls thoroughly and clean water buckets and food buckets (if your horses are anything like mine they stay out in the summer but may have to stay in the stalls during hard winter days and nights).
Check your shavings or other bedding supplies, your hay supplies, and medical/emergency bags. Replace or purchase what you need.
If you use blankets in the winter, check for any rips, tears or loose pieces. REPAIR if needed.
Check all your water hoses and barn equipment: rakes, shovels, wheel barrows: repair as needed (its better to have equipment in good shape now rather then having to fix it on a dark cold wet morning).
This includes your HORSE TRAILER: Check over it with a fine tooth comb: floor boards, side boards, metal work, hooks, chains, hitch, handles, hinges...and anything I missed. I was checking mine this past weekend and where it sat not being used, one of the boards has gotten wet from a rain storm and buckled out..I'm going to have to replace it before a horse gets in there and my hooks on my chains that attach to the truck have been stolen. Its better to know NOW then to find out during an emergency loading to go to the vet!!
This is a good time to bed down your garden for next year. Till dirt under and place manure evenly on the garden..till again and you are set for next year.
While we are all concerned with the barns and horses, don't forget your house!!! Home maintenance for fall: check and seal windows, check and clean humidifier, shut off hose bibs, check and maintain dishwasher, clean out gutters and outdoor drains, check toilets, clear out sink drains, change furnace filters, test monoxide and smoke detectors.
Prepare to have a safe FALL!! A little bit of maintenance and some routine checks spread out through the year go a long way in preventing mishaps and run downs.
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Posted: Tuesday October 3, 2006, 4:55 am
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