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Aug 15, 2010

I received this in an email & it makes a lot of sense to me. We should all do this & pass this along to everyone in our address book!!

 When driving to, from, and through Frankenmuth, Michigan, I'm always intrigued with the many small simple crosses in the front yards of the homes we pass by.  Those crosses are a statement of support for Frankenmuth's Christian foundation.
Two years ago an atheist living there complained about two crosses on a bridge in town.    He requested that they be removed and the town removed them. He then decided that, since he was so successful with that, the city shield should also be changed since it had on it, along with other symbols, a heart with a cross inside signifying the city's Lutheran beginnings.
At that point, the residents decided they had had enough.  Hundreds of residents made their opinions known by placing small crosses in their front yards.   Seeing this quiet but powerful statement from the community, the man removed his complaint.  Those simple  crosses remain in those front yards today.
After passing those crosses for two years, it finally hit me that a small cross in millions of front yards across our country could provide a powerful and inspiring message for all Americans passing them every day.  I think it might be time to take this idea across America.
We have an administration that says "we are not a Christian nation" and everywhere you look the ACLU and others are trying to remove from our history and current lives any reference to God, prayer, or the fact that our country was founded on  Judeo-Christian principles.  Our administration can't bring themselves to talk about "radical Muslims or Islamic terrorists" for fear of offending them, but they can talk about Americans "clinging to their guns and their religion", or insinuate that our own military troops coming home from service overseas might turn into terrorists.   The majority of Americans are Christians, why are we letting this happen to us?
It's time to stand up and make a statement..a small, quiet, but powerful statement.  If you agree, place a small white cross in your front yard or garden for all to see that they are not alone.  It would be a beautiful thing to see crosses all across America.
God has richly blessed America but America is falling short of returning thanks for it...we can help to change that.
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Posted: Sunday August 15, 2010, 5:58 pm
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The Cross M. (0)
Friday December 24, 2010, 5:40 am
The Cross Ministry was started to not only encourage this to be done but we build and paint cross as a witness for Christ. We have provided over 2000 crosses and still get request daily. We do this based out of our church FBC Lovejoy, Lovejoy, GA . We do not charge for this and it is spreading rapidly. Check us out on Facebook


Jane R.
female , single, 1 child
Rosenberg, TX, USA
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