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Dec 17, 2006

I am always amazed at the silly myths people believe. christianity has some of the goofiest beliefs ever!

christians really believe that ...

  1. ...there is an invisible man living in the sky watching everything we do and hearing everything we say.
  2. ...the earth and everything in it was created by an invisible man in the sky despite all the scientific evidence proving otherwise.
  3. ...people can be cured of diseases by praying to the invisible man in the sky
  4. ..the bible was written by the invisible man in the sky through people called prophets
  5. ...that jesus is the son of the invisible man in the sky
  6. ...that jesus came from the womb of a virgin women
  7. ...that the invisible man in the sky has a favorite country (Israel)
  8. ...that the invisible man in the sky punishes people for disobeying his rules by sending them to a place called hell
  9. ...that the invisible man in the sky rewards people for following the rules by sending them to a place called heaven
10. ...that there are beings with feathered wings flying around protecting people. These beings are called angels.
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Posted: Sunday December 17, 2006, 3:17 pm

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Hershey, PA, USA
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