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Dec 29, 2006

I just want everyone to spread the word.  Before I was a dog foster mom, I didn't realize how many wonderful, awesome, fabulous dogs there were out there!  I always thought I'd have to go to a breeder to actually get a "good" dog.  Wow.  Was I wrong!  One reason I had was because of allergies.  I didn't think I'd ever be able to have a dog that sheds in my house.  I searched out a bichon breeder and purchased him.  I then searched for a poodle.  I had NO idea that bichons AND poodles could be found in a rescue group.  I always pictured "rescue" dogs as dogs with big issues that were beyond what I could handle.  Was I wrong again!!!!  It doesn't take a lot to help a dog overcome their issues. AND there are dogs that are surrendered that seriously have NO issues, but the issues were the people who surrendered it!  There are beautiful dogs, there are ugly dogs that end up with BEAUTIFUL personalities!  If you adopt a homeless dog, I'm telling you, they will give you love that is beyond what you can imagine.  My foster dogs come back to visit me, and they remember!!  I seriously can feel some of them thanking me for finding them a forever mom and dad.  They come and give me kisses and they are so happy to see me again and that just warms my heart over and over again.  I especially feel the happiest when I see them as much in love with their new family as they were when they were with me.  It breaks my heart to part with them, but that is just what I have learned to accept.  I could have my heart "not" broken and "not" foster dogs.  But they would be the ones to suffer.  The point of all this is PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, RESCUE DOGS ARE WORTH RESCUING!!!!  THEY LOVE YOU FOR YOU!!!  By the way, the Bichon that I "purchased" 10 years ago is naughtier than any foster dog I have had in my house!!!  lol  He's with us for life though, I believe once you make a dog a permanent member they are there through thick and thin!  ALSO, Claritin has been my rescue drug of choice!  I can foster any kind of dog as long as I remember my allergy meds! 

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Posted: Friday December 29, 2006, 10:40 am
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Jazmin G. (345)
Friday December 29, 2006, 6:12 pm
I have to wonder how many pure breed dogs get adopted, I did a search on line for a yorkshire terrier. rescue groups as I miss my tiny yorkie badly...She died of cancer..And they wanted 500 dollars donation to adopt one.....they also had other breeds..Even at 11 to 13 years old..some younger dogs were more....
So many people would give a Little dog a home but that is enough to look in another direction for a dog...Frankly it amazed me...Im all for adopting an animal that needs a home..But is that realistic...????????

Kim H. (57)
Friday December 29, 2006, 7:00 pm
Thanks for the comment, Jazmin. I understand your feeling on this. We definitely do not charge that much for our rescue dogs, but it can be expensive. Our main goal is to find homes for rescued dogs. We do not turn away dogs and we take in many dogs that are hurt, injured, sick, that people bring to the vet and say "put this dog down." The vet bills are huge. All of our funds go directly to vet bills and pet needs. None of the money goes to any of the people in our group, including the president of our group and our directors who do SO MUCH work you wouldn't believe it! The reason for the adoption fees are that we take in a dog (and many, many cats), spay or neuter them, do tests as needed, give heartworm preventative, frontline them, update ALL shots, and we have their teeth profesionally cleaned. Add to that any dog that may need surgery and we accept every one that does. When you buy a dog from a pet store, the person breeding the dogs is making a profit. Rescue groups do not make profit. I have a dog here right now that I am fostering that was used as a breeder. She has many health issues. We do NOT want breeders to put their dogs to sleep just because they aren't making money off of them any more. So we take them and pay for all of the healthcare, teach them to live in a house (not a filthy cage), give them love and care. My payment is the reward when they get adopted and change their new owners lives. It makes it all worthwhile.


Kim H.
female , married, 2 children
Farmington, MN, USA
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