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Nov 10, 2010

Focus:Animal Welfare
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 In Drama


animals are treated as garbages.


PLS use google for the link  translation  here :




We live in Drama, but I visit often and most times I like to walk with my nephews in the center and window shopping. So far, we did our trip and stopped outside the Pet shop "ANGEL"   the shop is on the road continent, in <span> </span><span>Δράμα.</span> <span>Drama</span>( TEL :6948-259811.. There are also phones shop  Owner : E. Moschidou 25210-38970 from 25210 to 26098 house ) to gaze at the young (9 and 7 years) pets.


In the shop window were imiaima and 4 puppies, one of whom was dying condition, lying with eyes wide open, not react at all in our movements and the only indication that this Psychoulis lived, was the anapnooula.


Pretended that I wanted to know what breed the dogs were, I walked in and asked the lady who sat in the office ... "Oh, indeed, imiaima said ... and down ... the little one is sick?''No.'' no,''he answers sleeping lady.


We go back out and while I was convinced at last that he had little to leave, we see the gentleman who was in the shop with the lady, to grab the neck of the sick dog to the thunders on the floor to xanarpazei and puts it in a supermarket bag and then into second and third, to tie tightly, letting down the''bundle''and pushes him on the floor with his hands.Obviously wanted to make sure that the kyrioulis choked the last breath of live miserable.


All this in front of the stunned children.

''Divine and when you took the Maya in the bag they gave thee? No, darling, in my arms I got ...''. What can explain how and when no voice came out of my nerves.


And the kyrioulis like the giagioules to come back from memorial services, went outside and washed his hands in the fountain that was on the sidewalk.

Okay, and buried it in the bag and parachosame bye-bye, it is worth only three supermarket bags ... How nice ... fortunately because of our misery and spoil the shop front of the shop ...


Yeah, okay, my kyriouli all well demonstrated the superiority, you are great dude, because none of this gave birth''and''you have the power to kill them all! Congratulations, you must be very proud.

Male right! I, however, do not feel any pride in myself, I sat and looked and I did not do anything, and I was surprised I did not do anything, angry with you and I did not do anything, crying out of remorse because I did not do ANYTHING!


I know, I was scared.

 Maybe if I had someone that was thinking about you so I could speak but now that I was not myself dare.

I was thinking then how many bags you left over! Well, you see, I am just arrostoula last ...».



A city in GREECE


"I would very grateful if all animal welfare associations and all sensitized Greeks to make complaints or complaints to the Veterinary Department of Drama, to finally put an end to the suffering of animals in pet-shop of death.


Hundreds of puppies have found a horrible death from typhus in recent years. The famous and anonymous complaints made to the Veterinary and Health in Drama do not bring any result, except in writing indifference of public services.


The Veterinary Drama official letter informed us in the past that everything is going well in that store, they have no jurisdiction to do to control typhus and that no employees.


Please note that the store is located 300 meters from the Veterinary Service in the city center. Nevertheless, he continues and renews its license to sell animals.


There have been complaints and named SDOE Thessaloniki to buy animals without invoices from legal farms on the one hand and retail receipts, issued by this store, which indicate food or cages and not animals. No action was neither the SDOE there.


The last complaint received is not the licensed premises, or his tax fraud.

 Does the shop itself, which sick animals to drown his bags in his shop, in plain sight!


Determined to escape the narrow limits of conspiratorial and mute the Department of Drama and putting the issue on a national scale, please all you sensitive Greeks to report or complain about this pet shop in veterinary Drama in the following telephone numbers and e-mail.


Director: 2521062221

Αυτή e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable Javascript to view it. &

Αυτή e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable Javascript to view it.Department of Veterinary Public Health tel 2521062220Department of Applied & Sp. Protection of Animal Sciences Department Tel 2521055744Department of Animal Health tel 2521062218Administrative Office tel 2521062219



Department of  Public Health & Welfare Department of Environmental Health & Sanitation Control

tel 2521062273 Department of Public Health tel 2521062277


The owner of this pet shop is infringing sgd wd 266541/03, 3170/2003

 Lot 3 and the final order and the Law 1197/1981,

abuse, torture and murder of an animal, a misdemeanor (yet unfortunately ) and is punishable by imprisonment up to 5 months or a fine of 1,500 euros.


from Animal Friends of Drama



Email addies: ; ; ; ;;




 Subject: DRAMA - Δράμα: Πετσοπάς πνίγει άρρωστο κουτάβι μπροστά σε παιδιά


 To Chief of Police/Ministry of Citizens Protection, The Mayor of Drama and the Vetinerary Centre


LETTER TO SEND : pls use your own words if you can /Ty


Dear Sirs,

Yet another barbaric act of abuse on a defenceless animal, apart from the trauma suffered by those who witnessed this.

This pet shop  Angel ***the Pet shop "ANGEL"   is on the road continent, in  Δράμα. Drama( TEL :6948-259811.)run by   E. Moschidou 

 is apparently only a few hundred metres from the Vetinerary Service, and despite the many complaints and the bad conditions the animals are kept in, the owner still receives a license to sell them!

As the owner is breaking the various Laws, ie. 266541/03, 3170/2003 and 1197/1981, why is he allowed to continue and why is he not being prosecuted?

Thanks to the internet, knowledge of the notorious "end of tourist season poisoning" and abuse/torture of animals in Greece is spreading worldwide.

 This is not going to attract tourism or help Greece in its present financial crisis.I sincerely hope this particular incident will be investigated thoroughly.

Yours faithfully,





More infos: 


*** if you Call  the owner , PLS do it in a  polite way ( even it is not easy, you do not need to be guilty for harassment or violence, this 'll not going to  help the pets inside .) saying that this  behavior type  is not appropriate in civilized people and for his city or everything you 'll find appropriated.


***the Pet shop "ANGEL"   is on the road continent, in  Δράμα. Drama( TEL :6948-259811.

There are also phones shop  Owner : E. Moschidou

 25210-38970 from 25210 to 26098 house )



Greece : Drama city  :


An other place to BOYCOTT !


Thanks a lot to Elaine

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Posted: Wednesday November 10, 2010, 2:09 am
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