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Nov 19, 2010

Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Write E-Mail
Location:Serbia And Montenegro

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To Whom it May concern:




Animal Health and Welfare


Head of Unit: Andrea Gavinelli


Cc: Dr Paolo Dalla Villa

Stray dog population control;


Federation of Veterinarians of Europe;



EU Officials & Parlamentaries



Dear Dr Gavinelli & European Union Officials;


I am sending this email because I am very disturbed with horrible animal torture by dog catchers of the pounds on streets of Serbia, as well as by their own citizen -- the country which is on its way to EU entry.


Animals in Serbia are facing a terrible death every day, in every city. Serbian animal rights activist is trying their best to help stray animals from being brutally massacred, but it goes beyond a horror and crime. Local authorities are administrating few local shelters all over Serbia, in which "Shinters" (serb.) - dog catchers (uneducated peoples, without any compassion acting under orders from government) are working to kill innocent dogs and cats with a cruelty that is hard to be described.


There are a numberous brutal animal abuses in just one month documented with links that could not stand even in a hundreds of pages, so I will only set apart just a few of them.

This is a video of the most recent animal abuse, taken on the 30th of October in Zaječar City, Serbia.


Video [disturbing!]: Brutal killing of dogs at a daily basis, in front of school full of children.  

The dog catchers are strangling the dog, who can be seen almost drowning in his own blood that is streaming out of his mouth. The children were trying to save the other dogs from death. This is just one example of the ongoing killings of animals in Zaječar, as well as in all other cities of Serbia.   


Another video inside the truck proves that dog catchers use to keep the animals in their own feces and urine. The truck is full of dogs. They all are caught and killed the same day.  


Shinters in ACTION :



Alleged ‘rabies’ outbreaks (without Informing the OIE ?) gives authorities excuse for mass stray killings. As you can see documented: shinters use to catch and kill all stray dogs in Zajecar City several times per year, which is not based on animal welfare act, under the pretext of rabies. Dogs being held are kept without water and food.



We informed the major of the city of Zajecar. Here are a three notes with a sample letter and email addresses, petitions regarding the animal abuses, but there is no rensponse:





The TV reports on three most watched Serbian tv channels:  





The newspapers report about the brutal abuse:

The dog catchers Choked the dog, while blood pouring from his mouth - Zajecar, Serbia

- Online translation:


Brutal abuse of dogs in Zajecar, again!

- Online translation:



Second case in the same city. The dog catchers killed the dog right before the eyes of the owner, 10.10.2010. 

- Online translation:


TV Report on most watched channel:


Inhumane and brutally killing dogs by the workers of the dog pound at a daily basis, in front of schools full of children. The video is also talking about massacring and killing animals by the shinters, and suspicios illegal work by vets at the pound by using other improper liquids to heartstick dogs and cats, instead of proper one for the euthanasia. The owner of the dog is in a legal process in court and details will be known soon. The dog catchers killed the dog that has chip and before the eyes of the owner. The owner has all proper papers that it is his own dog and all the documents for his vaccination. The workers at the pound did demand it and said it was a different stray dog. The way of killing the dogs on the streets is the most primitive one: choking with wire.   


‎Third animal cruelty in the same city - 11/12/2010. Bloody feast again, Zajecar, Serbia

Unknown persons were killed a dog while she nursed the puppies. There was a shocking scene of puppies which suckle a milk of a dead dog, for all children that walked on street. Government does not deal with animal abuse in this town in eastern Serbia, as well as it happens in all other cities.!/note.php?note_id=123291057731341&id=100000981325770


Newspapers report

- Online translation:


Documented - The city of murderers, Zajecar, Serbia : 

- Online translation:


Fourth animal abuse in the same city, Zajecar, Serbia: 

The dog that was brutally tortured till death, but fortunatelly saved by foreign citizen:




"JKP Kraljevica" -- Blood is everywhere :



Same scenes are everywhere, and specially in the capital, Belgrade:  

This is a video of the dog that was abused, whom all four legs were chopped off. The dog was lying on the street with no help, no food, no water, for more than a week. Veterinarian said that such a brutal torture could not by done by just one person, but organized by a few.


Dog pound, BELGRADE, Serbia  :



Here are some of the petitions against a dog rape, barbarian killing of stray animals; law enforcement, construction of asylums for stray dogs and cats by all the international standards, etc: 






Facebook group against animal massacre in Zajecar, Serbia:



Dog rape in Loznica city, Serbia:

The vet and the inspector said they did not have time to come. Nobody is looking for the abusers, because the officials do not see a crime in this. Serbia has issued laws for protection of animals, just so that they have it on the paper. Unfortunately, it remains on paper only. Things like this are happening DAILY in Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegowina, Romania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albany, Croatia, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, etc. This is a crime, and the EU should force them to pursue their criminals. Here is the petition:


Documented: Serbia: Loznica City Pound Death Camp – Why Does the Government Not Act Re Leskovac City Policy ? – and Why Not the European Union With A Policy For Stray Animal Welfare ? 


Loznica shelter -- Horror, sadness and tears: 

- English version


The dogs are kept without food and water, throwing cats in cages with the dogs. There are just a few cases that I did mention: the dog rape, the dog slaughther, the dog with cutted stomach and pulled intestine out, left to die in the worst pain. Serbian government and veterinary inspection should suppress it, but it seems they have other rules, and as long as there are stray dogs and cats on the streets of Serbia, they're in profit. 


Second barbarian animal abuse in Loznica, among thousands: a dog belonging to a local animal welfare activist has been killed and hanged in public :

The veterinary investigation shows that the dog in the dog was beaten, that both his front legs were fractured violently. The main cause of his death was suffocation due to being hung, – in public – in the park where he has lived since he was sterilised.  


Third animal abuse in Loznica, Serbia: The dog wounded by an arrow:

- Online translation:



Same horrific barbarian massacre wrapped in the folds of the awful suffering, cries, tears and pain happens in the whole Blakan region: Documented:  



An illegal act that is happening in the City of Nis, in Serbia: brutal catching and killing stray animals and illegal tender for sterilization (spay/neuther):

We sent out complaint against the brutal re-capture of stray dogs and cats in Nis, which is not based on animal welfare act, and without any legal basis, and also under the pretext of sterilization. the dogs and cats are caught anarchic and brutally. They're captured at random, stuffed into cages of one over the other, to sleep in their faeces on the concrete floor, wet, hungry and thirsty; and the question is whether they use to feed them or not. 

Many dogs that are caught use to not be at the pound. They're experiencing the death sentence by dog-catcher executioners on the road of no return, which would be a gross violation of the animal welfare act, and for which is the maximum penalty prescribed. 

Tender for the sterilization was illegal (has been furnished) and won a man who is not a vet and expert who is previously well known by the killing of stray dogs (killer of stray dogs).


Regarding this issue, many times we tried to contact the mayor of the city of Nis, Mr. Simonovic and Mr. Mile Ilic, but without any success. Sterilization, however, started regardless of the numerous applications not only by the citizens of Nis, but other cities, including the foreign nationals.


We wrote to the major of the city of Nis, the Members of City Council, the Veterinary inspenction in Belgrade, the President of the Republic of Serbia, the People's office of the President of the republic of Serbia, the General secretariat of the President of the republic of Serbia.

We did urge the Veterinary inspenction to immediately send the team to properly establish the facts and based on this to order:

- The Suspension of catching and killing stray dogs and cats and release captured from the dog pound,

- The Suspension of sterilization (spay/neuter),

- An Annulment of the illegal tender for sterilization and launch a new race,  which will get the one that does not trample ethics, and who will certainly and professionally conducts and performs its job,

- The Construction of a new asylum by all the international standards, for which there is already a project as well. Here are five documents in Serbian and English with a sample letter and email addresses:









Another brutal murdering of six puppies that are five months old, drowned and hanged on tree, on the playground, in Nis, Serbia:  

- Online tranlation:


The city of Nis, Serbia : The murderer remained unpunished:


Documented: Serbian Forum: "why you're killing them?"


Murdered and hunged puppies left on the children's playground - 8, 9 March 2010



Three reports of the most read newspapers: The scene of horror films :

"Violence against animals and violence against people is closely linked, because who coolly hurt or kill the animal today, tomorrow will do to a man" :


Online translation:



Online translation



Online tranlation:



Two Facebook groups against torture and killing of stray dogs and cats in Nis, Serbia :





Mladenovac city, Serbia: Brutally killed puppy with an exe in sight of neighbors 

- Online translation:


Newspapers report:  

- Online translation:



Another animal cruelty in Mladenovac city amongst many - The man slaughtered the dog with a broken beer bottle in front of a bunch of children :  

- Online translation:



The city of Bor, Serbia -- Poisoning the dogs on the streets of Bor:

- Online translation:


The Dog pound, Bor, Serbia :



Facebook group against brutally killing of dogs and cats in Bor, Serbia :



Animal Rights activitist action to EU Commision - Serbia: Sample letter to Send to the Government, the EU Commission and to the World Organisation for Animal Health – the OIE. Serbia Must Change its Attitude Towards Stray Animals and Show Much More Willingless To Move To A National Sterilisation, Vaccination and Identification Programme



Unfortunately, there are just a few horrific situation and extreme cruelty towards stray dogs and cats that are happen every day. Stray dogs in Serbia are beaten to death, mutilated, raped, buried alive and treated with barbaric actions in public - these actions are actually ordered by local municipalities, that are really hard to watch without horror.


Serbia did Not meet the requirements for entry into the EU, as long as there are dog catchers which are brutally catching and killing the stray animals on the streets before the eyes of foreigners. People from the EU countries will be terrified by seeing the massacre that are happening on the streets in the cities on Serbia. The situation in Serbia is uncontrolled, unsupervised and dogs and cats are beaten to death on public streets with the thousands of people and children, on a daily basis.  


We will not stop until an investigation is under way by the European Union's Health and Animal Welfare Department towards this above mentioned region in the nearest future - we cannot take this horror each day, knowing that while we sleep, eat, work animals are tortured because of the lack of enforced standards, while the western part of Europe animals enjoy a great protection. There should not be a line between these European countries just because of their geological location left forgotten. We will be contacting the media, news channels, papers and larger organizations such as Human Society International, WSPA International and others with all the links to documented videos and articles.


There is a growing anger about the Balkan and Southeastern countries stray population's barbaric executions with the thousands, and this cannot continue anymore as it is.There is an immediate need to establish a committee for the Balkan stray situation by the EU Animal Welfare and Health Department and put an end to this rage, help with human treatments, shelters, spay/neuter or humanely euthanize if needed - but to harm these innocent beings with such cruelty is simply unacceptable on European lands.There are children whom see this massacre on a daily basis on the streets and grow up THINKING this is normal and acceptable: cruelty to animals.


It seems nothing can stop Serbia from applying barbarian and \"free\" euthanasia methods: killing with sticks and rocks, torturing animals, injecting poison into animals' hearts, hanging dogs, shooting dogs.. This activity should be BANNED from the European Union as it reduces the EU's great, human reputation towards well beings of animals.


We are asking your help, advice and assistance in this situation to have the stray massacre under control and make beatings and mutilations a serious, punishable crime with strict follow up. It is a lot of work and comes with large financial cost, but there are many ways to get funds for a good cause, such as public donations. I now end my letter but trust in your understanding towards this urgent matter and that changes will be coing soon for.


Thank you for your time and understanding in this absolutley unacceptable situation, I trust that you will contact the appropriate officials and establish local investigations.


Yours Truly,

Your name,

City, Country.


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Posted: Friday November 19, 2010, 4:31 am
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