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Nov 22, 2010

Focus:Animal Welfare
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The European Commission which is also in charge with the well being of animals will meet Nov.31 st in Bruxelles to draft the new European Convention for animal welfare...and they are supposed to try to make a decision about the strays in Europe, some sort of synchronized policy for Europe, or at least for South-Eastern Europe..This Commission if very much aware of what is going on especially in Romania, so, our goal here is to keep pressure on them that ROMANIA has done , so far , everything in her power to go against the "flow" when it comes to animal protection ( but not only )...Romania HAS a LAW for the protection of animals YET continues to act based on articles of another law, which have been abrogated by the new law...authorities not only break the law, but ORDERS to others companies and agencies to break the law...
Please, it is just a matter of 3 minutes to copy/paste/send the letter
Thank you so much.

Meer informatie

My dear friends, there is no other option, but to send a very short letter
with a very long list of links with the atrocities and massacres committed - based on orders from officials - in Romania against animals, most especially the stray dogs. Romanian authorities have decided to ignore the international public outrage, and also have decided to OPENLY ORDER the violation of the Romanian Law for the protec...tion of animals ( 2008) and all international treaties and conventions, signed, ratified and entered into force in Romania long time ago. There for, I think all we can do is to ask the European Parliament to save the animals in Romania...
Please copy/paste the short sample letter and THE ENTIRE list of links and send it to as many European Parliamentarian groups as possible. Please always use the same CC ( The Romanian Commission in Parliament which wants to legalize what now is illegal...massacres of animals...

FRENCH SVP Clickez "See More"_
Mes chers amis, il n'y a pas d'autre option que d'envoyer une tres courte lettre aven une tres longue liste d'evidences - les attrocites et les massacres quotidiens contre les animaux, surtout les chiens errants - en Roumanie. Les autorites roumaines ont decide de violer ouvertement meme leurs propres lois pour la protection animale, et tout les traites et conventions internationaux qui ont ete signes, ratiffies et entres en force en Roumanie depuis longtemps deja. Les autorites meme donnent des order pour les massacres. Alors, il ne nous reste qu'a demander au parlement europeen de sauver les animaux de Roumanie. SVP copyez/collez et envoyez la tres courte lettre et la tres longue liste des horreurs a tous les groups parlamentaires. SVP mettez toujours le meme CC ( commission du parlement roumain qui veut legaliser les massacres...)

TO : ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , , , , , , , , ,


Please add the Romanian embassy in your country from this portal :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Honorable Members Of the European Commission,
honorable Members of the European Parliament,
Honorable Members of the Romanian Parliament,
Distinguished Officials,

It has come to the attention of the entire world the atrocities committed against animals in Romania.We are outraged that in the 21st century in the European Community such horrors are not punished by LAW.And even more, crimes against animals are committed on a daily basis, with impunity and most of the time, condoned and even instigated, ordered, by local or even national official, who are supposed to implement, observe and apply the LAWS oh the country.
We ask The Romanian Authorities not only to OBEY and APPLY THE LAW for the Protection of animals BUT TO MAKE IT EVEN STRICTER. Crimes against some of the most vulnerable, innocent and powerless living beings - animals - SHOULD and MUST be severely punished.All necessary measures to implement international conventions and treaties regarding animal protection should be taken.
Please take a look at only a few of the hundreds and hundreds and thousands of cases of animal cruelty in Romania...and judge first and most with your conscience if these actions are compatibles first and most with the notion of "Civilized country"
Why are Romanians going against the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals?? Treaty/en/...
What happened to Romania ratifying the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals - Strasbourg, 13.XI.1987 - which became the law 60/2004??What happened to 2009 report incorporating The animal welfare laws, flaws and recommendations for improvement??
http://de.strayanimalrights/. org/image...
Why are Romanians going against alternative strategies??Animal Birth Control The World Health Organisation (WHO) now recognises that dog slaughter often produces a short term effect. Even maximal catching rates (up to 24% of dog population per year) make no significant impact. Where dogs are removed others migrate into the area to fill the ecological niche.Most of the time the females are removed and the new-born puppies left behind...Many people, especially from the rural areas abandon the puppies born in their households either in the city or on the hills, etc...many manage to survive and will multiply...
Please take all the necessary measures to STOP THE MASSACRES OF ANIMALS in ROMANIA.,-acuzat-de-atrocitati-ampotriva-unor-cai-de-rasa_3198/

Opriti masacrul cainilor la Ocna Mures ( GROZAVII PLOIESTI ( poisoned dogs in Vidin)

Please refer to these links to find out more about the tragedy of animals in Romania :
Stray Animal Rights Society :⟨=en
Four Paws
Save the Dogs Europe
Association Clopotel Iasi-Romania
Tv News network/archives about animals
Protectia ANimalelor Romania : ( there are many Romanian associations listed on this site...they all have horror photos)
Please contact the Romanian authorities and ask them to implement at a national level the Law for the Protection of Animals and to respect all the international treaties and conventions they signed and retified.

Thank you for your attention

Your name/Town/Country


Tres Honorables membres de la Commission Europeene
Tres Honorables du Pralement Europeen,
Tres Honorables Membres du Parlament Roumain
Distingues Officiels,

Nous sommes terrifies par les horribles nouvelles concernant des attrocites commises contre les animaux, chaque jour en Roumanie.
Il est inconcevable que tout cela se passe dans un pay de l'Union Europeene au 21eme siecle.
Pire encore, beaucoup de ces crimes sont inities en complicite plus ou moins ouverte avec les authorites locales, officiels qui devraient respecter la LOIS.Nous demandons aux authorites roumaines de respecter tous les traites et conventions internationales concernant la protection animale, de respecter la Lois pour la protection animale en Roumanie et plus encore, de punnir plus severement les crimes commises contre les animaux.
SVP regardez seulement quelques exemples ( parmis des milliers d'autres) de crimes barbares jugez, premierement avec votre conscience si tout cela est incompatible avec un pays qui veut se nommer "civilize"
SVP, arretez le massacre des animaux en Roumanie.

Opriti masacrul cainilor la Ocna Mures ( GROZAVII PLOIESTI ( poisoned dogs in Vidin) pour votre attention,
Encore plus d'evidence sur ces sites internet
Stray Animal Rights Society :⟨=en
Four Paws
Save the Dogs Europe
Association Clopotel Iasi-Romania
Tv News network/archives about animals

Je vous remercie pour avoir lu ma lettre

S'il vous plait contactez les autorites roumaines le plus tot possible et suggerez leurs d'appliquer la Lois de la Portection Animale de de honorer lets conventionas et les traites internationaux.

Votre nome/ville/pays


It is horrifying what I just found out ! The Romanian Parliament's Committee for Public Administration Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance intends to make a new law regarding the management of strays....and they want :
- the dogs captures by the dog catchers will be PTS after 14 or maximum 60 days ( those considered dogs for fights, aggressive breeds will be PTS after 48h or 10 days ; those sick will be PTS immediately )
- sick animals will not be given for adoption.
- those who feed or take care of strays will be fined
- the minimum conditions for the captures, living quarters, transport, care ( food and shelter ) WILL BE ELIMINATED FROM the new law
- the clear description of how the euthanasia will be done and what substances are to be used WILL BE ELIMINATED FROM the new will be replaced with " the euthanasia will be done by a specialist ".
- the non profit organizations for animal protection WILL HAVE NO RIGHT to complain about the living conditions of dogs in municipal shelters. the control will be done only by the Sanitary-veterinary Authority.
- the non profit organizations for animal protection WILL HAVE NO RIGHT to capture, take care or spat/neuter strays.
Horrible requirements for adoption from a municipal shelter :
- proof that one has the space necessary to have a pet
- proof that one has enough income to have a pet
- approval from the tenants in the same building that THEY allow you to have pets, and from one's close neighbors that THEY allow you to have more than 2 dogs
- and the adoption fees are astronomical for many Romanians..
This is HOW Romania implements the international treaties and conventions....


C'est effrayant ce que je viens d'apprandre : voila ce qu'ils veulent legaliser dans le parlement ! ;
-les chiens captures seront euthanasies apres 14 ( ou maximom 60 ) jours ( ceux de races soit-dites aggresives ou les chiens malades seront euthanasie immediatement )
-ceux qui donne de la nourriture aux cheins de la rue seront ammendes
-les conditions minimales imposees avant pour la capture, le trasport, l'hebergement et les soins donnees aux chiens de la rue seron annulees
- les conditions minimales imposees avant pour l'euthanasie des animaux et les substances utilisees, seront annulees...l'euthanasie sera faite par un "specialiste'
-les associations de protection animale n'auront plus aucun droit d'acces aux refuges municipaux
-les associations de protection animale n'auront plus le droits de capturer, steriliser,heberger,prendre soin d'aucun chien de la rue...
Les personnes qui voundront adopter un chien devront faire preuve qu'elles ont suffisement d'espace pour avoir un animal, suffisement d'argent pour prendre soin d'un animal, avoir la preuve ecrite que tous les locataire de leur immeuble sont d'accord qu'ella ait un animal, et l'accept ecrit des voisins directs qu'ils sont d'accord qu'elle ait des chiens...
Tout cela EST CRIMINEL...CES GENS LA sont des monstres qui ne veulent que tuer le plus d'animaux possible...
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Posted: Monday November 22, 2010, 2:54 am
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