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Jan 9, 2006

As some of you know, my computer is kaputt. It's a Dell computer. And I've waited a week now to get it fixed, to no prevail.
I hate Dell.

So today, on my loaner-puter, I recieved the AAAmaZine via e-mail (a newsletter I subscribe to - Amazing Facts etc) Judge to my tickled pinkishness when the editor of AAAmaZine had wrote an article about how he hates Dell (!) It mimicks my experiences to a dot, especially the bogus "test software" (have run it 4 times myself - every time it tells me "pass" - meaning no problems were found - and I can't even get the darn thing to start, even though I (loh&behold!) got a hardware engineer come out and change just about every solid part in my computer...

Following is mr Floyd Maxwell's article. You will be able to see it at his webpage here:
If you would like to subscribe to AAAmaZine, just send an e-mail with your e-mail address and the subject "subscribe" to: AAAmaZine:


My Dell sucks, does your Dell suck too?

I've computed for 22 years and owned 14 or 15 personal computers with my last 5 computers being big name brands -- an IMB laptop, Compaq desktop, HP UWXGA laptop, Dell desktop and now an HP desktop.
The most reliable of these was the IBM (now Lenovo) laptop, that continues to work after 6 or 7 years of 100% reliable service.

The Compaq and HP desktops are new units but have worked perfectly.

The HP UWXGA laptop has performed heroically in a brutal "100% utilization" environment, with just an AC power adaptor failure (no doubt due to the maximum power drain of a 3.2gHz loaded machine running flat out for months at a time).

Which brings me to my Dell.

Have I mentioned that my Dell sucks? Well it does. In fact it always has.

But there is something worse than owning a Dell that sucks. Dealing with Dell support.

Strike One

My first Dell issue happened within hours of turning it on. Some application, that I have yet to isolate, insists on trying to load (twice a day) a non-existent file called "Timer.txt". It also loads every time I reboot my Dell. I've never seen this weirdness on any other computer I've owned or worked on. A full search of my Dell's hard drive did not find any occurrences of "timer.txt" inside a program file and this issue continues to this day (almost one year!)

Ok, so what you say. Me too. In fact I simply created "c:\documents and settings\floyd\timer.txt" (i.e. the file it was unsuccessfully trying to load) and so when my computer starts up it loads an empty timer.txt into Notepad. Since I run with 2 Notepad sessions at all times this became just a way to load notepad on startup, i.e. no big deal. But sucky just the same.

Strike Two

My second Dell issue concerns the USB ports. 5 USB 2 ports on the back and 2 on the front, and I normally use most of them -- (1) USB hub for wireless keyboard, (2) USB mouse, (3) USB wireless LAN, (4) USB 3-speakers system, (5) external USB DVD+RW drive (as Dell wanted too much for the internal one, so I went for internal DVD-ROM), and (6) USB hard drive.

My USB problem is that some of these USB devices disconnect or hiccup. If I plug a 7th device (D'zign DV-5 camera) and try to copy files from it, it will disconnect ALL of my other USB devices. The DV-5 works fine on my HP computers. The hiccup comes when I try to dub video files. If the files are larger than about 150MB, the process may fail. A third USB issue happens when I connect an Optorite 4GB hard drive USB "key" drive -- as I transfer files the drive will get disconnected about every 100MB or so of files transferred.

Once again I worked around these problems, using my other computers to transfer camera files, reconnecting the Optorite drive (again and again) to finish the file transfers and finding other ways to dub files.

Strike Three

My third Dell issue is a show stopper. The hard drive is failing. No big deal normally. Call support, tell them the hard drive is failing. They send a Dell technician who replaces drive. Problem solved. NOT!

First the symptoms. When a hard drive starts to fail (is that bad?), modern operating systems like XP (or for example Novell Netware) will try to work around the situation by retrying failed reads or writes. The problem is that hard drive failure is so serious an issue that operating systems will understandably make it priority number one and other programs/operations will suffer performance problems or worse (or even worse).

Computers normally do a good job of faking "multi tasking" but NMI (non-maskable interrupts) rain on that parade. In short, the system starts to behave very badly when the hard drive starts to fail with one of the most obvious symptoms being that audio playback gets corrupted. Instead of a nice crisp clear "ding" or the soothing tones from your media player, you get the sounds of a 1950s Hallicrafter short wave radio on a rainy night.

I worked around the sound corruption issue by moving my audio files to an external USB hard drive. Not a mission critical problem, but certainly enough to alert someone with my level of experience that the hard drive was soon to be toast.

The workarounds get messy

Other symptoms when a hard drive starts to fail are more serious and harder to work around. For example, virtual memory swaps start to fail -- your system pops up a message saying it failed writing to your hard drive and the event gets logged by Windows. If you subsequently load up the Event Viewer you can see each and every failure event as a bright red "stop sign" icon. I soon had about eight hundred of these.

I worked around the virtual memory errors by disabling virtual memory. I had 1 gigabyte of RAM so I could afford to do this. The average user has 256 to 512MB of RAM and could not do this without creating other problems.

The third issue got me calling Dell, as I mentioned, and then the REAL problems began. The incompetent foreign workers pretending to be Dell support people actually challenged me when I told them I saw all those red stop signs in Microsoft's Event Viewer. They challenged me as to why I was even loading that program. I said, "Ah, because I know what I'm doing."

They then asked me to reboot the computer and do a boot up integrity test. A trivial affair, this simply checked that the hard drive was basically ok. It did not involve checking every single byte of the disk and naturally it didn't find the failed hard drive sectors. Manually running chkdsk.exe fixed "one or more problems". Super duper but I thought the drive was fine...

Thank you for calling Dell support

The support session lasted several hours and was completely futile. I dealt with first level support people and their supervisor "Steve". Who got upset when I called his staff incompetent. He even tried to claim that I had said some inappropriate words. I asked him which words. He mentioned the "incompetent" word and informed me that since all calls were logged this could get his people in trouble. I said "Yes it could. And they are."

After this completely useless support attempt, I decided it was easier to put up with my Dell suckage issues than to talk to Dell "support". Two months go by.

Late December, 2005, and my telephone rings. A Dell sales rep. asking me if I want to renew my Dell "support" that expires in 2 weeks. I say, "No, but I want to register a complaint". He gives me the number to call and I complain. Then I foolishly try to go through the Dell "support" system again.

Mel Gibson he ain't

This time the supervisor's name is Maverick. Eye roll. After they suggest the usual useless things, I try a new approach. I ask them what they would do if I was an 85 year old pensioner whose computer "wasn't working". Wouldn't they just send a technician? Short answer, no. They wanted to do that trivial start up test again and I refused. Then they informed me there was a way to actually test each byte of the drive. I try the new test.

Reboot computer, press a key, get the diagnostic menu and run tests. Everything tests A-OK. Fantastic! (Except things aren't ok, of course). The phone call and tests have wasted another 3 hours of my life.

They promise to phone back when the test is done and end up phoning back half way through. I tell them how far I am in the tests and they say they will have to phone back again. They never do.

Lies, Darn Lies, and Dell Test Results

Suspecting more bogus "test" software, I decide to exam the testing parameters. This turns out to be an ordeal in itself. The software presents a Windows like appearance but informs you that your mouse is disabled at the start of the test. There is no obvious way to do anything but run tests. Nor any obvious way of viewing parameters or altering them.

I find a way.

Various bizarre combinations of ALT, SPACE, TAB and ENTER keys lead me to the test parameter screen. As I suspected, the test default is to ignore all "soft" errors. Oh the sweet subtlety of that word.

Dell, putting the soft in software support

A "soft" error is an error that the operating system traps and tries to fix itself. In short, the HARDware failing can generate a SOFT error that you the stupid little piece of crap user will NOT be told about. Your sucky Dell will lie to you.

Because if it didn't it could cost Dell money.

I set the tests to their proper settings and run them again, and this time both my wife and I notice the change in sounds as the system retries numerous areas of the hard drive. Those retries being for "soft" errors. Errors that are making my computer unstable and sucky.

Astonishingly, at the end of this latest battery of tests, the Dell system diagnostics do NOT report these soft errors. Once again it briefly announces "Test OK".

That is why my Dell sucks.

Does your Dell suck too?

- Floyd Maxwell

Don't get a Dell!

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Posted: Monday January 9, 2006, 12:20 am
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KS G. (79)
Monday January 9, 2006, 1:04 am
I don´t have a Dell, but I do have computers....They are nice as long as they work...But I´m quite sure they´re all male, since no computer does what (he) is supposed/told to *lol*


Past Member (0)
Monday January 9, 2006, 1:09 am
oh no! i have a dell

Past Member (0)
Monday January 9, 2006, 1:48 am
Oh mannnnn! This really does suck, Camilla, 'cuz I have a Dell! WAAAAAAAA! Thankfully, I haven't run into these problems myself, but then, having recently been forced to do a complete re-format not once, but twice (thanks to a nasty virus that totally discombombulated my entire system), maybe that changed things... I don't know...

I think we all need to become filthy rich, so that we can all buy computers that are known to be stable... *sigh*

Kicka P. (358)
Monday January 9, 2006, 2:05 am
I'm a DEll owner.... I'm worried now!
Mine does seem to have a mind of its own.

Past Member (0)
Monday January 9, 2006, 2:14 am
It's time to get ALIENWARE! Check out the benchmark here:

& visit their website here:


Christoffer Blomlöf (18)
Monday January 9, 2006, 2:39 am
Dont buy computers from the big brands, those big ones dont care about the little users as they live on selling computers to large companies and of course the government. You should instead buy your computer from smaller firms, they usually can get you a much better deal than Dell or any of the others ever would, and they give you real support if you need it.

Scarab Draconis (0)
Thursday January 19, 2006, 1:15 pm
Oh yeah, my Dell has lasted a few years now, but various problem have popped up. I have an Inspiron 8200, and last year the power port (yes, the hole that the power adapter plugs into) became loose. LOOSE, as in the laptop no longer gets enough power to not drain the battery when plugged in, and thats only if the plug is in a fragile position that makes a connection. I resorted to openning it up and using a combination of solder (lots of it) and ShoeGoo, that thing isn't gonna move outta place in the near future. On a side note, I do not recomend such a procedure unless you are willing to take the risk of melting a cunductive adhesive and dropping it on a target location that is approximately half the size of a power indicating led. Oh, and there is also the likelihood that you will void your warranty, which isn't a real loss really.

Now I just have to deal with a physically failing hard drive.

Charmaine C. (176)
Sunday July 25, 2010, 3:29 am
Just flopped on this thread following something else and since I'm here I'll tell you that NOTHING has changed as far as Dell is concerned. I may say in all fairness that Dell hardware support has improved over the years but their software support is now expensive, you pay Ł120 for 4 issues per year and if you don't use up those issues you lose them! If you do use them up, you don't get to pull on past 'lost issues' but have to buy new SWS! My Dell inspiron, now sidelined to my hubby....muhahaha lol...has had more blue screen crashes than I have ever seen on any puter! That puter has had at least 15 factory resets and it's had every piece of hardware replaced by Dell to try and solve the problem...Can you imagine what it must have cost them....why didn't they just replace the computer after the 10th unexplained blue screen crash??? They sent a new power pack since the previous one had lasted less than 6 months...THEN the next day they sent a whole new courier to come and pick up the old one because they needed to see that it really was broken and that we weren't stockpiling Dell power packs! hahahahaha! The money they waste is unbelievable! I totally get every irritation and frustration you have felt with your DELL. BUT...I'm not very bright, am I??? I went and bought a new DELL studio 17 and it's already had one blue screen and factory reset in the first 6 months....DOH! Double DOH! So far touch wood (my head), it's been ok...;o)


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