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Feb 11, 2011

It's really been bothering me lately, well...actually started about one week after the first episodes of True Confessions: Animal Hoarders.
Ever since that show has been on, anyone with over 2-3 animals is now being harassed...verbally and with obvious attitude, by people who suddenly think they are on the inside track of psychoanalysis.

There is quite a BIG DIFFERENCE between those of us who do animal rescue...taking the time to trap them, sometimes in the worst of situations.Getting them spayed/neutered, current on necessary shots, wormed, injuries treated, phobias dealt with from cruelty, feeding, training, often making the difference between a Feral animal and a Loving "pet" (though I hate using that word).
WHY are my friends, and I, being labeled as HOARDERS now...?

I have had HUNDREDS of cats at any given time, in the past, NEVER have I had a filthy home...or laid in a bed covered in feces, pee, or balls of hair. Do people not realize that the ones they are viewing on television have mental and emotional problems, coupled with an unhealthy dose of LAZINESS ?
I am not suffering with issues of abandonment, nor am I agoraphobic and preferring to populate my world with only animals over Family and friends.
OH all Honesty...I think I will take back that last statement. I do prefer the animals to most humans, but I do not go out of my way to avoid them, or create obstacles for interaction by using the animals, and lack of care, as an excuse.

As I have gotten older, and health issues have limited my ability to be as active as I once was, I have come to realize that I must limit the number of lives I can be responsible for, therefore I took the time to domesticate the 50 assorted feral cats I was tending and found them caring and "forever" homes. When I moved I was well aware that 7 cats would never be adoptable, for either health reasons or personality problems, and even though PETA had advised me to euthanize the remaining number, because they felt it was cruel to relocate feral animals from their familiar surroundings, there was no way I was going to do that. I rented a large van and drove them 15 hours away to the new home. Stopping every 2 hours to change towels and feed and water them. The first thing I did at new location was to put up Cat Safe fencing to keep wild animals out and to keep the ferals safe from wandering and being attacked . The ones to be in the house proper were set up with their respective rooms. Towers, water fountains, beds, heating blankets, toys, litter boxes and a Dirty t-shirt of mine to give them comfort at a familiar smell. You know how cats love to snuggle into ones armpits I'm sure...giggle.  THIS was all done before I even set up a bed to sleep in...after that long drive and the stress of Moving.

Before any of you even think about labeling someone, just because they have a number above the norm of 2-3 animals in their care, take the time to get to know them. Go and see how they are caring for their animals and what environment those furrbabies are living in. If they are well fed, healthy and enjoying a good quality of life...then leave them alone with your judgments and unnecessary ridicule.
Only if you see filth, abuse, starvation, sick animals, and an unhealthy person, should you feel the need to say anything....and truthfully, if you did see this type of situation, I would hope you would try to either help or call in someone who would be willing to do so.

Please STOP making assumptions about me, or my friends and associates, until you have investigated what is really happening.
Better yet...TURN OFF THE TV and go Volunteer with one of us.

Thank You for letting me VENT.
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Posted: Friday February 11, 2011, 12:45 pm
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Jane L. (22)
Friday February 18, 2011, 9:44 pm
I feel the way you do. I prefer the company of an animal over most humans. Thank you for being such a caring individual.


C Littlestar
female , single
San Clemente, CA, USA
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