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Jan 15, 2007

I was invited by the Progressive Democrats of America(a group seeking to reform the Democratic party) to speak at the Emergency Rally to Stop Iraq Escalation. I spoke in front of about 60 people and TV news crews. (The shot above is me at the podium.) 
Here is what I said:

Hello everyone. Thank you for attending this Emergency Rally to Stop Iraq Escalation. I am honored to be able to share my views with you.
My name is Ty Reay and I am an ordained minister of Humanism. I believe the answer to our problems in Iraq isn't sending more troops in. I think the answer is in peaceful negotiations and allowing each group in Iraq the opportunity to air their views without the Media's editing. Peace is possible in Iraq and world wide for that matter,  if our Government chooses to lead the way through peaceful negotiations using Humanism as a medium.

The terroristic tactics now being used in Iraq, against our troops, are mostly being carried out by insurgents. Al Quada was not present in Iraq at the onset of this war. They were drawn there, by our presence, but are now mostly gone. The situation has change to a civil war between different groups of peoples in Iraq, with our troops stuck in the middle.
I believe dividing the country and giving each element thier own area to govern is one solution, along with bringing Humanistic concepts to all of the factions and encouraging peace through compromise and mutual respect. Humanism is not to be used as a replacement of a person's religion. It is a concept that I feel could be adapted to bring all peoples together in a common cause.
  I have also formed a Progressive Humanist group, on the internet, as a way to bring all races, religions, and political associations together. It is in no way insultive to anyone's current beliefs and is meant to give each religion and ethnic group, a place to compromise based on compassion and reason.
The only thing I have changed, in this type of humanism, is the original belief, in the Humanist Manifesto III, that Humanists must not believe in anything supernatural. I think every person, of every religion, should agree that we must respect other people's views concerning religion, ethnic values, and supernatural beliefs.We should encourage everyone to learn about earth sciences and the concepts of Humanism. If their views clash with currently held scientific beliefs, we should agree to allow each individual the right to choose what they think is the correct understanding of these beliefs and views. We can find a way to bring everyone together.
I do think we should encourage all peoples, of all religions, to learn about these earth sciences and then let them decide which supernatural beliefs will still hold true. Each person on this earth should be able to have thier own religion, beliefs, and should be allowed to draw their own conclusions.    
The life stance of Humanism—guided by reason, inspired by compassion, and informed by experience—encourages us to live life well and fully. It is important that we recognize that values and ideals, are subject to change as our knowledge and understandings advance.
Knowledge of the world is derived by observation, experimentation, and rational analysis.

Using this Humanistic view it is evident that the decision by our President to insert more troops is,  a big mistake. The People of the United States have shown their lack of support of this war by voting to change our Congress in the November election. Yet our President has ignored our views and plans to send in many more troops. Unfourtunately, because of our low number of total troops, we maybe very close to another draft.
A recent poll taken on Jan. 7th of this year, shows that only 7% of Americans back the President's decision to sent more troops to Iraq. Were does this leave the other 93% of us? I emplore each and every person to write their elected officals and ask them to oppose this decision to insert more troops into Iraq. It has been argued that the Iraqis are unable to come to a peace agreement on their own. If we are to help them become a nation of inter-peace we, as Americans, should be the ones to set the stage and lead the way by attempting to bring together all the peoples of Iraq. The only feasable way I can see to do this is through compassion, reason, and informed experience.

Humans are an integral part of nature. Our world was not put here to use as we see fit. It is a ecological time bomb and unfortunately, right now, Humans are the fuse. We should recognize nature as self-existing. We should push for alternative fuel sources, such as bio fuels, and wind and water generation and also the total demise of nuclear weapons.
Trillions are spent on war that could be used to feed poor people, educate the uneducated and to help us make our planet a better place to live.
 We should all long for and strive toward a world of mutual care and concern, where differences are resolved cooperatively without resorting to violence.
We should be concerned for the well being of all, and respect those of differing yet humane views. We need to try and bring humane values to those who have little or none. 
The global community doesn't view us as the just nation we claim to be. We have shot off thousands of tons of Denatured Uranium, using tank buster rounds, all over Iraq. Babies are born everyday with severe deformities caused by our use of a weapon deemed by the UN as a weapon of mass destruction. Our own men are starting to get sick also. Job one should be to clean up this mess and show the people of Iraq we are really there to help, not kill. Outlawing these weapons all together is also paramount.
I believe we should work to convince our government that our current actions are barbaric at best and to adapt a plan to use a humane compromise in bringing peace to, not only to Iraq, but all of the Middle East and the rest of the World. The first step is for Mr. Bush to stop futher deployment of troops.
The responsibility for our lives and the kind of world in which we live is ours and ours alone.
Democracy must be learned through compassion and proper education rather than forced through war.

I hope everyone will consider presenting these concepts to all our world leaders and adapting these compassionate rules for life everywhere. Only through compassion and reason can the leaders of this world finally work out their differences enough to have world peace. Bringing thousands of troops into an area that is already a killing ground is not the answer. Adapting a plan to truely help the people of Iraq find peace and health is the correct course of action.                                        
I have written a letter, available to everyone on the internet, to be sent to our world leaders. I hope everyone will read it and send a copy to our elected officials, religious leaders, and Mr. Bush.

To join or view our group, or to get a copy of this letter,  please take a copy of the link to our group. Everyone is encouraged to join and warmly welcome.  Please share this link with everyone you know, and ask them to send letters too!
Thank you for your time. Many blessings to all and most of all, Peace!

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Posted: Monday January 15, 2007, 7:33 am
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Rev. Ty R.
male, age 54, divorced, 4 children
Hope Valley, RI, USA
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Please help!!!
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Just wanted to let you all know I am back. Hope everyone is well and this finds you and yours healthy and happy!! looking forward to touching base with my old friends here!!
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Please come check out this great group. I think this is one way we can have a positive effect on our world. Please stop by. 2c/group/Humanism

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