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Mar 28, 2011


Everyday we hear people, me included, oh yes, banging on about peace and how we should have it in our time, well, not just our time, but our children’s and theirs!

But we have to ask ourselves the question, is such a commodity feasible? Is it really possible and could it be achieved in real terms?

The stumbling blocks are always there but, the fascinating yet intriguing part about creating, if that is the correct word to use, is to adjudge and recognise it, absolutely. You know as well as I do, to have peace we must first have conflict, or else why would we be asking for peace in the first place? Without conflict, war, violence or whatever, to know the concept of what peace IS and what it means, would not be relevant. After major wars in past years of history, yes, there are and have been many, a lull in hostilities is quickly proclaimed as peace, but is it? A ceasefire, for whatever reason, cannot be termed as peace, it is, as I said, a lull in hostilities, nothing more. Peace itself is really so fragile, cracks will and do appear almost at once and is easily shattered.

Why? It goes back so far, none of us really know about it and despite historians telling us how the world was shaped and mankind designed, how do they know, you know, really? They weren’t there. Neither were we, yet we believe what they tell us. That Mankind has always been violent, has always instigated war against his neighbour, that it’s a tribal thing and we will never be rid of that label. So. Who’s looking at labels?

Has there then, ever been a time when mankind, in human history where peace, on a global scale that we could honestly concur with, has been a constant? And as humans taking part in the new annals of history, do you believe there ever could be?

Mankind, like most of life, is a tribal animal. Adversity is burnt deep into our psyche, our very make up of life. Man is territorial and seems never to be sated. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, we always want more, want what the other guy has, whether it leaves him with nothing, we don’t particularly care.

We own a piece of land next to another guy who also owns a piece of land. Your piece of land has green grass, some flowers, one tree and a pond. The guy next door has greener grass, more than you, many flowers, several trees and a lake. So guy one simply invades and kills. No more peace. And one piece of land overall. Why?

The need to conquer ranks high in a lot of peoples minds, especially despotic tyrannical sorts of people. They will protect their piece of land while all the time plotting to steal someone else’s because they just want piece and not peace. They want the power that will come with that land and perhaps the people who live within or upon it.


But some people ARE different and, while I don’t claim sainthood or any kind of super angelic type of clamouring and glory, I do believe and would like to see, in my lifetime, a peaceful realm within that timeframe and a knowing that, the world I live in can say I have helped in some small way to create, which will be a safe haven in which my grandchildren and their children, can grow up in and into, to continue living a harmonious existence where violence and adversity are very definitely, consigned to the history books whilst learning that they can go on living a peaceful life and ensuring that war and murder, terrorism and a such, remain far away as possible, in history.

There are bigger problems on the Earth that threaten our daily survival without everyone taking up arms against another and simply continuing to commit mass murder.

So, before you all disregard my every word and poo-poo my dreams and ideals, imagine if you, yes you too, followed me or my ideal and then the guy or gal next to you did the same until the room was filled with people with the same ideals, the same wishes, ambitions, could it not then be achieved?

Because you might believe what I say could NEVER be achieved and everyone else is saying exactly the same, then obviously, nothing gets done. The people are the ones with the power. The people are the ones who elect those with the resources, the powers to do what YOU want, it ISN’T the other way around as they would have you believe. With complete and utter lateral thinking, everything is subject to change, whether you harbour dreams like I do or simply feel it wouldn’t work, aren’t you even willing to try?

Imagine a General Election. The candidates are all canvassing around but because your father or grandfather voted for a particular party that these days aren’t doing as good, do you look at another party? I doubt it. Do you also say and have been heard to say “they’ll never get in because nobody votes for them”. And if all the people who made such a statement changed their vote, what do you think would happen then? It bears thinking about.

So just because most people wouldn’t listen to what I’ve said, and I’m not forcing anyone, it is STILL a free world, does it really mean then, that I am not right?

Think seriously before you answer, even to yourself. Whatever road you choose to follow, you WILL, make no mistake make a difference, one way of the other. Instead of condemning me and others like me, who are, after all, only vying for a better world for ALL of us, you included, no matter which road you choose to take, think of what you could offer.

We need to attain a certain level of consciousness, after all, we only get this chance ONCE at life, and baby, this is it!

Bugger this up and that’s yer lot, death comes and sweeps you up and everyone forgets about you. We share this planet, we need to ensure we can share it peaceably, and remember, we’re only tenants here….

Make a difference – today….
Thank you.

© tcmoon 2011
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Posted: Monday March 28, 2011, 8:06 pm
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