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Apr 27, 2011

Focus:Endangered Species
Action Request:Boycott
Location:Montana, United States

The recent budget bill to keep the government running for the rest of the fiscal year is not the forum for delisting a species from the endangered species act, yet this is what has just occured.  Having nothing to do with the budget bill, Senator Jon Tester of Montana introduced this rider to the must pass bill because the other efforts to delist the gray wolf had failed.  The science had been used to keep protections on the wolves in the northwest and even a federal judge used the law as it was written to determine the species had not met recovery requirements.  With all the controversy surrounding this issue, it is now time to let the government know that the people sitting in the offices in Washington D.C. are not qualified to make these decisions to delist a species.  

The Endangered Species Act has taken a severe blow to the face in this action taken by our elected officials, even though the support to continue protections of the gray wolf has been overwhelming.  It appears that the people we all have elected to represent us have not even payed a bit of attention to the actual people and their wishes, not much of a surprise there to tell the truth.  Instead, siding with the huge hunting and agriculture lobbys seemed to be the theme here.  Well I can speak for many people who have had enough of this and are now making this issue their main focus, especially with an election looming in the near future.
States like Montana, Idaho and Wyonming rely heavily on tourism to help fund their budgets and this seems to be a good way to to catch their attention by avoiding all travel in and around these states.  Also avoiding buying products that are produced or grown in these states could be another way of getting them to notice.  This seems like the only way to be heard is to hit them in the walet since our voices don't seem to have an impact on them anymore.
I have started a petition that will be sent to the many people involved in the delisting of the gray wolf and I am asking for everyone to make your voice heard and add your name to the list of people who are against the government's underhanded actions against the wolves of the northwest and the ESA.  
The time for action is now upon us to show our elected officials that we will not sit idly by as our wild places and creatures ae subject to biased opinions and not scientific fact.  The future of our country and our planet is dependent on the survival of all living creatures big and small because they are all connected in some way.  The governemnt has let their true intentions be know, now let us inform them of our intentions to not support their anti-environment mentality.  
Thank you for your support and please spread the word to everyone you know.  This community of people who care depends on word of mouth for support and I urge you to make this known to everyon you possibly can.
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Posted: Wednesday April 27, 2011, 12:10 am
Tags: wolves wolf species montana wyoming idaho act endangered environment esa ecosystems delisting balaced [add/edit tags]

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