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Apr 28, 2011

Donald Trump says he has more money than the Treasury. He's never been involved in politics, and according to records hasn't been a consistent voter. He exchanges old wives for new ones like trading in a car, likes to see himself in the paper and loves the sound of his own voice. But all that apparently isn't enough attention, so Trump jumped on the "birther" bandwagon, joining the club I call the Hate Club. It's a growing group in this country consisting mostly of racists disguised as ordinary citizens. Now that President Obama released the long version of his birth certificate, Trump takes responsibility for the "accomplishment."  He refers to himself as godlike in his ability to do what no one else could --get the long version of the birth certificate published. Now Trump is attacking President Obama's college credentials, stating that he was never an "ivy leaguer."  That President Obama graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude seems to be irrelevant to Trump. What will Trump do next, accuse the State of Hawaii of inventing the birth certificate?

What is all this about? Why has no one ever asked for George Bush's birth certificate or John McCain's? McCain was born in Panama while his father was stationed there in the military. Did his father actually register McCain as an American citizen? Do we know for sure? Sure, it sounds like nonsense when you talk about it and it is nonsense. It's just that President Obama has 2 flaws:  he calls himself a black man and he's a Democratic President. The Republicans blame him for the 8+ years of fiscal neglect and illegal wars that he inherited from Bush. They don't want tax cuts revoked for the rich and they don't want us meddling in the affairs of the TARP assisted banks, don't want us to question the wisdom of cutting Medicare, or forcing voters to show state id's in addition to their voting cards in order to eliminate the poor and black voters who vote predominantly Democratic. The Right Wing wants to turn back time to a place when women had fewer rights and couldn't make decisions about their own bodies; when brown and black skinned people knew their place. They are committed to denying citizenship to children of illegal aliens even though our Constitution provides that citizenship. They'd like to force foster children to buy clothes only in thrift stores--no new clothes for kids without parents. And let's not forget about being a good Christian. Politicians must declare their allegiance to Christianity in order to be taken seriously. Never mind that the founding fathers underscored the importance of separation of church and state for the very reasons it's being foisted on the American citizens today.  Christians good, everybody else bad.

Sarah Palin is a charter member of the Hate Club. She's a mockery of a good Christian woman who wants to help lead our country back to greatness by drill, drill, drilling, baby and reloading. And she's doing it one lucrative speaking engagement at a time, writing books that belong in the humor section of libraries, and finding new ways to insult the President as she delivers mumbledigook double speak pronouncements at Teabagger rallies. At the risk of offending sheep, most of the Teabaggers are willing to be led if they can find someone to blame for their own unfulfilled lives. They are fed hate and happily regurgitate it on command.

Sarah can certainly hold a grudge. She let McCain's camp have it when they revealed that she tried to keep her expensive wardrobe and spent thousands of their dollars on her kids. When McCain's aides also said Sarah didn't have the intellect or education to be Vice President, Sarah delivered burning diatribes against them. During her disastrous interview with Katie Couric when Sarah couldn't name a single paper that she read, because she did not read newspapers, she became agitated and upset. Okay, Sarah, you got caught with your intellectual panties around your ankles. That's part of running for office. But Sarah has thin skin and really gets off when she can manage a hateful retort. So when Katie Couric announced that she was moving on from CBS News, Sarah Palin cattily commented that she read it in a newspaper. Then she proceeded to insult Katie Couric. That's the kind of thinking, presidential woman we'd love to have in the White House, right?

As each new day dawns, another Republican politician in the country announces a new plan to curtail our rights, to destroy more of the environment, to remove laws that protect us from the banks and credit card companies; to pass bills that leave the poor and disabled unprotected, to cut spending for education; to advance the wealth of large corporations, and we sit by and watch it happen. The day is coming soon when disabled or poor people will have to wear armbands as in the days of Hitler. Similar ideas have already been promoted by some Republicans. We are engaged in a war of good versus evil. The outcome will be the eradication of the middle class, and that's you and me.

When will we speak up, take a stand and stop this madness? If it means demonstrations in the street, let's do it.  If it means marching on Washington, D.C., let's do it. It's time for a revolution, while we can still work, walk and protest. If we don't, we may lose all of our rights. It's happened in other countries and it can happen here. The Hate Club must not win. We can't let the Republican Party turn us against one another.  This is not what America is about.
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Posted: Thursday April 28, 2011, 2:55 pm
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