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May 14, 2011

An update from the Guttmacher Institute on abortion restrictions shows that talking about a "war on women" is not hyperbole.  A shocking 33 laws restricting abortion access were enacted in nine states during the month of April.  These states are almost all the middle of America, with the exception of Virginia (sadly, my home state), which limited abortion coverage under insurance exchanges.

We've been covering these incursions on reproductive freedom as they emerged, but just to give you an extensive update, here's what's happened to restrict women's right to choose.  And remember - this is legislation that was enacted last month alone.

Abortion banned at or after 20 weeks: Kansas, Idaho, Oklahoma.

Required counseling that included inaccurate information about links between abortion and breast cancer risks: North Dakota.

Required counseling women that abortion ends "the Life of a Whole, Separate, Unique, Living Human Being": Kansas.

Requires an ultrasound before an abortion: Arizona, North Dakota.

Abortion coverage limited in health care exchanges: Idaho, Virginia, Oklahoma.

Amended legislation to further restrict minors' abortion access: Kansas, North Dakota.

Amended abortion reporting requirements: Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma.


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Posted: Saturday May 14, 2011, 9:55 am
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