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Mar 31, 2013

"THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES" is coming! ...


                        • It's an inexpensive, annual (Valentine’s Day / February) benefit production to help end violence against women and girls;


                        • drawn from actual interviews;


                        • addresses vital issues of sexuality, self-esteem, and respect;


                        • gives "ordinary" women (the actresses) the uncommon opportunity to speak up on gender issues with pride;


                        • and it's a provocative, enlightening, and FUN performance.

Find a performance happening now near you anywhere at...  ( Encourage your friends in other towns! )

--->    Mark one on your calendar now!

YouTube video links from "The Vagina Monologues"

TEDTalks: Eve Ensler’s (2004) inspiring intro. (click here) [21 min.]
--- includes the usual VM Introduction

Introduction  [3:44]

The Flood, part 1 [3:40]
The Flood, part 2 [5:39]
Because He Liked To Look At It [5:09]
Over It  [6:34]
Wear And Say  [2:18]

Reclaiming C*** [2:26]
Under The Burqa  [4:07] 

The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could [7:18]
Rape  [2:07]

My Vagina Was My Village [3:16]
My Angry Vagina [5:39]
Vagina Happy Fact [0:34]
Vagina Not-So-Happy Fact [0:46]
The Woman Who Loved To Make Vaginas Happy  [9:26]
I Was 12 [5:41]
Interview With A Lesbian  [4:54]
Measurements  [8:25]

Crooked Braid [6:28]
My Short Skirt [1:57]
The Vulva Club  [7:51]
Comfort Women  [4:34]
Deforestation  [3:25]

The Vagina Workshop [8:12]
What If I Told You I Did Not Have A Vagina  [2:21] -
(American Sign Language)

They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy  [4:30]
In Memory Of Her Face  [6:51]
Fur Is Back  [11:25]
I Was There In The Room  [3:55]
- (American Sign Language)


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Posted: Sunday March 31, 2013, 4:18 am
Tags: female women valentine abuse gender violence [add/edit tags]

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Shanae DeLaeD (53)
Tuesday February 6, 2007, 6:51 pm
thanz, kevin! eye forgot it iz that time of the year!!!


Kevin C.
male , open relationship
Saint Louis, MO, USA
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Hey my friends!!i just wanna say thank you!! for all this comments about my  next birthday!! im very happy that you all still remember me!! hugs and many  many thanks!! 

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