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Jul 5, 2011

Emotional Diet
I chanced upon the concept suddenly yesterday when I was moody about something. One of the weakest moments in life when you end up thinking nothing is working for you, and that thought is also in past and future tense- 'nothing worked for me'  and  'nothing will ever work out!' People don't love you. The weather isn't great. You don't make enough money,sob!sob! Grass is greener on the other side and their's a garden too there! Day begins and ends with a sigh? Aye Aye!

Don't make your heart sigh
Get up. Get going
Don't bulk up those feelings
Assume,consume and fume.
If you can't find a song,get a tune
Get on an emotional diet,
Your life only you can define.

This is no motivational talk or class, people. Not because you don't see a subscribe-to-my-class button yet,but as the blog says, it's about personal experiences combined with a thought coming out of the blue. There are certain feelings one needs to discard that are fat full, will bloat you up, give you cholesterol and we all know what happens to diabetic and high pressure people!

It's true.People will not have time for you 24/7. What with job insecurity,children,marriage,new chapters,new spouses, sometimes even new neighbors they can't focus on you all the time. That does not mean you assume the worst and give yourself bp(baseless points) leading to BP (blood pressure). 

Grapes are not always sour. You have to get a ladder or call the tallest dude in your gang. 2 things happen here. One - the dude will appreciate how much you depend on him/her as a friend. Second- the effort you put in to get a ladder goes back to the old saying - God helps those who helps themselves.

Blood is thicker than water. Yes we know. Also,water is precious. Save water...etc. Conclusion - both are important. We need a balance. Neither should be neglected.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. The same applies to strangers, in-laws and co-passengers . Just because your uncle-in-law frowns at you doesn't mean he is the devil's messenger. Throw such cholesterol creating assumptions away. Lighten your mind.

You really cannot have your cake and eat it too. Your loved ones will give you your share of love at the
appropriate time. Anymore than this and you will get 'love handles'. Very intentional pun here.

Religion - Don't be religious, be spiritual. God doesn't want to get diabetic with all your show of offerings. You will definitely not get diabetic on account of him! Because he is logical. You can't fast on food  and fast on no communication to people of other religion,race,rite or rule at the same time.

Goals are good. But if your life,everyday, is goal oriented,then the stress will burn you out very soon. Single people wait to get married. Married people wait to get richer. Pills and plastic surgery. Silicon implants to silicon valley. The pressure pattern is something like this :

first 30 years of our lives - getting trained -by parents, teachers ,employers.
from 30 to 60  -  training - by spouse (either ways),children training, team training
60 to hope you live longer - getting trained by everyone in a way as if you never lived before 60. 

Yes our lives have to get better,but in the process don't lose the essence of living.

Urgently,purposefully, absolutely plan time to just be idle. Let those fat full goals melt away

My mistakes will never end I'll come back with more experiences. So for now,I'll leave you with few words of one of my fav songs from my fav band - Eagles. ( Yeah, I can totally go diabetic on them!! )

Lighten up while you still can
Don't even try to understand 
Just find a place to take your stand and 
take it easy....... 

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Posted: Tuesday July 5, 2011, 7:21 am
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