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Jul 25, 2011

The Wee Rabbit Series -- David Kane -- Copyright 2011

~~~~~ I ~~~~~

'Wee Rabbit Sits' 

Pear trees shed flowers; 
they fall like snow.

A wee rabbit sits. 

 ~~~~~ II ~~~~~

'On Display'

A wee rabbit that could fit in my pocket 
appears to take no notice of me 
straddling my bike less than ten feet away. 

Wee rabbit I say, 
you mustn't sit there in the open. 
There are hungry birds of prey 
that would eat you. 

Don't just sit there on display,   
or you will surely become lunch one day. 

~~~~~ III ~~~~~

'The Snowing Pear Tree'

Sniffing the air, 
Twiching her nose, 
wee rabbit turns 
and off she goes. 

Hopping, then stopping, 
turning to see, 
if I was still there, 
my bike and me. 

The orange Sun rose into the sky, 
as I pedaled my bike 
wondering what, where and why 
fuzzy wee rabbit wants me to ride.  
She turned again 
then, bounding away, 
took off on the path 
before I could say: 

"Hey, wee rabbit 
wait up for me. 
Don't run so fast 
that I can't see 

where you're going, 
where you want me to be." 
I kept on riding 
'til I could see 

wee rabbit stopped 
at a gnarly old tree 
with a raven on top,  
and many birds and bees 

flying about the grasses and pond, 
flitting around with barely a sound. 
Only some buzzing and whirring of wings, 
when I noticed some more wee living things. 

Around the pond 
were turtles and frogs, 
and more tiny rabbits, 
amidst flowers and fog. 

The trees and the water --  
every color was there, 
shining so brightly 
in cool morning air. 

Wee rabbit hopped off, slipped into the fog, 
I put my bike down, and I sat on a log, 
"Thanks for showing me this" I whispered aloud. 
Then I laughed, looked around, my head in a cloud. 

I'll keep this our secret; 
wee rabbit and me, 
and the place where we met 
by the snowing pear tree.

~~~~~ IV ~~~~~

'Wee Rabbit Wakes Me Up'

Wake up, wake up, wee rabbit said.  
Stretch and yawn the sleep from your head.  
I'll meet you outside, it's a beautiful day, 
The sun's almost up, come out and play.  

I stretched and I yawned, 
shook the sleep from my head.  
I looked around, 
then I got out of bed.  

I got dressed and ran down the stairs, 
wondering if wee rabbit was ever there.  
I made a PB&J to take with me, 
and left a note for my folks to read.   

Adding a juice box for the ride, 
I started to wheel my bike outside.  
Then I stopped, and went back to the kitchen, 
where I got a carrot for wee rabbit twitching.  

Twitching her whiskers as I came out the door 
as if she knew who the carrot was for. 
She gave me a blink, and started away, 
as I pedaled behind her on this fine day.  

Wee rabbit stopped at the top of the hill, 
turned to the right and hopped off until, 
she came to a clearing among all the trees, 
stopped, turned around, and looked right at me. 

I set my bike down and took off my pack, 
I rummaged around in my paper sack, 
removing the carrot for wee rabbit to see, 
and we had breakfast, wee rabbit and me.  

When we were finished I put the paper sack 
into my pack which I put on my back.  
Wee rabbit licked her whiskers, then blinked twice, 
staring intently at a small pair of mice.  

This pair of mice had popped out of the grass, 
when a shadow came by, moving fast.  
It was a falcon, flying silent and high, 
a beautiful bird, but then I thought, why 

this bird is looking for something to eat,  
small furry critters with small furry feet 
would no doubt be perfect for an early snack, 
as the mice took off, wee rabbit at their back.  

I jumped on my bike and pedaled real hard, 
looking up, and around, both near and far.  
I saw that falcon turning around 
and making a dive straight for the ground.  

Wee rabbit and mice all leaped into the grass, 
vanishing quickly, as the big bird dove past 
climbing high in tight circles big bird couldn't see 
where wee rabbit and the small mice might be.  

After a while falcon flew off,  
still searching the land for some easier stuff 
to find and to eat, and take home to her nest,   
some food for her brood, she'll do her best.  

Wee rabbit and the mice came out of the grass, 
we all were so happy that big bird had passed 
that we all spoke at once, and then we all laughed, 
relieved that we were all safe at last.   

The day had just started, and already it was 
an adventure to remember, special because 
we never knew what would happen for sure, 
but everyone's ok, and no one is bored.  

Wee rabbit and I bid our new friends goodbye, 
and we all looked up at the now gray sky.  
The rains are coming, the little mice said, 
so we split up, heading home, (perhaps back to bed).

 ~~~~~ V ~~~~~

'School for Wee Rabbit and Me'

Another school day has come to an end. 
So I say so long to some of my friends 
and unlock my bike from the bicycle rack 
then I ride to the corner and down the block 

'til I get to the house painted blue and white,  
near the top of the hill, and off to my right, 
I get off my bike and step up the stairs  
and notice Wee rabbit asleep in my chair.   

Wee rabbit is making a wee snoring sound, 
I look at her and then look around. 
There's no one else that I can see, 
just Wee rabbit, my bike, and me.  

I'm thinking of waking this sleeping rabbit 
but she looks so peaceful, and now she's quiet,  
so I'll let her continue her sleeping,  
as I put my bike away I'm thinking:  

Why is Wee rabbit sleeping here 
dozing in my little chair? 
I'll put my knapsack on my bed 
and then I'll wake that sleepyhead. 

She can come upstairs with me, 
we'll have cookies and some tea,  
and Wee rabbit can tell me why 
she's sleeping on my chair outside.  

She was awake when I opened the door, 
blinking her eyes and licking her paw, 
hello, my friend, Wee rabbit said,  
can I have some water, maybe some bread? 

Oh, come inside and upstairs with me
we'll share some cookies and some tea 
and you can tell me why you're here, 
in the middle of the day, asleep in my chair. 

First, Wee rabbit said to me, 
let's have those cookies and some tea, 
then I will tell you everything, 
including why I'm here, sleeping.  

Ahhh, Wee rabbit exhaled and smiled, 
it's the best tea and cookies I've had for a while, 
and I want to thank you so very much 
for accepting my friendship without any fuss.  

Some people might think it strange 
to have a wee rabbit for a friend, 
but there is nothing wrong with that, 
the world is a ball, it's not flat,  

and everything is joined together, 
you and me, even the weather, 
and as to why I was sleeping here, 
dreaming away in your wee chair, 

it's because I was up all night. 
The land where I stay was filled with light 
and noisy machines that ripped up trees 
making all of us take our leave.  

Oh, I'm afraid all the land will be gone, 
there'll be nothing left for my friends to live on, 
and pretty soon all the green, living things, 
and all of Earth's creatures (except human beings), 

will be naught but a memory, if even that, 
good shall be buried and the world will be flat.  
I'm sorry to tell you such a sad tale, 
I hope I'm wrong and that good shall prevail, 

but after a night like the one we all had, 
it's hard to feel good, I can only feel sad.  
Sad for my friends, sad for me and you.  
Sad because I don't know what to do.  

Don't be sad Wee rabbit, Melissa said, 
We'll figure out what to do instead . . . 
instead of letting them wreck all your homes, 
leaving your friends afraid and alone.  

First we must find a place you can stay.  
Not only you but any that may 
need somewhere to live, somewhere to stay, 
until we can keep those destroyers away.  

I was pacing my room as I spoke and thought, 
speaking to both of us, hoping for hope, 
hoping Wee rabbit and friends could keep 
their places to live, their places to sleep.

I turned to Wee rabbit, to see what she'd say, 
but Wee rabbit was sleeping, she'd had a long day. 

 ~~~~~ VI ~~~~~

'The Stand to Save the Land'

(Wherein Wee rabbit, Mellisa and friends save the day.) 

Mellisa and Wee decided that they 
should enlist their friends to save the day. 
What is the best way to do this Wee? 
Let's have them over for cake and tea.  

So they invited one and all 
and set the time for the ball, 
ok, not really a ball at all, 
more like something very small.  

Small but important nonetheless, 
to help and solve this messy mess.  
All the bushes, animals, and trees 
would disappear (along with the bees). 

Animals and people had tea and cake 
and tried to decide what plans they should make. 
They agreed that they should all 
do what they could to save the ball 

that is our planet, mother Earth, 
that we live on since our birth. 
We have no other place to go, 
so maybe we should take it slow  

and think about what we'll leave 
for the children to believe 
what is wrong and what is right, 
whether things are dark or bright.  

It was a bit chilly as the red Sun rose, 
Wee rabbit stood up and wrinkled her nose,  
looking around and sniffing the air 
she saw lots of people everywhere. 

Some talking and drinking coffee or tea 
that a man in a small truck gives out for free. 
Some holding signs, some tossing a ball, 
it seems this morning is enjoyed by all. 

Melissa came back from talking to some, 
she said more people were going to come 
to help us save this beautiful land 
before it's too late, while we still can. 

More people arrived, some carrying signs 
"This land's for everyone, for all time," 
and just then the workers arrived 
ready to bulldoze all things alive, 

but when they saw everyone there 
they decided to take some care, 
and so instead of making a fuss 
they had some coffee and cake with us,  

and when their boss came on the scene 
he also had some cake and tea. 
He made some calls, paced up and down, 
he called the sheriff of the town,  

and the whole thing went to court. 
There'd be no more work of that sort. 
The people had made so much noise 
they chased them out with all their toys. 

Their big machines with all their lights, 
their big plans, their greed and might. 
It was close, this fight for right. 
Wee and her friends slept well that night.

-- dk

"We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to  us. When we see land as a community 
to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

-- Aldo Leopold, American conservationist. 
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Posted: Monday July 25, 2011, 12:12 am
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Tuesday August 9, 2011, 5:24 pm
Thank you Dave, sweetheart. You sent it to me when I was in QC. So great. I saved it, can't photocopy with my laptop here. But there is another way for another day. Good Night. xx

Monica Marie Kenya Kane (44)
Saturday June 9, 2012, 5:04 pm
Saturday, June 9, 2012, 18:01

Thank you sweet love, true love, I am still in QC. Well, one year later, I read it again and so great. I didn't mail thee Wee Rabbit, it was closed. On Monday for sure. Love forever the gentleman you are. Your fiancee,
Marie muahhhhhhhhhhh


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