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Oct 30, 2011

Focus:Animal Welfare
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We need to mobilize and save these elephants from the brutality of their existence. There are no laws in Thailand to protect elephants. This has to change. You will WEEP when you read this article! Michelle >^..^< 

Meet the Tuskers of Thailand

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Julie - 2 hours ago -

Injured elephants and babies end up as beggars in the city. Their handlers drive the animals in front of bars and clubs to peddle overpriced food to people who want to feed the elephants.
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Posted: Sunday October 30, 2011, 2:28 pm
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Michelle S. (460)
Sunday October 30, 2011, 2:41 pm
From the article:
MANILA, Philippines -- As soon as the fruit trucks stopped under our porch, the elephants drifted in. While we unloaded sacks of pineapples and melons, they sauntered to the feeding platform and rattled their trunks, demanding: “Hurry! We’re hungry!”

Malai was among the first to limp in. Her foot was blown off when she stepped on a landmine in her logging camp. Still, her “mahout” forced her to hobble around Bangkok, begging, until she was rescued.

Thai, another ex-circus-elephant-turned-beggar, lined up alongside Malai.

Usually, injured elephants and babies end up as beggars in the city. Their “mahouts” (handlers) haul large bags of food on their backs and tie plastic sacks of fruits on their necks and tails. Driving the animals in front of bars and clubs, they peddle overpriced food to people who want to feed the elephants and take photos. Drunken drivers hit around 15 beggar elephants each month.

Next came Lilly. It’s hard to imagine that she was tied to a tree, dying, when Elephant Nature Park (ENP) founder Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, came upon her in a logging camp.

Most of the herd bulls stayed where they were tethered. Max stood in a shed by himself. The old giant prefers to be alone.

Jokia, the blind logging elephant cannot join the porch feedings either. She gave birth while hauling timber and her baby died. Grieving, she refused to work and her owner poked her eyes with sticks embedded with nails then left her to starve and die.

Now, her “mahout” delivers her food in the shed she shares with best friend Mae Perm, an 89-year-old matriarch and Hope, the orphaned baby they adopted.

Hope’s trekking elephant mom sickened and died after he was born. At first, he chased the volunteers and kicked them. But eventually, he gentled down and bonded with Ging Mai, another orphan. Tragically, Ging Mai was murdered after his first birthday. An intruder sneaked into at the sanctuary during the night and injected him with cyanide.

The reform and conservation campaign of ENP threatened many locals, obviously.

Under Thai law, domestic elephants are livestock, not endangered beasts. They have no rights. So cruel practices go on, including elephant rides which injure the animals’ delicate spines and the “phaajaan”, a ritualized torture meant to train babies for work. Each baby broken in the ritual fetches USD$2,000 to $4,650.

Literally, “phajaan” means “to break the love” between mother and baby elephant. The babies are immobilized in a bamboo cage called the “crush,” beaten and gouged with nails for a week. To control animals that can eventually weigh over 10,000 pounds, traditionalists believe they should instill fear of their keepers very early in life.

The procedure kills half of all baby elephants each year. Some commit suicide to escape the torture by stepping on their trunks and holding their breath. The ones who survive develop a hatred for people and become killers.

Punishment continues past adulthood. Traditional “mahouts” control elephants with brutal devices such as the bull hook, a short stick with a metal hook at the tip to wound their 107 most sensitive points. Injury to these nerve centers maim, blind or kill the animal.

GabeeAway Baldaia (106)
Sunday November 10, 2013, 1:54 pm
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Michelle S.
female , single
Temple City, CA, USA
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