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Nov 11, 2011

Focus:Animal Welfare
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donderdag 10 november om 4:30 - donderdag 12 januari 2012 om 7:30

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Dear friends,

we need to take action again concerning Romania's plan to start the with the killing of the strays and their manipulation of the population in order to support the legalization of the planned massacre. You will find all explanations in the following link:
The letter below is intended to let the Romanian and international media as well as the members of PDL Bucharest know that we are aware of this manipulation and that we stand with the good and animal loving Romanian people who fight for animal and human rights.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation in this event and your precious support.

........................................... SAMPLE LETTER

SUBJECT: We, citizens of the world, denounce the manipulation of the population done by the PDL, in order to obtain support for the legalization of the MASSACRES OF STRAYS IN ROMANIA


Distinguished officials,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

we follow for years the situation of animals in Romania, and the daily news about the horrific treatment to which they are exposed doesn't cease to outrage us.

We expected that after the approval of the Written Declaration NR. 0026/2010 in the EU Parliament, the Romanian authorities will reflect and change their intention to accept a law which will lead to massacres, and also to the impossibility for people to adopt from the state run shelters, based on the diabolic requirements for approval of an adoption. We want to let you know that NOWHERE in the world people need to bring the neighbors' written approval to adopt a second dog, a third dog etc...

This article violates constitutionals and universal human rights by interfering in some ones' private life.

We all know about the massive, aggressive and manipulative campaign launched by the PDL - the ones who want to impose the mass euthanasia on Oct 15 in Bucharest - two days after the approval of the Declaration.

We know that people have been intimidated, blackmailed to sign a petition in favor of the euthanasia, we know that most mayors are ready to start KILLING THE STRAYS immediately after the law has been passed.

Deputy-Mayor of Slatina, Romania, says it openly: all strays will be killed!

"25,000 death sentences for the stray dogs " - THE LAW which covers up the SLAUGHTER OF STRAY DOGS:

The action to collect signatures in favor of the PDL project about the management of strays, started about a week ago by the PDL College in OLT COunty, ended Friday November 4, 2011:

"We hope that the 25,000 signatures collected from the citizens will give even more wights to this initiative, said DAN BALASESCU, Deputy Mayor of Slatina, - these signatures will be sent to the Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies for centralization."

The Deputy Mayor also explained the goal of this initiative: "If the law will pass, we will also save a lot of money from the local budget, because we will not have to spend 500,000 lei (125,000 Euro ) with the dogs in shelters, because we can not afford to spend for a dog more then we spend for a child."

We know that the Permanent Bureau of PDL Bucharest has deiced to intimidate and black mail people in order to collect - by all means - signatures in support of the mass killings of strays, they decided to start immediately after the law has passed in the Parliament:

We, citizens of the world stand by all Romanians who respect LIFE and DEMOCRACY and the RULE OF LAW, and vehemently denounce the UN-DEMOCRATIC actions taken by those who MODIFIED the REAL PL 912/2007, and lie now to the people telling them that is has been approved by the Senate, and it is only about sterilization, and that "if you do not sign, I will not deliver your pension or your mail":

We denounce in the entire world the REAL INTENTION OF ROMANIAN AUTHORITIES - MASSACRES OF STRAYS - and luring the population to accept to become ACCOMPLICE to these atrocities, with lies, intimidation, and so on.

We, like all Romanians associations for the protection of animals and all animals lovers in Romania, demand a full investigation about this manipulative campaign, not only in Romania but also at the EU Parliament level.

Denouncing the despicable manipulation:

This criminal law, which the PDL pushes so hard to pass, intends to legalize THE MASSACRES of innocent animals, to exonerate those who ILLEGALLY KILLED hundreds of thousands of dogs from 2008 until now.

The world will not stay silent in front of this barbarism. Romania will be officially associated with the name of the "country of God's killers" and this reputation will be detrimental to tourism as well as all Romanian products on the market.

Please take a looks at the documents listed bellow:

All these, not only manipulative, intimidating but DICTATORIAL actions MUST BE EXPOSED. This is NOT A DEMOCRACY. This is a feudalistic governing.

The mayors DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, regardless if a national law allows them or not. THEY DECIDE, not the locals, not the laws in force...

Mr. Deputy-Mayor of Slatina, who also happens to be the Secretary General of the PDL Chapter for the OL County (Slatina is the capital city) said it very clearly:

"We will be the first town in the country which will adopt this method to reduce the number of strays, even if we will be criticized by those who do not let the dog catching services to do their jobs"

Propaganda and decision to KILL ALL STRAYS IN SLATINA - already taken:

Vier Pfoten Romania about the PDL manipulative campaign:

Brotherhood for the euthanasia:

Propaganda, forcing teachers to sign, and more lies in Gorj County:

Manipulative propaganda:

Manipulation in Ploiesti:

Roberta Anastase declaration in Ploiesti:

2 Millions strays ...1 million strays ...100,000 in Bucharest one day, 50,000 the next day...

2 Mill strays:

Bucharest open space for strays:

In an televised debate in 2010, about the easing of Chinese tourists' visas applications to come visit Romania The Minister of Tourism said about Romania: "This country needs an enlightened dictatorship" !!!

Well, apparently this is EXACTLY what is going on with one exception: it is BLOODY for the animals, and became unbearable for the people.

We will boycott Romania, until the massacres of strays will stop and the law in force for the protection of animals is fully applied at a national level. This PL 912/2007 in its actual form, completely changed by PDL, is unacceptable for the civilized world.

Thank you very much for your attention.

please sign with your name, city, country

...........................................EMAIL ADDRESSES

TO:,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

CC: EPP (European People's Party),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Please add the Romanian embassy in your country from the portal bellow:
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Posted: Friday November 11, 2011, 5:00 am
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tasunka m. (334)
Friday November 11, 2011, 6:01 am
street dogs exist in every major city, we need to have a solution waiting in the wings,that is humane.

Yvonne F. (172)
Friday December 23, 2011, 7:23 am
Sent to all addresses and to Danish MEP in EU. I do hope with whole of my heart that the situation in Romania will be taken care of. This is something EU has to act on. Thanks for posting!


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