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Nov 29, 2011

I would like to share my complaint that I've written concerning the questionable motives and treatments by physcians who had treated my son for asthma recently and the pass.

Please review and share my complaint with others: 

To all applicable investigative agencies concerning this matter,

I’m making a general complaint against Pediatric Critical Care Physicians, Samuel Umaru, Diane P. Begany and Pulmonologist Michael S. Swartz of Lehigh Valley Hospital, 1200 South Cedar Crest Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18103. The above mentioned Physicians conspired to force injurious pharmaceuticals upon my son Sheldon Johnson Jr. (11 years old) and in doing so they infringed upon my Human, Civil, Parental and Christian rights concerning the welfare of my son. (1 Corinthian 6:19, 20 - 2Corinthians 7:1 – Romans 12:1, 2 Mark 15:23)

My son was admitted into the care of Lehigh Valley Hospital on 11/1/11 for a severe asthma attack and was set to be release on 11/8/11 because he had a really good recovery. On November 7,  the night before his release I disagreed with the amount of medication that they was continually given him even after he was doing ok and breathing good on his own. I questioned the necessity of the on-going high doses of Corticosteroids and rescue medication (Albuterol 6 times a day) that he was receiving and stated that I wanted to get a second professional opinion to see if his dose could be reduced and that their treatment was safe, so I opted to stop the treatment until I speak with a doctor. (Prednisone 40mg 2 times daily & Symbicort  a long acting beta2-adrenergic agonists that contains formoterol, an active ingredient that’s been linked to the increase the risk of asthma related death and hospitalization in pediatric patients due to respiratory ailments and asthma related symptoms. Prednisone is also known for its injurious effect it has on the immune system and also causes respiratory problems amongst other things.) 

I particularly became alarmed because my son started experiencing muscle aches, tingling sensations on his back and neck and acid reflux. The irritation caused by the leaking acid from acid reflux can cause or worsen a pre-existing asthma condition. All of the above mentioned symptoms are adverse effects of Prednisone. I prayed for answers to help my son Sheldon, and I researched thoroughly after my son’s admission into Lehigh Valley Hospital. Then God opened my eyes and I was able to draw a parallel between the side effects of my son’s pharmaceuticals and his worsening health condition over the last 6 years when he was first introduce to many different asthma pharmaceuticals by his primary Physician Christopher Lynch (also the attending Physician at Pocono Medical) when they first misdiagnose him for asthma and treated it as such but it turn out that he had pneumonia instead. A year later he was diagnosed with asthma and his condition worsen as he was unresponsive to the pharmaceutical regimen his doctors prescribe for him throughout the last 6 years. Can it be possible that my sons asthma was induce from the pharmaceuticals they treated him with when he had pneumonia when he was 5 years old and they thought it was asthma? Being that the medication use to treat asthma has many different adverse effects such as difficulty breathing, tightness in chest, wheezing, sinus & respiratory infections and the list go on and on. He never indicated any of these symptoms until then.

It is also interesting to note that all my sons’ hospitalization for asthma over the last 6 years is associated with some type of respiratory infections which is listed as an adverse effect of the pharmaceuticals that he’s being prescribed. It became evidently clear to me that the attending Physicians at my son’s bedside were treating him like a business instead of a patient that greatly needed their help to recover from his illness. They would only treat 50% of the problem by controlling the asthma but they failed to provide proper preventative care cognizant to the fact that these drugs suppresses the immune system and are the cause for numerous respiratory infections amongst other things. 

Every Doctor who ever treated my son Sheldon, disgrace their Hippocratic Oath by failing to prescribe proper Immuno –Care for my son Sheldon to fight the well documented side effects of the injurious pharmaceuticals they prescribe. I had to beg the doctors at Lehigh Valley Hospital just to check to see if my son had a vitamin D3 deficiency. It is well known to the medical community that a very large percentage of children hospitalized for asthma had a deficiency in vitamin D3 and it has shown promising effects in controlling their asthma when supplemented. 

The doctors would say that my son is very sick and he has very bad asthma, and that the treatments outweighs the risks as they experiment with many different injurious pharmaceuticals concoction to treat his illness even when its well known and documented that he could end up back in the hospital or experience sudden death due to the drugs that he’s being prescribe. His primary Doctor (Christopher Lynch) is guilty of this type of practice as well. They keep the most likely solution to my son’s problem a secret and refuse to address it no matter how many times his mother and I tell them that the medicine is making him worse. No Doctors ever informed us of the dangers of the preventative steroids medications; they just prescribe and tell us: “the treatment outweighs the risks”. Not even once did they try to counter the injurious side effects of the medicine they just treat the asthma and that’s it. They don’t even want to talk about it.

Here some other interesting things to note,

About a year ago a pharmacist express concern over one of the prescription Dr. Christopher Lynch written out for my son Sheldon. 

And it was also indicated to my son’s mother and me, that my son should have never been intubated when he came to Lehigh Valley Hospital by one of the nurses within Lehigh Valley PICU.

So, at this point I was very untrusting of the doctors and felt that I really needed to get a second opinion and I let that thought be known. That is my right as a Parent and that is what my God Jehovah expects me to do. The doctors has kept the side effects a secret from us all this time and I associate their methods of medicine as a form of eugenics, and I think that their action warrant an investigation to see if there is some type of conspiracy to treat asthma patients for profit. How many people must die from this type of professional abuse of Doctors who swore an oath to treat the ill? (Luke 12: 2, 3 – Nahum 3: 1-7)

The very next day after I left the hospital and change shift with my son’s mother the Doctors called Monroe County Children and Youth Services and filed a frivolous claim of neglect against me and my son’s mother Ketwanda Glover. Children & Youth and the above mentioned Doctors resulted to extortion as they informed my son’s mother that he would be taken away from her if she doesn’t comply with their pharmaceutical action plan for my son Sheldon Johnson asthmatic condition and held them *hostage* in the hospital for an additional 2 days without any due process of the law and was force to sign papers by Children & Youth of Monroe County. They grossly violated the rights afforded to her by the 13 and 14 amendments of our constitutions. (* Please note: Title 18, U.S.C. Section 241 – Conspiracy against Rights also Title 18, U.S.C. Section 242 – Deprivation of rights Under Color of the Law.)

Doctors, Samuel Umaru and Diane P. Begany furthered demonstrated gross negligence when they crossly informed my son that my actions was going to lead to his death and that they was going to take him away from his parents because they wasn’t too sure if it was safe for him to remain within our care. It’s a well documented fact that stress and upsetting a person that has asthma can trigger an attack. Their unprofessional and unethical approach endangered the well being of my son whom they diagnose as a status asthmatic and was in a fragile state as they claimed could have sent him into a life threatening situation and in doing so they callously endangered his welfare. I respectfully request a full inquiry concerning these 2 Doctors demeanor and their handling of this situation.

It was indicated on my son’s discharge record that Dr. Christopher Lynch also place a called to children and youth on 11/9/11 to support their referral. That is the date I also pick up my son’s medical records from his office and I was told I had to sign 2 pieces of paper (release forms) , and come to find out I was trick into signing papers claiming I no longer wish him to be my son’s doctor. His action further demonstrates that this is some sort of conspiracy and the guilty party is trying to cover their tracks. There is also a fraudulent statement on my son’s discharge record regarding my son’s condition the night of the 7th of November. Also there was false testimonial about myself and his mother as I suspect that they’re trying to shift blame for his condition upon us. We also discovered on his release record that he had pneumonia something that they withheld from us, they only told us about the really bad asthma he has. 

 The nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance of Children & Youth and Dr. Samuel Umaru, Dr. Diane P. Begany, Dr. Christopher Lynch and Pulmonologist Michael S. Schwartz must be thoroughly investigated for their ethical behavior and explore whether or not if their actions warrants a criminal indictment. This complaint also serves as a notice to file a civil suit against Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pocono Medical Hospital, Dr, Christopher Lynch, Dr. Samuel Umaru, Dr. Diane P. Begany, Dr. Michael S. Schwartz and Monroe county Children & Youth.

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson


Hon. Mario M. Scavello                                        

Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce                

556 Main Street                                                     

Stroudsburg, PA 18360                                          

570-420-1168 –Fax: 570-420-1169                                                                                

Sen. Lisa M. Boscola

559 Main Street

Suite 270

Bethlehem, PA 18018 (610) 868-8667

Rep. Lou Barletta

1 south Church Street

Suite 100

Hazleton, PA 18201

570-751-0050 – Fax: 570-751-0054

Eric H. Holder, Jr.

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Governor Tom Corbett

225 Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120

717-787-2500 – Fax: 717-772-8284

District Justice, Michael Muth

24 Analomink Street, 

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301


Mayor, Armand M. Martinelli

24 Analomink Street,

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

James B. Martin D.A.

Lehigh County Courthouse

Room 307

455 W Hamilton Street

Allentown, PA 18101-1614 (610) -782-3100 – Fax: 610-820-3323

Executive Director Nancy Hopkins

ACLU Pennsylvania

P.O. Box 40008

Philadelphia PA 19106

Vera Sharav


142 west end Ave, suite 28P

New York, NY 1002


4805 Mt. Hope Drive

Baltimore MD 21215

The E-Accountability Foundation


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The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

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Posted: Tuesday November 29, 2011, 5:56 am

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Terry King (109)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 12:41 pm
If possible, I would certainly take my son to an independent doctor in another town for an asthma workup and an honest second opinion. I'm glad to see that you aren't allowing yourself to be bullied by this doctor.

Sheri T. (0)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 1:19 pm
I, myself have recently learned through my internist, that all the steroids given to me at the hospital by the "staff GP" had caused type 2 diabetes, weight gain, the fluctuating body temperatures, redness & swelling of my face, vitamin D deficiency & metabolic disorder. I now know not to let them administer any steroids unless the benefits far exceed the risk & to use the smallest dose possible. I ask about everything being given to me. With the help of my internist, I have lost the weight gained by the steroids, brought up my vitamin D, and revived my metabolism. Always ask. I do have children with asthma. My little girl was admitted to the hospital at 10 months of age with asthma & pneumonia. I NEVER left her. Even on my birthday when my Mom offered to stay with here so I could go out to dinner for B-Day, I couldn't leave her. We, being my little girl & I stayed in the hospital for 19 days. I was breast feeding her & the hospital wanted to put her on formula so I wouldn't be required to stay. My pediatrician supported me & my right to stay, breast feeding her & overseeing her treatment. Choose your Doctors wisely.

diana r. (1)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 1:27 pm
I agree with Terry, see an independent doctor for an asthma/allergy workup. Then look into finding a DO, as they do complementary medicine with an eye to lessening heavy duty drugs whenever possible.

E P B. (15)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 2:23 pm
You're not that far from Baltimore, bring him to Johns Hopkins. Dr. Melva Brown (JH Community Physicians/Wyman Park) is excellent, a good listener, and a straight-shooter. Here's a link to her profile:

Too many doctors believe their own press and are too caught up in their own egos, and their community network protects them. So my advice is to get out of that community and head for one of the top medical organizations in the world. What's nice about all things Hopkins is that they are teaching and taking a more progressive patient-centered holistic approach to medicine.

It certainly cannot hurt. Good luck!

Nancy Black (305)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 2:52 pm
I am a parent, and I know you and your wife must be terrified about the state of your son's health. There is no doubt that you need a second opinion. I would also give a pharmacist a complete list of all the medications your son has been on and see if there has been any harmful interaction of drugs..You might be interested in contacting a medical lawyer, a doctor who also has a law degree. He or she would know enough medicine to determine whether or not there should be a lawsuit.

I want you to know, Sheldon; you and your family are in my prayers. I truly hope your son gets well, and you can put this horrible memory behind you.

Past Member (0)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 3:14 pm
I'm sorry to hear of all your son and your family have been through. Do get a second opinion and a third.

I must share that recently a friend was checked out of the hospital (not Lehigh) after a week long stay for a serious injury. On his last day there he noticed on his chart that they had his weight listed at 60 lbs. less than he actually weighed. He then asked if they had been calculating his medicine doses (including pain killers) on this number and they said yes. Thank goodness they didn't have the number 60 lbs. over! The medical field is rife with errors and errors in judgement. Best to get multiple opinions whenever possible and question what they are doing every step of the way -- which sounds like what you have been doing. Good luck with your fight.

Past Member (0)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 6:22 pm
The first problem is that Hospitals are a for profit business and should not be. The reason being that whenever PROFITS are a concern you always have to question whether or not you receiving the proper care. To many decisions are mared by pressure put on these doctors by the Boards of these hospitals( Who are no different than those sitting on fortune 500 companies) it is almost always going to come down to the Bottom Line, Pharmaceutical and HMO'S also Influece decisions being made. As to legality a Parents rights are not absalute when it comes to medical decisions being made. Parents cannot make decisions that may permanantly harm or otherwise impair their healthy developement. If treatment refusal results in a child suffering, parents may be criminally liable. I would try C.H.O.P in Philadelphia Pa . They are pediactric specialists even thru early teen years. If this is at all possible for you. I wish you and your Family the best of luck.

Valarie Snell (12)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 6:29 pm
Sheldon, this is awful and heart breaking what your family is going through. I am pulling for you; I hope your son remains with you and gets the treatment that he needs

Cynthia not well (340)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 9:11 pm
I agree with PB. Take him to Johns Hopkins. Almost all of my family have suffered from asthma and the affects of Corticosteroids and Prednisone. They can be damaging in high doses. Find a Doctor that will work with you and your Son. Johns Hopkins is excellent for that. You, your wife and you son will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Henriette Matthijssen (149)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 9:37 pm
I do not know much about asthma, but I would surely get a second & possibly third opinion from other doctors. These doctors do not appear to be too competent in their professional dealings in regards to your son's best interest! Asthma is life threatening, if you can't breath, you die! My prayers go out to your family & sending Healing Light & Love to your son. I light a candle for Sheldon Junior on Care2 candle site. Here is the link if any one else wish to do the same. Candle Site

Past Member (0)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 10:11 pm
I would look into natural medicines which you may well have already done.

I have used natural meds and nutrition with the greatest satisfaction. I recovered from diabetes, serious nerve damage and other health problems oer 3 years ago. My doctor was amazed. He asked me to what I attributed my healing. I told him "to God". My Lord led me to natural health methods.

But it was truly miraculous healing because I recovered within a few days when even with natural methods it could have taken

I am 69 and had a recent health check up. My doctor said, "You'll live forever." He says I'm in better health than most teenagers.

Doctors make money off of poisons (their drug company meds) and off of un-needed operations.

Doctors don't make money off of well patients.
Pharmaceutical companies provide doctors with incredible bribes to prescribe their poisons.

If you can afford it, there are natural practitioners that might serve your best interest. I don't know. It's just a thought. Some of them are racketeers.

I worked with Hi Health advisors and with Poison Control as I came off of the doctors' poisons onto natural ways.

You are a good father and a wise father. You do what seems best to you.

Glen Ahstin (1)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 10:44 pm
I agree with you and the comments that what has happened is unacceptable - I would examine other medical options as well as look at alternative medical options - natural medicines, traditional chinese medicine are good options to start with. Do lots of research.
It is notable that thousands of people die every year from prescribed medicines and iatrogenic disease - a polite way to say that doctors have stuffed things up.
Doctors are not the gods that many people hold them up to be. They learn flawed information in a flawed system that in the US is designed more around legal implications than around whole body health.
Look at the whole body thing.
Its difficult you living in NY - atmospheric pollution does exacerbate asthma. But also look at what is in your home, invest in hepa filtered vaccum cleaner, and examine issues like diet, supplements, etc.
Asthma is really scary but it can be properly managed. It seems like it has not been yet.
Good luck!

Alysia S. (57)
Tuesday November 29, 2011, 10:49 pm
Sheldon thank you for the message (testimonial?) noted :)

Michael Carney (212)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 1:24 am
If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same things you've done here...It's a disgrace you and your family, were treated so badly by the Staff at that Hospital...I think it's a great idea, to get your local Politicans involved as well...Definitely get another opinion, at a Good Hospital, with good, and honest Doctors...There's a great Hospital near me here, it's in Philadelphia...The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (Chop), I see someone else mentioned Johns Hopkins, you could never go wrong there...I'm glad you didn't allow them to bully you...But mostly I hope your Son, recovers, and is able to enjoy life as a normal kid...Don't give up, there's lots of good honest places out there, and I'd recommend you also get an Attorney, just to make sure your rights are protected...I just wish you all the best, and I hope things work out for Sheldon...All the best, and don't take anything from them, speak your mind...And keep fighting as hard as you can for your Son...You are a good man, and doing the right thing for him, and protecting him, like a Farther should do for his Son...Good, luck Sheldon!!!

Xil L. (40)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 2:34 am

Past Member (0)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 3:03 am
I hope that you have since found another Doctor to care for your son and that his conditions have since improved. If you are still looking for one you may want to look into C.H.O.P in Philadelphia. They have some of the best Pediactric Doctors in the country, this includes early teen years.
As for hospitals being a for proffit business it is wrong. Whenever you add profits into the mix you are not always assured of the best care. These Hospitals have Boards not unlike the ones sitting on Fortune 500 companys, some of these hospitals are owned by Private Equity Firms, they have everything but your best interest in mind. Then when you add in the influence of HMOS, and Pharmaceuticals it becomes a witches brew.
When Law is concerned and you sign a document it would be hard to claim you were tricked, even under durress. As for parental rights they are not Absolute. Parents cannot make decisions that may permanantly harm or otherwise impair their healthy developemant. If treatment refusal results in a child suffering, parents may be crimminaly liable. Although rarely prosecuted. However if you beleive the conditions of your child have worsened due to treatment than you have every right to take these doctors to court, provided you have everything documented. I would talk with an Attoney ( More than one ) they would be better qualified to explain your rights and as to whether or not you have a case. Hers are (2) one for the Pennsylvania medical Board In wich you can get the proper forms to file a complaint, the other to a site for Jehovah's witness rihgts. I wish you and your family the best of luck, and that your son may live a healthy life.

Eddie O. (95)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 5:35 am
In reading your story, I was afraid that I was going to read that your son had passed due to the treatment the doctors were using. So, I am very happy to hear this isn't the case, and I'm sure you and your wife are very, very, grateful that this isn't so. At the same time, what you do from this moment on is obviously extremely important.

Therefore, a second, and possibly a third opinion is very wise and may save your son's life. And, if you do learn and can prove detrimental actions by his current doctors, then possibly a law suit is in order.

At the same time, from reading your letter I felt your religion could possibly be encouraging you not to allow medications to be used on your son. If this is the case, I sincerely encourage you that the "right" medications can be extremely beneficial and should absolutely be used in harmony with your faith. Medications have obviously saved millions of people's lives, but at the same time, the "wrong" medications have killed numerous people, just look at what happened to Michael Jackson.

I wish you the very best in your efforts to create what's truly best for your son, for his health and well-being, and for him to overcome any and all illnesses that he has to deal with.


patricia lasek (317)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 5:42 am
"First do no harm....."
You are right that they violated their Hippocratic oath.
They got child services involved?
How much in kickbacks are they getting from Big Phama???

Past Member (0)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 6:12 am
Helloo Sheldon. Thank you for inviting me to comment and for your kind words about my previous posts.

As you know, I am no fan of unproven "alternative" medicine. Nor am I a believer, indeed I'm an atheist. This makes it rather difficult to comment on your experiences and the treatment given to your son and even more so as I am not a healthcare professional.

I do so worry that your religious beliefs may be colouring your view of things. I also worry that you are picking up information from trash sites which, when challenged cannot ever substantiate their assertions.

I believe that, in the main, Big Pharma could do more, that it is profit-driven, but that it is an indispensible part of our society which has done far more good than harm.

I also believe that it is not drugs or vaccinations that are causing reported increases in certain conditions in children, but the mad and obsessive mania to keep kids clean and away from dirt and "germs". I think that sterilising everything inhibits young immune systems from developing. I would also argue that definitions have changed over the years, such that children who would never have fallen in certain categories in the past do so now.

This doesn't help you in your present situation. I can make no suggestions, I'm afraid.

Lori E. (9)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 6:40 am
I also have asthma and had been on Prednisone for 20 years - though to mainly treat my Crohn's. Well it ended up eating through my intestines and I wound up in the hospital with emergency surgery to fix my perforation. Needless to say I had months of horrible painful recovery because of that. I will NEVER take Prednisone again.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 7:41 am
Sheldon, you have many comments to read through, I don't think I can add anything useful except encouragment. I think you are a caring father who wants the best for his child. I am sure you will find the right doctor to care for your child. Be well and be conscious! Shalvah

Beth S. (335)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 7:48 am

First I want to say that you are a very committed father and your son is blessed to have you in there fighting for him. I'm sorry that you have had to undergo such trials, but I hope it makes you all stronger and also able to help others who may be in a similar situation. That may very well be part of why you are going through this.

I also agree with those who suggest a 2nd opinion at the very least and maybe even a third.

I had a condition for which doctors prescribed a host of pharmaceuticals, each one with side effects as bad or worse than the original condition, and the physician prescribed more pharmaceuticals to treat the side effects, which again produced their own side effects. This led to a cascade effect that ultimately started presenting itself as an autoimmune disorder.

Anyway, after having had an absolute belief in the omniscience of Medicine, I had become in such bad shape that I decided to do my own research, and I found the right combination of neutraceuticals to prevent me from a recurrence. (Whereas I know of many people who have not taken this route with this illness and still suffer recurrences.)

Making a long story short, I believe that there is much we can do to prevent and treat many conditions without needing to resort to pharmaceuticals, but instead use "neutraceuticals". Vitamin D3, for instance, prevents and treats a huge host of illnesses (there are Vitamin D3 receptors in almost every cell of the body). I'm trying to remember the doctor's name, something like Michael Hollick (from Harvard), who wrote a book called the Vitamin D Solution.

Although I don't agree with much that he says, I do agree with John D. that "the mad and obsessive mania to keep kids clean and away from dirt and "germs". I think that sterilising everything inhibits young immune systems from developing."

I have read that there is a link with obsessive cleanliness for children and an increase in asthma and allergies. Now I have no idea if exposing an asthmatic child to lots of germs in his regular environment will cure a child of asthma, but I do believe it will ultimately strengthen his immune system.

While I do agree with the need for many childhood vaccinations, I have come to agree with my own physician that getting yearly flu shots is not necessary when we have the right balance of a healthy diet, vitamins and a good daily dose of Vitamin D3, perhaps 5,000 I.U.'s, and this will largely ward off influenza while giving our immune systems a chance to be exposed to and confer a more permanent immunity that particular type(s) of influenza, which will diminish the chances of getting full-blown flu symptoms from other related flu viruses down the road.

However, I would also hasten to add that this is something I don't think would be good for your son, since influenza can have such severe respiratory effects, and you'd never want him to have to fight both illnesses at the same time.

Could it be that treating your son for asthma years ago when he may actually have had pneumonia caused him to get asthma? It's a very good question and one that may require consultation outside of this hospital and research on your own, and I heartily admire your inquisitiveness and determination to find out. And when you do, please make sure to come back here at let us know. (By the way, one of my kids had pneumonia that her physician missed, and it took going to a second doctor to figure it out.)

In the meantime I wish you much success in finding the right solution for your son, and if these doctors really were negligent in his treatment, I wish you success in bringing this to light and holding them accountable so that they won't do it to anyone else.

All the best, Beth

Andrew Carvin (54)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 8:07 am

Sick patients are more profitable than healthy patients.

If big pharma could have it their way everyone would be sick, and giving most of their income to large health companies.

This is yet another reason why we need free health care in this country.

You cannot rely on private business to take care of society.

Private business is not for the people by the people. Private business is for the money by the company. Private business will take your money, and give you nothing in return whenever they can get away with it. See private health care for examples.

Huge government is great because as long as it is run properly it protects the people it represents from private business that will murder them for their money if they can get away with it.

Andrew Carvin (54)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 8:11 am
Your doctor does not always know best, and blissful ignorant trust in someone wearing a lab coat can be fatal.

If you have the slightest feeling that something might not be right FIGHT BACK by becoming informed.

I can directly relate to this as I was almost put on diabetes medication despite not being given any tests to show I had diabetes.

I refused to take the medication, and did my own glucose tests.

No surprise I didn't have diabetes, but would definitely have developed it if I had just blindly taken the medication like I was told.

Nicole Gorman (38)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 8:47 am
Sheldon, I highly recommend getting your son into Manhattan and seeing Dr. Richard Firshein (see links to websited below). He has written articles and books about child asthma and has an approach that is holistic with alternative therapies as well as drugs if appropriate. Dr. Firshein helped me tremendously about 15 years ago and he took me off all the medications that other doctors, who simply wanted to treat symptoms rather than the whole problem, had put me on that were actually making me much worse. I am sorry you and your family are going through this, but it took my own personal experience to realize not only that medicine is BIG BUSINESS, but that oftentimes doctor's are looking after themselves more than their patients. Good luck! My thoughts are with your son and the rest of your family.

Ginger Geronimo (441)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 9:13 am
I'm sorry that you all have had to go through this. I don't know much about medicine & I don't really know anything about asthma, but I myself & others that I've known have had bad experiences with doctors before. I've certainly had problems with doctors not telling me everything that I need to know about my condition, treatment or just what all they did to me, etc. I've learned that you should learn all you can when you yourself or a loved one has a medicial issue. You can't depend on doctors to tell you everything. Veterinarians are just as bad. Ask plenty of questions. I do believe that a friend was mine was once prescribed a high doseage of Prednisone & it made her crazy. Her mind wasn't right. She didn't care if she lived or died. She went to another doctor to see what was wrong with her mind & the other doctor couldn't believe that she was given such a high doseage of that & told her that the doseage was WAY too high. Also I believe that alot of things could be cured by certain herbs & stuff of that nature. Doctors don't want you to take stuff like that because the money is in the prescription medicine. Oh yeah, doctors love to drug you up. It's all about money. I think alot of doctors just look at patients as cash registers. Hopefully you'll get a good result from all this. I hope you have been writing all of this down so you can remember it & making copies of whatever you can. Good luck!!

Caitlin G. (29)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 11:15 am
Its such a shame to see that doctors are progressively becoming more business-like than personal. Even when they are just working on what seems to be money-making-only issues, and not what the patient actually needs -- they even took illegal action against this boy and his mother! Disgusting.

I'm sorry, Sheldon, I hope this gets cleared up soon! For silver-lining, you now have experience to look out for things and hopefully will be able to make the medical staff step down when they cross the line in the future (though I pray that does not happen).

Nessie B. (30)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 11:32 am
I am 68 and have allergic asthma, and have had pneumonia and bronchitis many times. I know most of the medications you mention. I am surprised that your son was prescribed such heavy doses. It is true that the side effects of the medication can mimic the ailment to be cured, so dosage is important. Here in the Netherlands, doctors are reluctant to prescribe heavy medications. They tend to err on the side of caution. I hope you get the help you need.

Les L. (16)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 1:37 pm

Sheldon thank you for the message (testimonial?) noted :)

Judith Frey (0)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 1:53 pm
I am so sorry to hear all this, my heart goes out to both you and your son. Having been an asthma sufferer myself, there's nothing worse than not being able to breath. I'm originally from Allentown and my mother and father were hospitallized there on several occasions and the attending were just fabulous. That doesn't mean though that some doctors are not terrible. Those are high does of corticosteroids and using an inhaler that many times a day is surprising, to say the least. At my worst I was told to only use my inhaler 2 to 3 times a day. Sometimes I think doctors still don't understand asthma well enough.

Judith Frey (0)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 1:56 pm
One more thing. Homeopathy cured me of my asthma. You might try the Ullmans in California. Go to their website. They're the best.

Eddie O. (95)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 3:46 pm
Sheldon, it's obvious that the Western Medical Profession is Big Business and For Profit, so it's good that you are so aware of this. I had heard that it is, or use to be the case, that doctors in China didn't get paid if you were sick, but got paid if you were healthy. I don't know the details of this, but I always thought "what a concept". That concept would truly encourage doctors to get people as healthy as possible, as soon as possible, rather than keep them on "life support" of some form or another for the rest of their lives. Again, I wish you success in your current challenge.

Wolfgang W. (212)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 4:27 pm
Dear Sheldon, my doctor once told me , if meet three men and they are all of the same opinion, then at least two of them are no doctors. I read your complaint with great interest, I'm not a medical practioner, though.Those who want will find ways, those who don't want, will find reasons. I know you will find your way because you started already searching for it. Please, never give up! Best Wishes for the wellbeing of your son.

Janet D. (10)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 6:23 pm
I'm sick of medical personnel pushing medications on everyone. First off, they treated me for asthma, which was only allergies. I was told albuterol didn't do anything asw a long term preventative, it was to be used PRN for when you came into contact with an allergen - it only briefly opens your airway. So giving long term on a daily regimentyed schedule is not recommended. Steroids are very dangerous and are not to be used over a certain amount of days, so continual use of them are also very damaging.
When I became type 2 diabetes in 2009 I had an A1C of 14, it should be less than 7. I was told I'd never get it down that low without medication. I was sent to an endocrenologist who tried forcing my hand to take byetta injectible type of insulin. I listened to my instinct after reading the warnings that said if you have impaired kidney function it could cause you to need dialysis or even have kidney failure. I already have polycystic kidney disease, so I refused taking the medication. I continued to change my lifestyle and meals and within one year I got my A1C down to 7.3 without any medication and astounded them!
You need to do your own research on things to get as much knowledge as possible, and make your own decisions.
I hate thinking that our freedom of choice can be taken away, or that children can be removed from parental homes because of parent choice of care. Look at John Travolta and Tom Cruise who live a life as Christian Scientists. They don't agree with conventional medical care and their children aren't being taken away from them.
I also refuse to get a flu shot every year. With my allergies I don't trust them. And after hearing about tainted eggs I don't want to chance I'm getting a tainted flu shot (they grow the vaccine in egg cultures). But, health care workers were being forced to get the H1N1 vaccine or be fired. This actually happened to a few nurses who refused it. Tell me, where is our civil right to freedom of choice, especially on what gets invasdively put into our bodies?
I'm with you Sheldon, and hope you get satisfaction on this issue for you and all parents.

Diane Kahl (14)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 8:54 pm
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Sheldon:

Your letter about the medical mistreatment of your son is articulate and specific and very thoroughly described and thoughtful. Also you were correct to write to your representatives and senators, the NAACP, other appropriate organizations, and to the Attorney General.

I have fired two primary care nurse practitioners within the past year: one wanted me to have septoplasty and then get rid of my cats due to repeated infections which she did not research, she just recommended deviated septum surgery and prescribed antibiotics until my gut literally seized (about 10 courses). I fired her when she commanded me to get rid of my cats: "You keep getting these infections, I am sending you for lab tests and then to an allergist, you'll have to get rid of your cats." Yet her clinic allows staff to bring their DOGS to work and also the clinic has no computers for research!!!!! Unbelievable.

I fired her that day with a scathing letter demanding my medical records. She complied with a copy of the lab results underlined to show I did have medium cat allergies just to prove herself correct (and arrogant and lacking in providing any real solutions to the dilemma not to mention total lack of compassion for humans or animals--what oath do these medical creeps take?).

At this time I did a lot of Internet research about sinus conditions and printed it out on my dime for her to use for other patients. No interest on her part, just take prescription meds and go under the knife (which I refused even though the ENT specialist she referred me to exaggerated my condition to make a case for surgery to my insurance company, totally common).

What I learned from this incident and from my resulting research and grass roots wisdom, which I hope to pass on to others suffering from the arrogance of traditional medicine in the U.S.:

1) Do not trust the mainstream medical industry WHATSOEVER! Second leading cause of death in the U.S. are doctors, nurses, and hospitals!

2) Daily saline irrigation from squeeze bottle rather than Neti pot, wipe cats down with pet allergy solution researched on Internet and brush daily, obtain flonase without prescription from Kiwi Drug in New Zealand (, lots of allergy products available without prescription from this website).

3) Use OTC Allegra during spring and fall when allergens are highest and cats are shedding.

4) Vacuum carpet daily with Oreck vacuum, shampoo carpet weekly.

5) Purchased 2 Oreck air purifiers which help IMMENSELY; there are many good brands of air purifiers, some more expensive. All are better than none. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Do your own child asthma research on the Internet and with local health food stores. Ask questions, be willing to try non-prescription solutions. Our bodies are unique combinations of chemicals, and all we can do is try things. Most non-prescription drugs are far less toxic than any of the prescription drugs. Ask questions of health food and natural supplement store clerks, they are great sources of information!

Talk to friends, strangers, coworkers, family, friends of family, people at church, at the shop, in line at the store. There is a lot of collective grass roots wisdom in the people; many have suffered similar conditions and have incredible accumulated knowledge about what works and what does not.

For example in sorting old family photos this summer, it became clear to me that I had gained about 5 lbs too much weight since menopause, something I had resigned myself to. Did some research on natural solutions, discovered that many women (and even some men) are estrogen-dominant which causes weight gain and higher breast cancer risk, a fact not acknowledged by mainstream medical professions. Narrowed research down to progesterone. Bought some natural progesterone cream, put on 2x a day, lost 4 lbs, simple as that. This is just a tiny example of how alternative solutions can solve medical problems simply and painlessly, something Native populations have known for centuries using plant-based, non-synthetic natural medicine!

Another example of a personal health issue that doctors did not resolve: Have been having IT band pain running over last four years, even had to bail from Denver Marathon training in 2010. Developed also bunion/end-stage arthritis on right big toe, partly due to school bus driving and running combination repetitive motion.

What is causing IT band pain after 40 years of pain-free running???? Physical therapist gave great exercises but could not determine root of problem. Consultations with ***four*** podiatrists, three of whom recommended joint fusion surgery for the big toe. Bought orthotics which made it worse, some cheap orthotics helped a bit. Finally someone at my gym recommended a pedorthist (allied health professional, orthotic specialist) who diagnosed the problem: uneven leg length!!! Not one podiatrist had analyzed my gait! She gave me some orthotics with a heel lift for the short leg, the result being no more IT band pain in the long leg twisting at the knee to compensate, simple as that.

The daily saline irrigation for the past year taken for cat allergies has succeeded in also preventing colds (you wash away not only allergens but also viruses and bacteria).

I bring up my health issues and how I resolved them outside of the traditional medical profession and without expensive prescription drugs and surgeries as examples which can be used for any condition.

Also consider giving your son (and yourselves) probiotics, which can be purchased from drug stores, grocery chains, and also health food stores. Probiotics are "good bacteria." They not only help healthy digestion, they also strengthen general immunity. Some yogurts contain probiotics as advertised on their packages, but it's easier to maintain an even flow of probiotics through supplementation than occasional yogurt.

Fish oil and vitamin D3 are ESSENTIAL for immunity also because our modern diets do not contain essential vitamins and minerals for proper immunity, AND we and our children do not get outside and play in the sunshine enough!

Exercise, exercise, exercise for the whole family OUTDOORS 5x a week: great for sleep, mental health, tranquility, fights off diabetes and weight gain, bonds the family; take walks together. Also great for cardiovascular system. As Billy Blanks says "We take care of our cars, we have to take care of our bodies. Too many people are dying because they do not take care of their bodies."

Improve the diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, grassfed beef, wild fish. Cut the sugar and salt and deep fried fat.

Ditch the M.D.s and take control of your family's health!

Consider getting an alternative medical practitioner (chiropractor, naturopath) with more innovative and less toxic remedies for asthma than traditional medical practitioners, someone who has a SOUL. Research minority medical practitioners and foreign practitioners who are not brainwashed by U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

Research Canadian websites.

Hope this does not sound bossy, it's just an issue fresh in my life and with a little help from my friends managed to beat the system, so anyone can do the same.

Thank God Michael Jackson's doctor was found guilty! His trial and sentence sent a big message for money-grubbing physicians. I still question how it was legal or possible to order anesthesia used only for a hospital setting in surgeries and have it mailed to a home residence!!!!! Absolutely incredible.

So much for the "war on drugs."

Good luck, Godspeed, and Happy Winter Holidays to you and your family, you will triumph over these quacks! Hopefully they too will spend some time in prison.

Please keep us apprised of the situation and of the progress of your son's health, which will improve quickly with your intelligence, determination, common sense, and research.


Diane Kahl, age 62
Still running after 47 years, and the proud continuing owner of 3 indoor cats!!!!!

"Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being."
-Albert Camus

Diane Kahl (14)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 9:10 pm


One other recommendation: to order grassfed beef. Ted, the owner, also has a lot of information on the cave man diet and health.

Diane Kahl

Past Member (0)
Wednesday November 30, 2011, 10:21 pm
I am believing for you.

Jazmine Linker (0)
Thursday December 1, 2011, 6:52 am
I can't believe that these doctors are getting away with this. Also, I agree with Terry/HM B; try and get a second and a third opinion. Good luck to you and your family.

Shirley S. (176)
Thursday December 1, 2011, 6:47 pm
Sheldon thank you for the kind testimonial message.I fully support your stand on such important issues. Also I am impressed with the content of the many comments here on the care2 site. I wish you all the best & hope you achieve JUSTICE.

Anthony G. (92)
Thursday December 1, 2011, 8:00 pm
I've been asthmatic my entire life. The symbicort that you spoke of can trigger the reactions you attributed to predisone. When I first started it I noticed within a month the constriction within my chest and the muscle spasms as well. Fortunately for me, my father-in-law had the same experience and my wife caught it. My docotored changed my medication. Pertaining to Predisone, I used when young on a regular basis. It was relatively new for asthmatic patients at the time. My doctor allowed me to try medications that came out, to test there effectivness. Hey, it helped keep down the cost of treating me. I had no adverse affect to predisone and have heard about the dangerous side effects for years. For, me, if I have an attack this is what I want. With regrett it is hard to come by now. Good luck, asthma is prevalent today, a byproduct of our pollution, and quite probably GMO's. I feel for what and your son is going through.

Anthony G. (92)
Thursday December 1, 2011, 8:03 pm
One more quick note, the dosages you gave seem increbdily high to me. Take him to an astham specialist or John Hopkins if you can.

Susanne R. (249)
Friday December 2, 2011, 8:08 am
Sheldon: I can't imagine that anyone would take the "neglect" charges seriously considering the amount of research that you have done in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind your son's medical problems relative to the many medications being administered and the high level of dosaging. As a parent, I would have done the same thing and would have stopped at nothing to help my child. I think everyone here is giving you good advice when they suggest that you seek other opinions. Commenters have offered you the names of people they have confidence in through personal experience. Stop at nothing in your attempts to make your son well. Good luck and God bless you in your efforts to find the correct diagnosis and course of treatment for your son's health problems!

Ralf Schuetz (46)
Friday December 2, 2011, 10:35 am
Hi Sheldon, first I'm sincerely sorry your son and you and fam have to go thru this. Being a father I know how heart wrenching it is to see your kids suffer. Secondly, you should definitely take your son to a holistic practitioner. Most diseases are curable with targeted nutrition and supporting the bodies own defense system. I'm not just saying this because I read it somewhere, I experienced it own my own and on people I know. Good luck my friend and blessed Holidays!

Past Member (0)
Friday December 2, 2011, 10:55 am
Sheldon, I commend you on the vigilance you are showing re your son's medical care. So many people just treat Drs opinions and methods as beyond question and accept whatever is done. I know through personal experience of many years how wrong Drs can be. I think you definitely need to get a second opinion, and it alarms me that you say a pharmacist expressed concern over the prescription written. I believe that pharmacists know more about drugs these days than Drs and that Drs are often using drugs that they find about from the drug companies themselves and are often "wined and dined", etc. by big pharma to get their drugs on the top of the list to be used. I am a Canadian and don't know how your medical system works, but here it is Doctors reviewing Doctors when a complaint is made in my province, not exactly an unbiased system. I don't know if it's the same there, but if it is, it's not a promising situation, I don't think. I wish you the best of luck with your complaint process and hope it leads to the best care for your son, and that his health improves greatly. I agree with many other commenters that you should look into Naturopathic medicine, although that can be a very expensive route to take here. I am not a religious person, but I will hope for the very best outcome for your son.

Terrie Williams (775)
Friday December 2, 2011, 5:58 pm
Sheldon, I am so sorry to read of your son's illness and subsequent stay in that hospital. I feel for you and am glad you are going to press for inquiry and suit. Doctor's are not Gods, as much as they believe their own hype. They often make serious, life-threatening and sometimes fatal mistakes. I hope your son recovers quickly away from these idiots. Please do as others here have commented. Take your son to Johns Hopkins and away from this conclave that sounds as if they may be getting some sort of gain from pushing dangerous drugs on children for the sake of PROFIT. Get a second opinion. I am not a doctor, but I would definitely be questioning why he has to be on so many drugs and so many of them are dangerous.

Remember, doctors are not gods and they make mistakes -- everyday. Used to be, one could trust their doctor, not anymore. Most are in the profession for gain and not for their Hippocratic Oath. However, there ARE still EXCELLENT PHYSICIANS out there. There is a big difference between a 'doctor' and a 'physician' -- one cares only for headcount, income and ego. The other cares about individual patients, one-to-one care, usually very reasonable on rates, most times will work with those who have little or no insurance, genuinely cares about the people he/she treats and isn't full of themselves. One just has to find them. I am sure you can find one for your son and he will be made well. I will keep him in my prayers. I wish you the best of luck on getting some justice for you and your son.

Cristina M. (134)
Friday December 2, 2011, 6:19 pm
If one see no improvement or that the patient is actually getting worst, it's a great idea to go for a second or even a third opinion. Whatever it takes to get to the answer of what's happening with your son's health. The problem with big pharma companies is that they have some unscrupulous doctors on the dole, so their medicines are overused or used when there's no reason to do it.
I'm sorry with all that you and your family are going through. I really hope your son gets the care he deserves. Don't wait for an answer for your complain, go out and find a hospital where the doctors will treat your son with his best interest in mind and where health is the priority, not business.

Sheldon Johnson (4067)
Saturday December 3, 2011, 4:45 am
Thank you guys for all your helpful information. Knowledge is power and communication is key.
May God bless you all.

tammy B. (52)
Saturday December 3, 2011, 9:55 am
Dear Sheldon,
Thank you for your introduction. I am appalled but not surprised by your son's story. You might say my father had heart surgery for profit, and my aunt cancer treatments for profit and fraud (medicare) decided by their doctors and bullied into by their doctors. I developed adult asthma and was getting worse with the meds the doctors tried...finally I gave up and fortunately have managed it somehow without the drugs....of course not all cases are that simple. Make sure you get the answers you need.

Holley Jacobs (3)
Saturday December 3, 2011, 10:47 am
I have a son with Autism too. I can feel your pain; he was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia. He care was not as severe as yours but I am a pediatric nurse and would question every medicine and the dosage. I literally had a doctor ordered 4 times the amount of prednisone based on his weight. He was only 3 years old. I only caught it because I had knowledge of pediatric dosage based on my profession. My son has a scare when they taught he had a lung embolism and weren't capable of taking care of that. The called the flight team to get ready to take him to a different hospital. I waited and watched my son suffer because it tool over an hour for them to set this up. My child could have died by then. Praise God he didn't and I do thank the Lord to still have my son in my life. Prayers going out to you and your family.
Holley Jacobs

Claire M. (2)
Saturday December 3, 2011, 2:22 pm
Your not alone with this problem. Many common health issues in our country are being used to trick people into being sicker than they are. Big Pharma reps are in the doctors offices all the time and rather than relying on their own common sense and education they are just looking on computers and some drug referral system based on profiling.

High blood pressure is also one of the side effects that some of the medications you mentioned can lead to, blood pressure medications often lead to early onset type 2 diabetes. You are right in your concerns, we are being harvested for the drug money.

Donna Smallwood (10)
Saturday December 3, 2011, 3:39 pm
Sheldon, I am so sorry that your son and whole family have been through the ringer by the AMA. There are a couple of facts here that I, as a registered nurse, can address. First of all, you MUST know that the AMA and BIG PHARMA are BEST FRIENDS, they will do anything to support each other's bottom line and many people die as a result of this. They nearly killed my elderly mother when her thyroid gave out. I fought tooth and nail over a 2 month period to get her off life support and back into her own apartment. She suffered so much from their "care". Also, you must know that any time someone lists your particular religion on a form regarding medical care, the RED flags are automatically raised! They are looking for ways to prove you are incapable of caring for your child because your religion prevents it. There is so much misinformation about the Jehovah's Witnesses and rather than try to work with families to find out what can be done to help, the AMA would rather label an persecute in their own way. I'm sorry to have to tell you this because it is certainly discriminatory. But back to your son's asthma; I would DEFINITELY take him to be evaluated by a naturopathic physician or someone who isn't in BIG PHARMA's pocket! There are so many factors that can trigger asthma, including the industrial environment where you live. I've had "untreated" bronchial asthma since I was an infant, and to this day, I don't take a thing, I just stay as healthy as possible and don't expose myself to irritants. Asthma can kill a person; I'm not at all trying to make light of the situation. But drugs can also kill people and set them up for poor health in the future by destroying whatever health is in their systems now. There really is NO SUCH THING as medicine without side effects; BIG PHARMA ensures the side effects so you can also be prescribed something to counteract that "symptom". That's all medicine is aimed at, relieving symptoms; it doesn't want you to find a cure for anything because then you won't need to buy their medicine. Your son has a long life ahead of him (hopefully) and will need every bit of health he has. Our bodies were not created for dependence on drugs; that's CORPORATE GREED at work. If it was my son; I'ld find a way around those "doctors". Their job is to make sure you spend all your money on weekly visits and lots of medicine. You can always prove you are providing healthcare for your son, because alternative providers are recognized by the federal government as "naturopathic physicians"; they are licensed by the states they practice in. It may be worth your while to check into it.I wish you all the luck in the world with this situation, Sheldon; may God show you a better way for your son.

James Gilland (28)
Sunday December 4, 2011, 9:36 am
I'm very sorry to hear about the poor health care your son is recieving. Hang in there and look for an alternative medical source as others have said. As a disabled person I know how big pharmacy and many health providers can treat a person. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

Doug Alley (543)
Sunday December 4, 2011, 10:03 am
Please get another Doctors opinion and and statements from your pharmacist to back you up, and then get a good lawyer. From what you have said it sounds like you and your son have been used in some type of medical experiment which got out of hand. It is good that you spotted the signs and did the research on the drugs they were giving him. Quite often various drugs can inner-react with other drugs and cause extreme side effects which can be very damaging to many patients. You have done nothing wrong by standing up to these doctors and may have saved your son's life in the process. Once you get all of this squared away, hit these clowns with the lawsuit that ate Cleveland! There is no excuse for this kind of medical practice.

Pinke A. (40)
Monday December 5, 2011, 5:30 pm
Sheldon,as a mother and grandmother I can understand your agony in this. I sure hope you will find a good,no a great doctor,who are more open and modern. Not only trusting the old methods.The huge doses of medicine are scary!!
Also here in Finland the doctors have been using the same old methods until now.
Try to have the strength to go on and find the real hep to your son.

Alexandra B. (5)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 6:51 pm
First of all, let me just say that my heart goes to your family for going through these difficult times, which, as i understand, are many years of being misled by these terrible doctors. Stay strong and donít give up, and fight for the truth. Sooner or later the truth is bound to triumph.
So.. as to what i read, this post lead me to several thoughts.
Just as in any other field of expertise, so called "experts" can be wrong about their conclusions. They are experts, but there is a human factor included. No one is prefect and even smartest people can make wrong conclusions/ predictions. Sometimes illnesses have similar symptoms, so it is possible to make a wrong diagnosis of the illness that the patient has. However, with no doubt i can say there is something dirty going on here. And it might as well be a conspiracy where one doctor "covers" another doctor's actions/ decisions if in the end it profits them in some way. And proof to that is the fact that for many years your son didn't get better and doctors didnít get suspicious that his health didnít improve. If anything, it only became worse. Usually, if something doesn't help the patient, then doctor seeks for other methods/ medicine that would improve personís condition.
Also, the way these doctors reacted to your suspicions is somewhat suspicious. There is some fraud going on and you should seek some attorney to look at your case. There is a chance that these doctors will be found guilty for threatening your sonís life. If you didnít raise this suspicion, they might have kept treating him in a wrong way and it could have ended lethally. Some might say, but that is only a mistake from doctorís side, BUT (!!!) why nothing was done earlier and whatís with the blackmail? I can clearly see blackmail here. So maybe seek some legal help.
As for now, i assume you have already changed your doctor, but still you should see several, because you should have two independent specialists from different places (hospitals) agree on the same diagnosis and the treatment should be more or less similar.
All the best wishes to your son and all your family. May he have long and happy life.

Alexandra B. (5)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 7:12 pm
First of all, let me just say that my heart goes to your family for going through these difficult times, which, as i understand, are many years of being misled by these terrible doctors. Stay strong and donít give up, and fight for the truth. Sooner or later the truth is bound to triumph.
So.. as to what i read, this post lead me to several thoughts.
Just as in any other field of expertise, so called "experts" can be wrong about their conclusions. They are experts, but there is a human factor included. No one is prefect and even smartest people can make wrong conclusions/ predictions. Sometimes illnesses have similar symptoms, so it is possible to make a wrong diagnosis of the illness that the patient has. However, with no doubt i can say there is something dirty going on here. And it might as well be a conspiracy where one doctor "covers" another doctor's actions/ decisions if in the end it profits them in some way. And proof to that is the fact that for many years your son didn't get better and doctors didnít get suspicious that his health didnít improve. If anything, it only became worse. Usually, if something doesn't help the patient, then doctor seeks for other methods/ medicine that would improve personís condition.
Also, the way these doctors reacted to your suspicions is somewhat suspicious. There is some fraud going on and you should seek some attorney to look at your case. There is a chance that these doctors will be found guilty for threatening your sonís life. If you didnít raise this suspicion, they might have kept treating him in a wrong way and it could have ended lethally. Some might say, but that is only a mistake from doctorís side, BUT (!!!) why nothing was done earlier and whatís with the blackmail? I can clearly see blackmail here. So maybe seek some legal help.
As for now, i assume you have already changed your doctor, but still you should see several, because you should have two independent specialists from different places (hospitals) agree on the same diagnosis and the treatment should be more or less similar.
All the best wishes to your son and all your family. May he have long and happy life.

Alexandra B. (5)
Friday December 9, 2011, 6:03 am
First of all, let me just say that my heart goes to your family for going through these difficult times, which, as i understand, are many years of being misled by these terrible doctors. Stay strong and donít give up, and fight for the truth. Sooner or later the truth is bound to triumph.
So.. as to what i read, this post lead me to several thoughts.
Just as in any other field of expertise, so called "experts" can be wrong about their conclusions. They are experts, but there is a human factor included. No one is prefect and even smartest people can make wrong conclusions/ predictions. Sometimes illnesses have similar symptoms, so it is possible to make a wrong diagnosis of the illness that the patient has. However, with no doubt i can say there is something dirty going on here. And it might as well be a conspiracy where one doctor "covers" another doctor's actions/ decisions if in the end it profits them in some way. And proof to that is the fact that for many years your son didn't get better and doctors didnít get suspicious that his health didnít improve. If anything, it only became worse. Usually, if something doesn't help the patient, then doctor seeks for other methods/ medicine that would improve personís condition.
Also, the way these doctors reacted to your suspicions is somewhat suspicious. There is some fraud going on and you should seek some attorney to look at your case. There is a chance that these doctors will be found guilty for threatening your sonís life. If you didnít raise this suspicion, they might have kept treating him in a wrong way and it could have ended lethally. Some might say, but that is only a mistake from doctorís side, BUT (!!!) why nothing was done earlier and whatís with the blackmail? I can clearly see blackmail here. So maybe seek some legal help.
As for now, i assume you have already changed your doctor, but still you should see several, because you should have two independent specialists from different places (hospitals) agree on the same diagnosis and the treatment should be more or less similar.
All the best wishes to your son and all your family. May he have long and happy life.

Sharon Blodinger (0)
Sunday December 11, 2011, 7:36 pm
I am so sorry. Definitely agree with the others that you need a second opinion.

Past Member (0)
Monday December 12, 2011, 10:43 pm
I sympathize. I know of few who have not suffered some ill effects from the hurried exams and diagnoses and lack thereof of properly diagnosing....our health system is sometimes under pressure, but, often, professionals are just negligent! We need improvements, and we also must always listen to our inner "knowing" and never just settle for what is told to us, as we can get thrown off track, and this can led to further complications and even death! INSIST on being listen to and ask for every opinion, do not settle for one.

Darlene Fox (12)
Wednesday December 28, 2011, 2:07 pm
the big pharm probably has as much if not more control of our country than our president. often doctors are faced with situations where they must comply with the major pharm companies or else lose their license. doctors become the puppets of big pharm. i believe that many if not all cancers can be treated (and possibly even cured) with natural remedies which will have much better results than chemo and radiation. but there is no money in that for big pharm so doctors who prescribe natural remedies instead of chemo and radiation for cancer become targeted and usually lose their license. big pharm wants to keep you as a buyer of their medicines and if one medicine can cause another problem that they can make more money off of you because now you needd additional medicine/s... that's job security for them. your son had pneumonia. pneumonia is treatable and curable. but big pharm wants customers for life. and i do believe that asthma is something that one will always have if they have had it at all. the doctors often are knowingly wrong in their treatments but they serve their master, big pharm. big pharm is the #1 true culprit here. the doctors are just brainwashed followers of big pharm. i am sorry your son has ended up a victim of this conspiracy run by the big pharmeceutical companies. the pharmacist who dared to express concern over one of the prescriptions for your son is an overlooked hero. it is sad that there are so many people in the medical profession and so few who are truly interested with the patients health rather than with the money they can get from "treating" the patient. i hope you have or soon do get a second or even third opinion. keep looking for a doctor until you find one that you feel confident that s/he is competent and has your son's health put first. we can not change the past but we can learn from it and change the future. good luck!

Jennifer G. (20)
Sunday February 26, 2012, 12:00 pm
I hope you were able to get a second opinion from an independent specialist...Johns Hopkins was a great suggestion. Your family remains in my prayers that you can find the right answers for your son.

Fred Krohn (34)
Tuesday April 24, 2012, 11:01 am
Sounds to me like some hospitals still push for profits over healing. Hippocrates would likely kick them out of business. Even Schwarzenegger quit using steroids when they made them illegal for unsupervised use. The patient should be tapered off the drugs once emergency mesures have been completed, and end up drug free if at all possible in the end. Hopefully the hospital will eject the erratic doctor and treat your son right.

Sonja Rowland (55)
Monday May 21, 2012, 7:47 pm
Dear Sheldon,
All the best to you and your son.
Search the internet for alternative cures.
I did this for Multiple Sclerosis and found help outside the pharmaceutical industry.
Bless you and your loved ones!!


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male , single, 1 child
Manhattan, NY, USA
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