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Jan 30, 2012

Hair loss is a very typical problem among men of old age. There are many factors causing hair loss which, if treated, as some doctors say, is reversible.
However, recent statistics show that baldness not only happens among men who are 50 years of age and above. Rather, hair loss can occur even among young men in their teenage years. Research notes that the condition has something to do with a “baldness gene”.  It is a really problem that affects millions of men all over the world. I should say it is something which can impact men feel about themselves and wind up lowering people's self esteem. 
Hair loss may affect someone who is in front of the camera or who needs to be in the public in a very devastating way professionally. It depends on what type of man are you, maybe you find yourself sexy, but it still is a problem untill you know what the reason of your baldness is.     

I don't want to ramble about it much, plus I am not a doctor, I am a woman who hears many men complaining about baldness. So I try to find some options..

As I already said going bald can be depressing. And the kind of guy who gets depressed by the notion of going bald is usually the same kind of guy who actively seeks out medical help to treat it.
There are some options to make. I’m not going to talk about surgical options, for two main reasons: (1) it’s too expensive for many men to consider (2) it’s a major and personal decision that should be made only after consulting several
 good doctors.

Hair restoration surgery is like plastic surgery. There’s an art and a science to it, and the science of surgical hair restoration has come a long ways in the past decades. That being said, responsibly managing your expectations is the key to being happy with the results.

Hair loss is an issue as old and perplexing as humanity itself. In the quest for finding a cure for baldness, man has tried many, many things. Some of them have worked, some of them have been pure snake oil, and some of them have been unmitigated disasters. As science and industry continue to seek answers, more unproven, yet hopeful remedies are beginning to appear on the horizon. Here are a few that you might want to be aware of:

          • Low level laser therapy – Welcome to the future, where we cure everything with laser beams, including baldness. There are laser combs that you can use at home as well as in-office laser treatments that cost about $400 a month. The FDA approved low level laser therapy (LLLT) as safe, but no clinical studies have emerged regarding its effectiveness. The good news? No side effects. The bad news? There’s no hard evidence that it’s doing anything at all.

          • Saw palmetto extract – An herbal remedy that allegedly does the same thing that Propecia does (i.e. inhibits DHT production). There’s no hard evidence of effectiveness, though. And if it does work as a 5ARI, then it’s reasonable to assume that it would have similar negative side effects.

          • Ketoconazole shampoo – An alternative to Rogaine, a small study back in the 90s found that this antifungal drug increases hair density in a similar way as minoxodil. It’s FDA-approved to treat dandruff, but there’s still no credible evidence that this works for baldness. And if it did, you could expect the same drawbacks as Rogaine.

          • Latisse (Bimatoprost) – FDA-approved for increasing the lushness of eyelashes, Latisse, hair loss specialists are testing its use for the treatment of baldness. This “off label” use of the product is completely legal, and Dr. Bauman has been prescribing a generic version of Bimatoprost to his patients since 2007. It works for about 70 percent of them, including one man who was featured in the New York Times. Drawbacks? It’s expensive at about $200 to $300 a month. I asked Dr. Bauman if insurance would cover it (or any baldness treatment) and he said: “No. Never."

          • Hair cloning/culturing – The Holy Grail of hair treatments is the ability to grow hair in a lab, either by cloning it or by a cell culture. The good news about hair cloning? We have the technology, and it’s just a matter of time before we perfect it for the market. In fact, some say that it’ll be available within the next five to ten years. The bad news? They’ve been saying that for the last twenty years.

But there's a thing....

For you, the utimate question is not about hair loss but how you FEEL about hair loss.

Life goes on, no matter how much hair you have on your head, just keep yourself healthy and positive! 

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Posted: Monday January 30, 2012, 12:50 am
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