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Feb 23, 2012

How to love you home? Three simple ways to turn your space into a stress-free, stylish environment.

Don’t you just love walking into a beautiful hotel, with clean air that smells like fresh flowers, warm colors all around you, and style that is just simply divine, inviting harmony and peace to your heart? Ever wonder how you can turn your own space into paradise, creating that same feeling you get when you go on vacation? I know that how difficult it can be to appreciate the space you live in, to take in all that it has to offer, though honestly, it is so much simpler than it appears.

Organize and De-clutter:

  • Invest in stylish boxes that fit your personality to place photos and anything else you may only look at every now and then. You can even use these boxes on shelves in a laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom to keep loose objects together.
  • When you get mail, be sure to open it as soon as possible, and immediately get rid of any junk mail so it is not hanging around.
  • Keep your own phone and address book, near the phone, with neighbors, family, friends, doctors, work, school and anyone who you contact regularly. Also, keep a separate emergency list on your refrigerator for quick access.
  • Make a list of items you know you need on an everyday basis, like soap, toilet paper, tissue, shampoo, toothpaste… and buy them in bulk. This way you are always sure to have them in the time of need.
  • Keep a filing system of important paperwork (house bills, doctor visits, taxes&hellip and use it regularly to get into the habit sorting and knowing where to find what you need.


When choosing the perfect color for your home, you really need to focus on deciding which color best describes you…what’s your true color? There are a few ways you can determine this. First, ask yourself; “what color would I like to be?” Think about what colors you are most attracted to. When you shop for new clothes, what color shirts to you see first? When you shop for food, do you pick up an orange over a container of blueberries? You can also think about the tone of the color; warm tones (including reds, oranges and yellows) tend to be vibrant, outgoing and cheerful. Cool tones (blues, greens and purples) are more calming and relaxing. Secondly, decide how different colors reflect your personality. When you are near pastels, do you feel more cheerful then when you are around deep, earth tones? Remember, colors also have their own personality; reds are warm and motivating, complimenting the outgoing and active soul. Greens are the opposite, being cool and calm, representing earth. Green is a good color to bring balance into your inner self.

A common question for redecorating is “what color should I paint in what room”? This is actually much more simple than it sounds. Think about where you spend most of your time; the living room. Living rooms should be painted to signify you, your true color. Kitchens should remain earthy, natural tones (creams, yellows, greens, tans&hellip to enhance your senses, bringing creativity while you are entertaining. Bedrooms and bathrooms should contain represent a loving, peaceful environment. Including pinks and peaches accomplish this and also compliment your skin. Blues and purples can also be used in these rooms to create relaxation. The most important thing to remember when painting your house is to use complimentary color schemes (red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple). This will create a complete sense of balance.


      Did you know that different smells can influence your mood, affecting you both emotionally and physiologically? Using essential oils can help balance your mind and body, bringing serenity into your life. Essential oils (NOT fragrance oils) are a pure and derived from plants and require research to be used properly. There are several types of essential oils; lavender (relaxation and purification), sandalwood (meditation and sleep), jasmine and rose (romance) and lemon-grass (memory stimulant and insect repellant) are just a few of therapeutic grade essential oils created.

You may be thinking that you know nothing about essential oils and you are not sure how to use them. To be honest, you will want to do a little research to be sure you are using them safely; these oils can be inhaled, ingested, or topical. Without getting into the science of it all, there are a few simple methods of using these oils.

  • Add a few drops to dried flowers, creating your own home-made potpourri.
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water to use as a room spray.
  • Add a few drops to your pillow before you lay down, or to your couch cushions, to create relaxation while you rest.

There are also health benefits to using certain oils; for example peppermint can be used topically or inhaled to relieve a headache or even to bring you energy. Lemon is a natural disinfectant and can be ingested by adding a couple of drops to a glass of water, cleaning your system. There are hundreds of therapeutic grade essential oils to choose from and even more methods to use them. Just make sure you read the labels and background of each oil before use, just to be sure you are using them the way they are intended.

As you see, transforming your home into that perfect, warm space that you have always dreamed of, is a lot easier than it appears. When you walk into the gorgeous hotel, bringing happiness to your heart, think about why you feel that way when you enter that space, and implement those same features into your space. You will never feel like you have to escape again. Escape your daily duties, and go home.

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Posted: Thursday February 23, 2012, 9:38 am
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