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Feb 25, 2007

 Mormon Manson's daughter subjected to 'question' due to Mormon history. I matter and the government thinks they can butt in to my religious beliefs. But I say, "Injustice In The Name Of Law & Order!" & "It takes a  WHOLE NATION  to keep a bureaucrat off a POWER TRIP". Let the will of the people say, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  CPS REFORM NOW! TYRANNY IS NOT DEMOCRATIC!!! One hundred and seventy two petitions authored. We have raised the pen against despotism. Please raise yours. My name is Marilyn.  I'm here for one reason. To send an SOS into the world regarding CPS reform. This is the best solution yet. Please read it. testimony, "Injustice 'in' the Name of Law and Order" posted on as well  b-LAWg ,  We need to address political reform of RULE 53, which is in the best interests of 'Liberty'. The judiciaries of Polk County are out of control. WE ARE NOT A POLICE STATE.......POLICE --P-O-W-E-R WAS NOT legislated to be 'THE LONG ARM OF THE DHS'.  Please read:  THE BEST ON OUT THERE!  William Dixon, UCCMAN, recommended a well written affidavit as a place to start when looking for a way to defend my Due Process rights, and gave me some insight at to legal interpretations of the following UCC laws posted at the following site in order to help me seek relief from CPS:  "Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207: Sovereign Covenant: By William Dixon  If you did not learn this stuff in your training you need to step back and wonder why!  About the content of William Dixon's book:  This treatise does not contain fancy words, only the tongue of the "serpent" and to be "as wise" you must Know it, for the words are soothing to the old Dragon's lobes and your Grace is Peace. This information is Scribe of Black's Law 5th Edition and Thee King James Bible.  Personam is your individual God given silk purse, as free as your Creation. You give up your silk purse each time you sign an agency sow's ear contract, because you waive another contract, Thee Bill of Rights and New Covenant. I have all my purses in silk; mine are just dirtier than yours should be. You will be collecting many ears as you stutter through this material, and it is my prayer that all your Covenants are silk purses with pearls.  To become 'subject' and 'made liable' to Article I Legislated and Article II Executor/Admiralty is as easy as signing your children into pre-school. Enrollment office will show our proud flag, Admiralty. The signing of the corporate birth certificate, the Child's assignment of SS#, is where the birthright switch is made from "entitled" Rights to 'subject' civil Liberties. Under the Common Law a parent may contract a Child's name to an instrument, seeking faith and fairness, but agency has not the power. This activity does not take much practice because we sign contracts all the time. The W-4 instrument was by far the best Dragon lobe I ever pinched, because it was the most obvious and worrisome 'devise.' .......

We collect the 'engraft' sow's ear by agency fiat of 'unconscionable' contract, license, and enrollments. The signing at UCC 3-104.1, which if "unconditional" at UCC 3-104.2 gives agency police power to access your property by executing negotiable "dishonored" instruments of "promise" per UCC 3-104.3. This power does not extent to the shopping mall, because not all Citizens are contracted in the same permissive manner and street citizens wiggle more than contracted children with parental consent to use "public policy, " as protective 'devise.'

No Citizen may sign an 'unconditional promise' without waiving Rights and becoming in personam to actions of non criminal issue. 'Without prejudice' UCC 1-207 turns the sow's ear instrument into a silk purse for the state Citizen, because all Rights are reserved and in personam is restored to personam. A resident alien gets the sow's ear whether he wants it or not. He must assent to his master, as we must Obey God. God's silk purse has the Choice. We must give credit to 'civil' Law of man at Article I and use our 'reserved' rights to God's Judicial law of Article III and Separation of Powers to complete our work via Acts 22:25 and avoid Article II altogether......

Marilyn LeBaron

dogettydonggonedo <-- non accused mock tried at non criminal lawlessness’s
 Thank you, 

Marilyn LeBaron

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Posted: Sunday February 25, 2007, 8:21 pm
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Melanie LeBaron (78)
Monday December 3, 2007, 4:24 am

28 Million Voices coming together to stop government from coming into our homes and taking children under false pretenses.

REGARDING: Definition of RICO and you have 10 years to file a Federal Injunction Without Prejudice

From Wayde in California,

I have won my case, but I'm concerned that they may attempt to re-file.

On my own I will file an appeal to try and remove the dismissal WITHOUT PREJUDICE and request that the appellate court change the terminology to WITH PREJUDICE. I encourage all to look into coming together and filing a nation wide RICO lawsuit against the injustices in the justice system.

Do Google searches on RICO's to understand more of what they are about.

Keep up the fight...

Wayde (California)

Melanie LeBaron (78)
Monday December 3, 2007, 4:28 am
You need the CPS (free) HANDBOOK before Child Protection Services knock.

Contact for a copy.

CPS (free) HANDBOOK contains Supreme Court decisions and FACTS you need to write an Affidavit pursuant to a Refute, which is a key to winning your case. Other wise you are at the 'mercy' of the Court where there is NONE!

Melanie LeBaron (78)
Tuesday December 4, 2007, 11:54 pm
Legal Literacy is an issue we should have addresses:

Shhhhh trade secret not revealed:

The Hand That Rocks Your Cradle -

If you know your rights under law you will not become a victim of Child Protective Services abuse of your Pen Power assigned to them at the DMV.

"Special Visitation must present lawful arguments your lawyer will not".

Special Visitation must present lawful arguments, in Affidavit, on the very first hearing; Your Court Appointed Attorney comes into the picture way too late. We do not get Appointed Counsel of Choice at the earliest stage of an assessment the Statute doe not require the CPS appoint one. (At least in Oregon) Hence equal protection of the law is violated considering Termination of Parental rights is equivalent of the Death Penalty.

See: Due Process right of the accused of a crime punishable by Death Penalty


ONLY AN INSPECTION OF THE RECORD OF THE CASE SHOWING THAT THE JUDGE WAS WITHOUT JURISDICTION OR VIOLATED A PERSON'S DUE PROCESS RIGHTS, or where fraud was involved in the attempted procurement of jurisdiction, is sufficient for an order to be void. Potenz Corp. v. Petrozzini, 170 Ill. App. 3d 617, 525 N.E. 2d 173, 175 (1988). In instances herein, the law has stated that the orders are void ab initio and not voidable because they are already void.

For more information of Belligerent Claimant, which only you can be for yourself, by becoming informed, please contact:

Restore the family - Restore Article III Courts - Restore Due Process

Restore the Constitution

Melanie LeBaron (78)
Monday May 5, 2008, 4:16 pm

Judge Horner needs to be impeached - Please help send him the message he is not god I am contacting every body who has the right to impeach a public official and take them out of office. Judge Horner needs to be impeached. This is the consequence of a preset disposition of a judge who demanded to try me twice. Please inquire. At the end of this e-mail are facts you should get from the DHS in Dallas.
Thank you,
UCC 1-308
All Rights Reserved
Without Prejudice
Thomas Alexander Bleu LeBaron, &
Marilyn LeBaron, Sui Juris,

Judge Horner needs to be impeached - Please help send him the message he is not god (THIRD DRAFTED COPY)

The following judges have been notified of this matter. If they are going to hold me in contempt of court please make sure and have them tell you directly. I have also reserved the right to contend with each of them and matters pertaining to RULE 53 REFORM and asked they stay their hand from adjudication on these matters.

From: RE-Juvenile Department To: To: To:

Regarding the Impeachment of Judge Horner ...'theft' from an elderly womanYou could tell him you require his recuse because the way he treated the LeBaron family while, and after he presided the LeBaron v Singleton case, he being informed Thomas Alexander Bleu LeBaron wanted to come home seven months into his arbitrary detainment from his mother. (Supreme Court has ruled 'A Home Can Not Be Made In A Day'), and Judge Horner gave my son away after he had lived with me for eleven years. It was my son's birthday party he never came home from because of a case at the CPS given the disposition of 'no reasonable cause to believe child abuse of neglect has occurred' while CPS refused to answer my letters. Both facts were in court record when Judge Horner made his order to detain my son from me on a closed case. In essence I have been 'put to death with a judicial request to discovery', with is a violation of the Separations of Powers, an impeachable offense when Supreme Court rule states that Termination of Parental Rights is the Family Law equivalent of the Death Penalty in a criminal case. Furthermore I was never charged with a crime against my children just held as an Obstructer of ADMINISTRATORS demand for a release of information when I was demanding a SEARCH WARRANT and Proper PRESENTMENT, which are both my Constitutional Rights, See: Fifth and Sixth Amendments, both ignored by Chandra Snyder and the Independence Police Department. Here is a follow up of what is currently going on because a boy lost his mother and his natural bond with her while being subjected to ongoing psychological abuse.

Folder One - #20 Today is May 05, this conversation took place on the weekend before last. The very first weekend after my son began attending school in Portland. I know my son was gone for the weekend with his friends. Here I was trying to see if Darlene Roger's went with Bleu to find what kind of relationship Bleu and her have. (I am making sure she is not spending weekends with him trying to 'bond with him, or influence him on a serious, 'inappropriate', level like she did my daughter allowing a criminal to move in with her right out of jail stating she had no leverage over my daughter to keep her there. (So she would not run away with him.) All my questions seem to irritate her but I finally get her to communicate her dissatisfaction with the way I treat her. (She told my son before dropping him off that I had been mean to her and that she was a contender for his placement if he did not want to live with his father.) I had told Darlene Rogers I wanted her to have no more contact with my son and that if I had him she would never see him. She continued to present herself to him as his grandmother. She keeps me in the dark about her conversations with Zachariah, Bleu's father, and has my son prepared contend with me, because she explains he needs her because the State does not approve me to be his parent, this to keep him away from his father, who Bleu said is a 'prick', and that he never wanted to live with him, and wanted little to do with him when he was eleven, that his opinion of his father is low, and has gotten lower as went on over the last three years. He also stated that his opinion of his father went up here and there in between the low points. (Having a low opinion of your parent his a symptom of depression, this I directly attribute to Judge Horner's abuse of power). The first Saturday after Bleu began school in Portland, I spoke to Darlene's mother, June Rogers, at her home and she told me Dolly had the day off and was resting and relaxing and that it is funny she should say that 'she was at work', because she never takes the dog to work. I also was told she heard the dog earlier that morning. On Monday I find out my son went to visit a friend he meet in Pre-school, Connor. I was told by Darlene Rogers this family lived in Salem, the family that Zachariah Burton Singleton was angry with for convincing Bleu 'his dad told them he could go live with them'. These are the people Zachariah put on the Status Quo as people he intended to give partial custody to. Zack had only met them once. This tells me, Bleu, again is trying to negotiate his way out of living with his father, as he did in the past, congruent with harsh feelings today, and that he does not feel he is settled or satisfied with Darlene Rogers as a permanent place to live, which is consistent with Bleu will have to make up his mind at the end of the School year about where he wants to live. Melanie told me Bleu is to blame for Zack and Jenna's divorce and that all they do is yell at him and that Jenna does not want him because he is not her flesh and blood. That Jenna wants Bleu to leave. Bleu was enrolled in school before I found out he was in Portland. Temporary Guardianship papers were signed so Bleu could decide where he wanted to live. Darlene Rogers has told me, 'there is that Court Order in place' and she will not divert from it at the School but every where else is OK to ignore it as long as it does not come to the attention of the school. I called the school pretending to enroll a new student to see what the reaction would be when I told them my name. (My son reported Dolly complained as she came in the door after work on the day I contacted the enrollment department, PTA, etc. ). I am told by Darlene Rogers not to contact the school. My son expresses apprehension and said, "No body would accept your contact information even for a live and death emergency". ('For nearly one year I requested Darlene Rogers tell me the city Zack lived in so I could file a substitute service seeking visitation with my son'). In spite the fact, Zack currently has allowed visitation between Bleu and I, I am not placed on the school records as a person to contact in case of an emergency, but, it is OK with Darlene Rogers that I visit him and that I could begin visits right away even as early as 9:00 (that same day because Bleu had the whole day to spend before he started school) Darlene is at work - the time she stated she has a regular scheduled work day). I have explained to Darlene Rogers there was never a case brought against me regarding the allegations against my parenting, and that there was no reasonable cause to believe child abuse or neglect occurred, that CPS can not present a case because the statute of limitations is up, that one year has expired and this matter has not resolved itself yet, since Judge Horner ordered to hear from the CPS and they did not follow a direct court order, that I do not have to contact that agency according to my rights to Due Process when the case is closed and I am told the agency is not responding, that Judge Horner can not 'Adjudicate and then say he needs to adjudicate further, on the same matter, is against my right to not be tried twice', that I was not given a friar trial, not given an opportunity to present evidence, not allowed to ask questions to my opponent in court, that the original order to move Blue to his dad's was in violation of Supreme Court rule, [a home can not be made in a day, (or in seven months or in three years in this case,) A judge, like William Horner, is not supposed to stall in delivering his adjudication causing another violation when he signed papers not presented to him by a moving party, (making him party to the action) to prepare his own papers to sign, which Zachariah Singleton failed to do, also causing another compromise at the clerks office for putting such a document into the mail, now further, the worst offense I see, Judge Horner did in violation of the Separation of Powers, acting as DA, demanded discovery after he had delivered a verbal order, which has caused continual Arbitrarily Restraint which is currently my Death Penalty and exacted the method in which others inflict upon me 'social death', allowing others to Terminated my Parental rights, placing me under social duress to comply with further violations against the Oath of Office, (continually supporting, as current circumstances, the mute allegation asserted as cause to bring the Independence Police Department to Arrest my daughter and threaten to kick down my front door because I demanded CPS show a search warrant from a real judge. on and on, and on. I have had no show of support from Darlene Rogers other that what she claims as her obedience to what she is told to do even if she thinks it is so unjust and against all she would have for me in her heart. My son told me, "My dad said I had a choice of places I could live". Darlene Rogers confirmed Zack did say Bleu could come to live with me and she has not revealed to me the details regarding what date someone contacted her regarding Bleu's wishes to no longer live with his dad. I have no information other than what I hear from my son and Melanie regarding this matter. I have not been included in any conversations regarding how she portrays my relationship with herself when conversing with Bleu's father. Darlene Rogers has not explained why she, in spite my wishes she have no contact with Bleu, has put herself in as an alternate option for permanent placement when I have diligently (for the last year and more) explained to her and other people who announce to her my complaints and things I say, like; 'she is not allowed in my home', 'I am very angry with her for letting a criminal move in with my daughter while she was in foster care', 'that if the State bills me for the money given to her she will be the person I say should pay it back since she is in breach of contract and failed in her duty to supervise me daughter', 'I will not be attending holiday activities in her home anymore so don't invite me', 'if I had Bleu in my care she would not be allowed in his life at all', 'she is not to introduce me as her daughter to people', 'I resent the fact she has preserved her relationship with my son over mine by not helping me with the things I ask of her so I may take care of legal issues'. All these messages and conversations transpired prior to end of my and my son's alienated condition.

Darlene Roger's constantly sends the message she does not want to talk to me. ---------Why are my calls bad?

"No I just tried calling you a minute ago and it failed."

--------- Oh. "Anyway, what, what is going on, what do you need?"
--------- Oh, I was just seeing about the ride to pick up Bleu.

Oh, well, why, that's ten hours or so, I got to go to work right now, I gotta' go pick up the kids from church.

--------"Well I'm trying to set an appointment what time...

Later on in the conversation she yells at me about how I don't even like her, you have not called me in years, your not calling to talk to me, your using my minutes, all the sudden you call me twenty times a day, you must have free minutes on your phone, Melanie won't let me baby-sit Victoria, I don't want to ride with you for two hours and listen to you... ( my legal interpretations )... tell me what to do, ( this would apply especially now that she has 'control' ) ., all you do is argue, I don't want to fight, (not true, I avoid arguements with her because she yells and you cna never win, ever, she never will admit she is wrong) (this is pre emptive - I just go on and on about Impeaching a judge and that is not what she wants to talk about and has stated "That is not what Bleu wants", ). [I know that is not what his dad wants and for Darlene Rogers to have Zack as a friend she is going to have to say, 'All hail to Horner's demand to try Marilyn LeBaron twice]. but she is not my son's lawyer when she is a direct opponent also contending for his permanency decision.and certainly she should not be a witness if she stands to directly gain from her testimony.

Darlene Roger's constantly sends the message she does not want to talk to me.

Folder 0ne - 1 [Phony Cheerfulness with stress in her voice all over the place].She is letting me know she does not have time to talk to me.

Darlene Rogers.. Hello? ญญญญญญญญญญญ

---------Hey, What is going on? It's Marilyn.
Darlene Rogers.. Ah, I, Yeah!
Darlene Rogers.. Chuckle. You called early; I was getting in the shower.. Giggle.Oh! "Hello?"
---------Well, I mean I, was right there on the couch yesterday when you called Melanie to tell her you had Bleu.
Darlene Rogers.. "Yes!", "Yeah". "That's what, yeah, I called. I-I told her, I told her, I said, "Well", yah, cause I, that way I know she could pass that on to you while I was on my way to work, cause I, she was just, I was just pulling up into the driveway.

"Yeah!" and told her to pass that on". (she had my son for days already and knew he wanted to come home, she tells him it is impossible unless I take them to court.)

Regarding the Impeachment of Judge Horner ...'theft' from an elderly woman

Regarding the Impeachment of CPS...

Please help me but I demand you keep this out of the hands of the CPS... (Their hands are dirty). It is a conflict of interest for them, who are being sued by millions all over this nation, to handle my allegation against them! -(family law judges acting as god over Best Interests and ignoring every good standard of law at the whim of a SOCIAL SERVICE EXPERT)- I wish to uphold my right to incommunicado form the CPS and Michael D Shrunk.

This matter should be treated as a matter for the Justice System and kept out of Family Court. I demand my son be left alone and you people rely on my tape recording of his free and relaxed statements while under my questioning! My son, as well as my daughter and I are potential witness against Darlene Rogers if it is proved she ''miss managed money entrusted to her'' by an elderly woman who embraced her as 'family', like we, the LeBaron family, were honored in the Roger's home for many years.

I have instructed my son to say, if ever questioned by the CPS, to say, "You are not my counsel of choice".

I do not allow any contact with my son at his school especially by a CPS worker and I do not authorize any psychological evaluations to be ordered by any State Agency or Child Protection Worker. This because of the Witherspoon case in California, which established as a president the one clinical evaluation can overturn three judges who all said Julie should get her kids back.

My son is being used as a messenger to show Darlene Roger's has more influence than me over the interpretations surrounding her method of restitution for moneys she claimed where taken by her mother without her knowing from a bank account in both their names. (This is what Bleu told me). June Rogers said she knows nothing of this and I agreed with her when she said she would never speak out against her daughter. I infer: (for her to put all the blame on her mother) if a SEARCH WARRANT was gotten it would have to be proved Darlene Roger's never opened a bank statement and all the checks or withdrawals would have to be signed in her mother's hand except the very last as Darlene Rogers claimed she took out herself full knowing the money's were almost depleted. She usually puts notes on her papers, checks, deposit slips, so forth. I know she does balance her bank statements as she normally does but I don't know what account she deposited the money in. Bleu said she had a new bank and that 'they' had a story if 'his dad was to ask'. (sos here please). I asked my son if he knew about the money, which Dolly said she spent, which belonged to Pearl, a long time friend of the Roger's women, June and her daughter, two women I considered to be, 'mom' and grand mom. My son has replied with what Darlene Roger's has prompted him to say if he is ever asked questions which is evidence there is a breach of trust between her and I, since she knows I am very angry with her and deliberately interfering with my son's return to me to keep us both in her nest. She snapping at me while in the middle of raising her voice to me, and confessing 'my true feeling for her', "I know you will be here everyday". She also said she knows I am not calling her to see her, which is a 'no brainer' because she has me and my son under her control and I have avidly expressed my discontentment with her without relenting for over a year now.

I fully expect Darlene's thinking is, "This will stay in the 'family', along with all the other arguments" while scolding me, "Melanie won't let me watch Victoria!", blaming that on me... then later moving to control me and my contact with her while visiting my son which resulted in an ultimatum and a direct order that I do not contradict her in front of 'my' son, and other petty things, after I asked her not to degrade me in front of him at our visits.

I am afraid of this woman and have been for quite some time now feeling like I am held hostage by her only praying to find a shred of evidence some where of how to contact my son's and his father. Zack being adamant about not having anything to do with me, him and his wife, Jenna, objecting of 'but loads of mail", according to my son who asked me if I had ever threatened them. My ILSUP has got me into trouble here (I think) because Bleu mentioned the pictures I drew, which his father showed him intending to complain about my poor judgment in mailing them to him. This is in evidence because Zack mailed those drawings to Judge Horner trying to make trouble for me. I am not a detective but insist on getting a reaction out of people and try to document what caused them to be so prejudice so I can reflect on what they report as cause, (reflecting on my probable cause rights) this to show they focus on all the stuff that came up after the fact of my prayers and praise to my pastor in the fall of 2004. Please see the State of Oregon protection of bureaucrat confused as cause after the SECOND SET OF 'non' consolidated, DOUBLE CASE CONTINUANCES 'partially consolidated', (RULE 53 See: Judge Luukinen for a CONSTITUTIONAL EXPLANATION). My ILSUP should not be a factor here since it never wound up in the discovery, which is true even in the Court Record and what Max R. Wall's based his Attestations UNDER OATH! [I NEVER EXPECTED THAT!] I was trying to get physical proof of what motivated my opponents on the matters pertaining to my children. Instead of justice I got diagnosed with a new mental disease though never in receipt of and invitation to 'family unity meetings' or offered a reunification plan for either my children.

Please Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States on these matters while keeping to the State constitution that a bureaucrat is not supposed to have a special position which is the equivalent of all having the right to equal protection. in so. None of this is to be read by Michael D Shrunk. I reject his leadership and declare him to be my families political enemy because he would allow us to be menaced with the threat of the equivalent of the Death Penalty and deny us due process of law while a threat is leveraged by his constituent which causes him to send the message, "I can prosecute you if you don't want to be named a victim", & "My constituents will make sure to make your daughter one if you don't let me represent you".

Please bear in mind all your hands as policemen or women are just as dirty as Judge Horner's if you don't put a stop to kicking in people's doors without a proper search warrant based of probable case because parents are being handed the equivalent of the Death Penalty everyday in 'America' -(family law judges acting as god over Best Interests and ignoring every good standard of law.)-Do not allow my son to have any any contact from Darlene Rogers she is witness tampering with my son's mind regarding some money she stole from an elderly woman. From: RE-Juvenile Department To: To: To: Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 11:20 AMSubject: Judge Horner needs to be impeached - Please help send him the message he is not god Please inquire Please Look up RULE 53 REFORM in a Google search...If the following links don't work please cut and pate them into your Google browser.


My /RULE-53-REFORM-BLAWG-LAW-OAR-ORS/. 7/19/07. For CPS, it becomes just a commercial sales transaction: meet the quota, ... - 60k - Cached - Similar pages

RULE 53 REFORM, Blowing the whistle on Polk County 'Circuis' Court
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----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: mock tried
Date: Apr 30, 2008 10:12 AM

Oh, I'm allowed to see him any time I want, especially since she said, "I know you'll be there everyday". Zack has allowed him to visit and gave him away but wants to enforce Full Custody and "no contact" only as far as the school is concerned, but not allowing me to tell them. (Will not allow me to call the school).

Melanie LeBaron (78)
Saturday May 10, 2008, 3:01 pm
Children Need Both Parents

Find more videos like this on Children Need Both Parents

on MySpaceIM you can get it here my username is fffmf

Past Member (0)
Tuesday November 25, 2008, 10:12 am
I would like to thank you for all this information! You have helped me learn more about the way these criminals operate. If it is possible can you send me more to read as I am trying to study every word.?? Thank you again Marilyn and bless you!!


Marilyn LeBaron
female, age 49, single
Vancouver, WA, USA
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\r\n\r\nCPS CORRUPTION VIDEOS AND OTHER LINKS:\r\nCPS WHIRLWIND:\r\nAt one time, Daddy was told that he had signed his parental rights away. He had never signed anything related to his parental rights and after Daddy\'s lawyer confronted the social worker (San...
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Regarding: Legal Literacy, Your Pen Power, and the term 'WARD OF THE COURT'.Dear American, (Not to be confused with Amer-eekan),Miranda will be given for you to sign, reserve your rights on this instrument by not becoming in personam at Rule 1...
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Blog: Garcinia Cambogia Reviews From Actual People Garcinia Pure Extract Is A Huge Success February 20 by Dany M.
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