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Mar 31, 2012

Well, I am having a hard time finding the correct words, so I will do my best. 

Shane has a rare cancer called Odontogenic Carcinoma.  If you try to look it up online...good luck!  There are less than 150 cases confirmed.  However, please understand there are a lot on things like ghost & clear cell which are NOT what he has.

He will have to undergo several surgeries.  The first one will be to remove the tumor from under his chin & any surrounding bone/tissues that it has come into contact with.  They will also have to take all his lymph nodes & part of his thyroid gland.  If they feel that they can get out all of the cancer at this time, they will then take out the smaller bone from his lower left leg in order to rebuild him a new jawbone & chin.  If they are not certain that they got it all, they will wait a week & then go back in to take more out to do the reconstruction.

He will have a Trach because of all the swelling & will remain in ICU for at least a few days...

He will have to have physical therapy on his leg...he has to learn to walk all over again.

As of right now, he is doing well with all things considered.  I know that you must be wondering what can you do to help...

PRAYERS... please feel free to add him to your Churches' prayer Lists...share this with your friends...but PRAY!

Thank you for reading this... I will keep you all posted on his progress!

BTW...Shane is married to a lovely wife and they are blessed with two children... He is about 38 years old.

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Posted: Saturday March 31, 2012, 12:35 pm
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Muggedy R. (13)
Tuesday April 10, 2012, 6:53 am
Dr appointment did not go very well. He is very concerned some of the bone graft is not doing well. Shane will have to go in for a special x-ray to tell him what is good and or bad. If there is bad graft he will have yet another surgery to remove and re-graft bone from else where. They are actually going ahead and scheduling the next surgery! We pray that this x-ray shows a healthy happy bone graft.

As you can imagine, Shane and Sandi are devastated.

Please come together in prayer and ask for a miracle a complete and healthy bone graft! We just need a miracle here guys - Shane and his family are feeling very desperate.

Muggedy R. (13)
Thursday April 19, 2012, 10:20 am
The x-ray showed there was blood flow on one scan and no blood flow on another. The doctor liked what he saw today. Said we are not out of the woods yet, but he does see improvement and healing going on now! Hurray!

Changed some meds and going to start high pressure oxygen chamber treatments 5xs a week. It has helped some patients with increased blood flow and healing of the bone! Of course Doc says he not sure if it will work, but we are willing to try!

He will see Shane again next Monday! I will say he was amazed at the turn around! "HELLO, have you met his prayer team!" was Sandi's comment to the Doc! He giggled!

Thank you to each of you for the prayers! Please keep them coming in the coming weeks! This is a Miracle in the making because of everyone's prayers!

It was nice to get good news for once!

Muggedy R. (13)
Thursday April 19, 2012, 10:22 am
Shane slept 6 straight hours last night!!!!! He felt so good today!

He asked several times for something to eat. He is OVER the liquid diet!

He enjoyed his visit today with a coworker / friend! It really helped! He sat out side for a while this afternoon!

He will travel to Fort Worth Friday to meet with a doctor for the oxygen chamber treatment! He will go 5 days a week.

Thanks for the prayers - keep them coming for continued healing in the mouth and for the swelling to go down.

Muggedy R. (13)
Saturday April 21, 2012, 11:36 am
Today, Shane went to see the doctor at Harris Downtown. Shane will start "diving" (hyperbariccally) on Monday. Treatment is for 5 days a week for 4 weeks. It all sounds great and we are praying it will help his blood flow to rebuild the jaw. He has gotten very claustrophobic since the surgery so pray that going into a tube for 2 hours will not cause him too much distress!

He is getting around better and maintaining his weight again! Thank you all for your prayers


Muggedy R.
female, age 65, married
Cleburne, TX, USA
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