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Mar 31, 2012

Humility and peace victorious...Another way of saying this is, "surrender to win."  This is the Palm Sunday lesson.

Palm Sunday is observed in the Christian tradition on the Sunday before Easter, and marks the beginning of what's known as Holy Week.  What does this mean to us today in our own lives?  How does this relate to each of us now?

I like to read the Bible in a metaphysical way.  That is to say that I like to look beyond that which is on the surface to deeper meanings; meanings relevant to my life today.  When reading the Bible in this way, you get more than just the historical perspective, which I think is great in and of itself.  I like to read the account of what happened.  Ancient writings fascinate me.  It's important in reading the Bible or any ancient text to take into account the time in which it was written, and the setting and customs of that time, as well.  More meaning can be gained in this way.  It helps to put it in context.  Who wrote the particular book?  What was its purpose?  Some books of the Bible are historical, some are letters, some are proclamations of law, some are proverbs, and still others are songs...different books have different purposes, you see.

You can turn to the church, or to the internet or to numerous books on the subject of understanding the setting in which the Bible was written, and it will deepen your understanding of it.  But no matter how much you study of this, the Bible has still deeper meaning to each of us when applied to our own individual lives.  It is the story of the spiritual progression of mankind and also of spiritual progression as it takes place in each person.  It is my story, your story, everyone's story, if we but open their mind to the deeper meanings within.  To my way of thinking, this is what makes it such a great book.  It can be read by anyone at any time, and the meanings go deeper and more personal the more deeply you look and the more of your personal self you relate what you're reading to.

So, Palm Sunday.  Jesus (as relating to us, Jesus represents our inner Christ Spirit...the Son of God...the perfection planted within us all) rides into Jerusalem (symbolizing the holy city within us...a place of perfect peace in our mind) to celebrate Passover (symbolizing passing from mortal to spiritual consciousness) on an ass (symbolizing peace and humility).  The crowds (representing our own thoughts) lay down palms (representing strength...laying down strength denotes surrender) to hail the Messiah (the physical manifestation of God in us)
with shouts of Hosanna (joyful proclamations of freedom, obedience and awe).  Then after this, of course, we enter into a week long account of what leads up to the crucifixion and the ascent.  We'll talk more about this next week.

But on Palm Sunday, let's think about what the meaning of this is to us.  It is our story, as well as the story of Jesus.  It is the story of our spiritual journey.  It is the story of letting go of that which binds us to mortal consciousness and entering into a place of peace, surrendering ego to the glory of the perfection implanted  within us all....our hope of glory.

Prior to this we have partaken of a period called Lent, which symbolizes giving up that which materially binds us and keeps us from fully expressing our spiritual self.  Lent is a time of cleansing and fasting in order to purify our bodies and minds.  Palm Sunday comes near the completion of this.  We are heralding the transformation we're seeing...the promise of the Messiah or the new, more spiritually conscious and awake person we were created to be...the one who will demonstrate our fullest potential once free from erroneous thought.  We are humbled by this process, realizing it is the goodness within us that makes this possible (God), because upon being faced with giving up that which was holding us back, we realized how truly bogged down and chained to the material world we had become.  But in making the commitment we have come to this point of humility and surrender, and our mortal minds are laying their strength down in surrender to the spiritual self; the perfection within.  This paves the way for victory over what's to come next.  Now does the story make sense about how it relates to me and to you?  If it doesn't yet, perhaps next week it will.

Is the Bible true?  Well, it is ancient, this much we know.  It is sacred to many people.  Much of it has been proven historically.  Some of it is believed just on faith.  Some say Jesus existed as a figure in history, others say his significance is purely allegorical.  But the message is true as long as it is true in the hearts of those who read it, and so to me, it is true, because of the wisdom it holds.  It might even hold more meaning if religious authorities would give us access to all of the texts in their original form, but with so many books hidden and so many translations, a lot is left up to the individual to decide for him or herself.  Essentials of Life does not take the position of trying to decide for anyone what to believe.  We are just here to help you in holistically enriching your life!

Have a wonderful week...a holy week!  Spring is a beautiful time of the year, full of new life and new meaning for all!

"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Saturday March 31, 2012, 10:08 pm
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