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Apr 16, 2012 famous directors James Mather and Stephen St. Leger make a momentous comeback with their brilliantly plotted movie “Lockout”. This movie reveals tremendous thrill and action and is a science fiction. The movie shows the events taking place in the future. The story of the movie shows the technological advancements that are likely to occur in the future.In the movie, a scientist reveals that he has discovered a unique security prison, which will work in space. The prison is made with an extraordinary mechanism, in which the criminals are kept under a tough lock mechanism. Small metal boxes placed horizontally one over the other constitute this one-of-a-kind prison. As you watch Lockout online, you will get to witness the shudder-inducing conditions that are prevalent in the prison. Every prisoner is kept alone in his cell and is not allowed to talk to anyone.

The prisoners are not allowed to step into the outside world, and hence they have to suffer the unbearable pain of being closed alone in a confined area. Emilie Warnock, whose role is played by Maggie Grace, gets stuck in dangerous conditions in the prison, when she moves there on a good will mission.One of the prisoners grabs a gun from a security official and the control of the prison shifts into the hands of the prisoners. Download Lockout to know what happens when Emilie is arrested by the prisoners, leaving her miserable and defenseless. Watch full Lockout to know the fate of Emilie and also to catch the action and thrill that movie unleashes.

Set somewhere in the near future, this film by Stephen St. Leger and James Mather depicts the fate of a former agent with the government after being convicted on false grounds. Also known as MS One: Maximum Security, the film follows events in the life of Snow, an immoral government agent, once he faces conviction for a crime that he did not commit. Known as a specialist in breaking rules, Snow is traced to his prison cell by figures, who offer him freedom in exchange of his efforts at successfully accomplishing a dangerous mission in outer-space. Watch Lockout online to find Snow accepting the offer, and getting ready for a mission that would change his life, forever. awaits Snow at the maximum-security prison in outer space that has been taken over inmates. The President’s daughter is held hostage by these violent prisoners, and it is now, Snow’s responsibility to fight the inmates, and bring the president’s daughter out of the situation, unharmed and without a scratch. As we get ready to download Lockout, we should note a fact here that while operating as a government agent in the past, Snow had been able to prove that he possessed certain qualities that are solely responsible for him being assigned, this risky yet life-saving and fortunate opportunity to obtain freedom for himself, and erase the false scar on his image, once and for all. Shot in Belgrade, since September 2010, the film has received an R-rating, and promises outer space action that hardcore sci-fi fans must have been waiting for quite some time now.

Despite a solid headliner in Guy Pearce, the underwhelming marketing for Lockout, which makes the project look like a direct-to-DVD experience, has been enough to cause a lot of moviegoers to forget that the film was actually developed by well-known thriller writer/director/producer Luc Besson (The Fifth Element and Taken). While Besson outsourced directorial duties to untested feature co-helmers, James Mather and Stephen St. Leger, the fan-favorite producer was still instrumental in crafting the Lockout story – as well as overseeing production.

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As a result, it’s no surprise that Lockout features plenty of Besson’s staple calling cards: most notably a snarky and rough-around-the-edges (but charming) leading man, as well as some hard-hitting action set-pieces, among other things. However, do Mather and St. Leger successfully carry Besson’s concept across the finish line – delivering an entertaining sci-fi thriller that’s more than just the sum of its tried-and-true parts?

While it’s certainly not a flawless movie, or a deep exploration of character (as depicted in Taken), Lockout succeeds at being an over-the-top thriller with surprisingly high production values for a $20 million film that has to make room for a Guy Pearce paycheck. It’s not the most visually-stunning movie in the genre and definitely has a “budget” look at times; however, the project ultimately succeeds as a result of Pearce – who delivers an enjoyable, albeit snide, performance as government agent-turned-one-man-army, Snow.

As with some Besson-produced projects, the Lockout story is pretty basic. After a government operation goes awry, agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is taken into federal custody on suspicion that he double-crossed one of his closest friends (and, subsequently, compromised the security of the United States). After refusing to cave during a brutal interrogation at the hands of secret service agent Langral (Peter Stormare) and one of Snow’s handlers, Shaw (Lennie James), the agent is about to disappear into the federal prison system forever – until the President’s daughter, Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace), is taken hostage by inmates while visiting an enormous prison facility orbiting the Earth. Snow is given the option of rescuing the President’s daughter in exchange for his freedom, an offer Snow initially rejects, until he discovers that the key to clearing his name is also aboard the prison installation (which is rapidly plunging into inmate versus inmate pandemonium).

While the Lockout storyline gets the job done – presenting an intriguing sandbox for Pearce’s character to kick butt and fire off snarky one-liners – none of the characters in the film are anything but single-note caricatures. Some moviegoers will, no doubt, be unaffected by the lack of development, but compared to similar entries in the action-thriller genre, it’s not unfair to expect a more rewarding balance. That said, Snow is a likable leading man (thanks in part to Pearce’s approach to the role); however, the audience is only going to sympathize with him because of the way he’s presented in contrast to the rest of the story: he’s innocent, anti-establishment, and honorable (in spite of his rough exterior). The same can be said for the rest of the supporting cast – which is either going to be a sticking point for moviegoers hoping for something character-driven or a relief for viewers who would rather jump right into the action.

This dichotomy can be applied to how audiences will view other aspects of Lockout - as the story, despite a pretty robust sci-fi future, doesn’t bother with a lot of world-building and instead simply presents information (there’s a prison in space) without really exploring the film’s potentially intriguing universe. moment of the movie (both good and bad) relies heavily on familiarity with pre-existing action-thriller genre archetypes, sci-fi concepts, and staple good versus evil caricatures – without developing anything or anyone, once established. As a result, the characters (and story) aren’t likely to offer many surprises along the way – as the film merely follows the presented elements out to the most logical (albeit somewhat cliched) conclusions. Even the action, which is clearly the priority here, doesn’t showcase anything new and isn’t going to outright drop jaws. However, the combination of Pearce’s reaction to a lot of these moments of tension still makes for a pretty enjoyable one-two punch – even if the moments aren’t mind-blowing on their own., the film actually succeeds because of its heavy reliance on things audiences have seen before – since a lot of them are tried-and-true onscreen ideas. As an example, there’s nothing unique about Joseph Gilgun’s Hydell, an inmate responsible for most of the mayhem occurring in the prison, but he’s still one of the more enjoyable characters to watch. Similarly, even though the film fails to capture the scale of the facility and the sheer number of prisoners that are running around, the prison break in space set-up is intriguing enough – and presents an adequate foundation for some tense moments and modest-but-cool action sequences.

Lockout is not going to rival the explosive set-pieces audiences expect in Michael Bay summer blockbusters, but it succeeds at offering an exciting, if somewhat thin, adventure. While plot holes and one-note characters keep the film from being a clearcut must-see, for thriller fans looking for an enjoyable-but-brainless popcorn flick, Mather and St. Leger have delivered a (mostly) competent Luc Besson actioner – thanks, in large part, to an enjoyable performance from Guy Pearce.

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Posted: Monday April 16, 2012, 5:54 am
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