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Apr 18, 2012

I go into a gift store.  Yuck...synthetic fragrance.  I have to leave.  I go down the cleaning aisle at the grocery store.  I get sick to my stomach and dizzy, and I have to leave.  I go into the restroom at the restaurant at which I am eating.  The room freshener is making me ill and my appetite is ruined now.   Does no one else notice how offensive these fragrances are?  I try to be polite, but am I really being polite by not being more outspoken on issues like this?

Candles, perfumes, deodorants, room fresheners, dish washing liquid...artificial fragrances are everywhere.  Why?  Have people forgotten how wonderful the smell of a spring day really is?  Or the smell of a real pine tree, or lemons, or the smell of a fresh bouquet?  The difference is tremendous!  They smell nothing like their synthetic counterpart.  Natural fragrances are so much more subtle and gentle, not abrasive and irritating the way that chemicals are.

Irritating.  Yes.  That's what they are.  They are irritating to the respiratory tract, that much has been proven by science again and again.  So why do we keep breathing them in?  Because so much money is being made that nobody cares!  I think, too, it's because people's noses are so worn out from the irritation, that nobody smells how truly awful they smell!

Synthetic fragrances have also been linked to many problems with the endocrine (or glandular) system.  They have even been linked to fertility problems and birth defects!  Cancer is another problem, as is asthma, allergies, central nervous system disorders and more.  It is criminal that this is not more widely known.

Imagine.  Millions of people paying money to subject more people to toxic substances just by breathing the air in their place of business...or organization...or home.  We even give this poison as gifts!  Why do so many do that?  Because we think it smells.....nice?  Poison, in my mind, is not nice! 

I'll tell you what's nice.  The smell of real flowers, fresh fruit, and rain.  Cinnamon, vanilla, cherries, lavender, roses and mint...there are so many wonderful smells that are REAL!

And guess what?  Not only are they not dangerous, they are actually GOOD for our health!!!  The natural aroma enters our nasal passages and sends signals to the brain.  They have wonderful effects on our body, spirit and mind!

Natural fragrances can be used in the form of essential oils, and they not only smell great and have healing effects, but they tend to be very antibacterial  and anti-fungal and are quite excellent for cleaning surfaces, the air, and also the body.  That's what they used to anoint Jesus' feet!  In fact, they gave him frankincense and myrrh the first night he was born.  That's how valuable natural fragrances have always been and always will be.  They have been here since the very beginning of time...when all was created and seen as good.

At Essentials of Life we believe that yes, all was created as good from the beginning.  Good and for our good.  Since then things have diverted a great deal, and now we have so much sickness and disease it's unreal.  Yes.  It's just that.  "Unreal."  Why are so many dying in sick?  Because we're living in a world that's becoming less and less "Real."

Artificial fragrances, artificial food, artificial medicine in the form of synthetic drugs.  Synthetic.  Artificial.  Unreal.  Phony.  Fake.  Then we say natural health doesn't work. How can people expect to experience natural healing when everything they do is "unreal?"  Real health comes by real means!

As a society we surely must realize we've had to have been somehow brainwashed or drugged or both in order for us to believe the rubbish that is supporting the mega-bazillion dollar chemical world!!!  We're paying to be poisoned and thinking it's all very pleasant and nice!  Wake up and smell the coffee!  Real coffee!  Make sure it's organic and fair trade but SMELL it!  At least it's still from a real bean!

The research is abundantly clear on this matter.  The government has turned its eye in favor of the mega-bizillion dollar chemical companies, and so let's guess why nobody knows.  Unless they look at the research, that is. 

Do it.  Look at the research.  See for yourself.  Don't depend on your doctor or the ads on TV to tell you.   Find out for yourself and then stop killing yourself, your brain, your hormones, and deforming other folks' kids.  I mean, for real.  If a store is going to install a baby changing table, then maybe they might want to consider taking the artificial air freshener out and using essential oils.  It might smell nice, but we don't want what comes with it thrust upon us and our kids!
The list goes on and on...This is what science has repeatedly shown.  There is a directpp link between synthetic fragrances and the problems above.    this what we want for ourselves?  For our kids?  For our elderly parents?  For our dog?  NO!  We want to be healthy, of course!!!

So don't buy it!  STOP!  Take a serious look at what's going on!  There is research all over the place!  Not only studies on fragrance, but on all the chemicals to which we are exposing ourselves on a daily basis.  It's nuts!!!

Synthetic fragrances are present in so many products used around the house and in personal hygiene, when essential oils do a much better job.  They smell better, they clean better, they even retard wrinkles!  Essential oils are natural healing agents given to us by God, but instead we use products with poisons...who would do that on purpose?  People clearly do not understand.

Issues such as these is why we, as a church, are taking on the cause of giving folk medicine back to the folks.  Come on people...these drugs...these chemicals...the fragrances...they are completely dulling your minds and ruining your health!  YES!  Even something as seemingly innocent as a sheet of fabric softener thrown in with your clothes.

Studies have shown that the chemicals in synthetic fragrances cause severe problems in the environment when they enter the waste system.  Problems that don't go away.  It has been found, for instance, that these chemicals are harming the wildlife.  Some people think this is only an issue for "liberal tree huggers and animal lovers," but what affects the environment is affecting us, too.  If the leftovers are killing the fish, believe me, the main course is doing the same thing to us. 

These chemicals cross the blood brain barrier, for one thing, and for another thing, they impair the body's ability to screen other chemicals out.  This is bad!  This is contrary to nature.  This is the opposite of God's will for our good.

As a church, this IS our concern.  We are here to help people live closer to God.  Well, God didn't sell you a bunch of fragrances that will make you sick, God gave you roses for free...and lilacs...and lavender....and geraniums....and peppermint....and cinnamon...and frankincense....and lemons...and pine trees....and a whole lot of other  good scents that help HEAL.  Real pine actually works to clean out your lungs as it cleans the floor!  What could possibly be better than that?!  But instead, people use artificially scented "pine" cleaners that negatively impact their health.  Even hospitals are using these things!  How can that possibly be?  Are we really that blinded by commercial interests to realize we're being sold something that isn't good for our health?  Shouldn't hospitals, at least, be concerned about what medical research has shown?

As a church this is our problem, too, because we are stewards of this planet upon which we live.  Are we taking good care of it?  Really?

As a church this is our problem because people are getting sick...people are dying, in fact...and they don't even know why.  It's our duty to point out this problem.  With awareness comes responsibility, and this is a problem of profound significance of which we are aware.  Prevention is easy.  Well, not easy...but every little bit helps, and switching to natural fragrance will certainly help.

As a church this is our problem because our bodies are the temple of God.  Please be aware.  The merchants don't care if they defile the temple.  Jesus threw them out.  We need to start doing the same.

If you'd like to read more, here are a couple of articles I wrote a few years ago:  Aromatherapy  

Natural fragrance is one of God's Gifts of Healing.  Learn to use it and it will serve you well!  If you would like to learn how to make your own unscented or naturally scented product, join us for the We Can Make It Group if you would like!  The invitation is open to all.  At any rate, have some good scents about what you expose your brain, lungs, and body to.

"Vibraceous, ND"

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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Posted: Wednesday April 18, 2012, 6:23 am
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