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Apr 24, 2012


Those precious moments after you’ve hooked up with a guy are sacred-the afterglow, the cute pillow talk…well, unless you mutter any of these one-liners, that is. Mood killers!

1. “Can I have my money now?”

2. “Done already?…I barely felt a thing!”

3. “I’ve had better sex with my dog.”

4. “I hope my parents don’t notice someone was in their bed.”

5. “I fell asleep for a minute.”

6. “Oh shit, I forgot to take my birth control.”

7. “I’m sorry I gave you herpes.”

8. “Get ready! Now it’s my turn to put something in you!”

9. “Why are you crying?”

10. “I’m all for dirty talk, but why’d you yell out “MOMMY”?”
Sure, the missionary or girl on top positions gets the job done (usually!) but if you want to take your sex life to the next level, you’ve got to switch things up-literally, and here’s some inspiration!  New positions might feel a bit silly or awkward at first, but we’re pretty sure you won’t be going back to missionary any time soon after giving these a try! Thanks to the Kama Sutra and Cosmo, we’ve found a few sex positions we can’t wait to break out in the bedroom…which ones are on your radar? 

Whenever I’ve mentioned to a friend that I’m seeing someone casually or going over to their house late at night for a hook-up session, they automatically assume that it is the sexiest thing ever.  I think they picture it like it’s straight out of a movie with flower petals and that we’ll be dripping candle wax all over each other and melting chocolate all over one anothers bodies.

Not so much.

Sometimes we have pizza and watch a movie.  Other times we have sex on top of a bunch of dirty clothes.  Bottom line?  Casual dating isn’t always as sexy or thrilling as it seems. If you feel like you’ve fallen into a bit of rut, shake things up-here’s how.
Signing up online for a casual dating site is one thing, but actually talking to someone is another.  You want to be witty, playful and sexy so they’ll stop talking to anyone else and ask you out, right?  Of course.  Here’s how to do it. 

Once you begin chatting with someone, things can escalate from pretty hot to on fire fairly quickly.  Sexual attraction is crucial when it comes to casual dating of course-I mean, who wants to hook up with someone they find repulsive? Not I!  However, sometimes it’s better to reign in the sexy talk and photos before you meet-not only will it keep the anticipation alive, but it protects you from sending your naughty photos to someone hiding behind a computer screen.  Trust me, you don’t want those to end up on the internet one day.  

2. Ask tricky questions

What do these questions all have in common? “What do you do for fun?” “Do you play any sports?” “Who is your favorite music group?”

UMMM…they’re boring!  If you’re an online dater, chances are you’ve heard these questions literally hundreds of times and you have an answer ready to go, just like a good robot.  You’ve got to make yourself stand out by asking questions that are a bit off center, that make the other person stop and think.  Let’s be honest, it might seem like you are super interested in them but in reality it’s all about setting yourself apart, and above, the crowd.

3. Don’t be too available

You can have phone sex until you’re blue in the face (literally?) but if your end goal is a real roll in the hay, eventually you’ve got to turn off the technology and meet face to face.  If you’re always talking to the other person online or on the phone, there is no reason for them to want things to go further, or no urgency for them to make a move-and this is when you get stuck in a computer or phone relationship. If you’re busy and not too available all the time, they will want to grab a minute of your time-and feel oh so lucky when they do!

As they should. We all know that falling head over heels in love with a bad boy doesn’t usually tend to end well…unless your definition of “well” is heartbreak city.  But what about casually dating a bad boy?  A no strings relationship seemed like the perfect answer, right? Not to mention insanely sexy.


The biggest problem with bad boys isn’t how fast they drive or how much they drink, it’s the attitude with which they approach the world.  A casual relationship doesn’t demand much-but, mutual respect and communication are key-and these are sometimes lacking when it comes to the rebels without a cause. Consider this-if they approach the world with complete disregard, why would they treat you any differently?

Let’s get one thing straight, loves-Yes, sex is often more exciting when it comes to a guy who seems like a ruthless bastard…don’t ask me why, but let me just say-it IS sexy, in the moment…but when he won’t return your calls or cancels dates at the last minute, it stops being sexy very fast.  There is nothing attractive about feeling used, no matter how serious of a relationship you’re looking for.


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Posted: Tuesday April 24, 2012, 5:34 pm
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