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Apr 29, 2012






A garden is the special place,
To plant flowers that are fair,
That blossom in a beautiful profusion,
If they receive our loving care.
Where bright carnations grow,
And roses and forget- me- knots,
Invite the winds that blow.


Every garden is a lovely retreat,
Where life is filled with silver stars,
And where happy loves meet.


Where loving words of affection are whispered,
Where promises are made,
And where youthful hearts are fondly joined,
In dreams that never fade.


A garden is a wonderland,
Of love and where flowers are fair,
For those who admire beauty,
Or for those who try to find it there.


A garden is a corner of the earth,




Why I write
If there are any who read my lines,
Or one whose heart will say,
That my simple philosophy,
Has helped him on his way;


If there be anyone whose sky,
Is brighter now than before,
I´ll know my life is not entirely in vain,
Because I will have contributed,
Just a little to comfort in the rain.


That is all I´ll ever ask,
That I do my very best,
If but a little bit,
To help the would consider life,
And make the best of it.


I only want to share my thoughts,
With all who live on earth,
In soft and simple phrases,
For whatever they are worth.














-     5-
An apple
An apple is just a piece of fruit,
That grows upon a tree,
That is generally enjoyed,
By all families.


Some say it is so healthful,
That if eaten every day,
It´s vitamins will surely keep,
The good doctor far away.


Of course, when it´s still too green,
It should be used to bake,
Otherwise, it may give you a bad stomach ache !


An apple can also be a target for,
The would- be William Tell,
Or used to make cider that,
Some like so well.


It can be the tasty filling for,
A struddle or a pie,
And sometimes still,
It is someone who attracts another´s eye.











-     6-
Except the tears
Whatever memories I hold,
Are yours to have and keep,
Including all my peaceful dreams,
When I am sound asleep.


Also, every perfect day,
And night that we have known,
And every kiss we´ve shared,
When we have been alone.


But never including any tear,
That has ever left your eye,
Nor any part of syllable,
Of whispering a good- bye.


I do not want your heart,
To feel slightest regret,
Or anything that makes you sad,
I want you to always forget.


I want to give you every thought,
And every dream in me,
But never any sorrow or,
Unpleasant memory.






It is all in the Heart
The value of our lives on earth,
Depends upon scales,
Of whether one succeeds in life,
Or will ultimately fail.


Not by the weight of money,
Or a single ounce of fame,
Or such seclusion as would seem,
A freedom from all blame.


But by the comfort of a word,
Or the kindness of a deed,
And by unselfish charity,
To someone who is in need.


The sacrifice of time and tail,
To help the needy survive,
And keep ambition, faith, and hope,
And fortitude alive.


So as there is a victory,
When every effort fails,
The answer will be found in the human heart,
And how it tips the scales.










In my loneliness
( For Anansa)
I fold my hands behind my back,
And slowly pace the floor,
I stop at every window,
And I listen at the door.


I stare into space,
And wish this mood would go away,
But all that I can find,
Is a dream of yesterday.


I can´t hear your friendly voice,
That used to fill the room,
Not even fleeting echo that,
Might drown our the gloom.


I can´t seem to reach your hand,
Or see your beautiful face,
Not even in my magic memories,
Not in the lonesome place.


Yes somehow within myself,
I feel your presence near,
And my loneliness I wish,
That you were really here.









My secret Diary
I keep a secret diary,
Of everything that do,
Of different places where I go,
And of all the faces that are new.


Of my every sorrow, my every happiness,
Of every melodic song,
Of all that is beautiful, all that is ugly,
And, of what is right and wrong.


Of the people who befriend me and,
Of the ones who pass me by,
And of those who get my letters,
And of those who promise to reply.


I keep a secret diary,
Of my each and every debt.
So that I will not be negligent,
And so I won´t forget.


It is really secret and,
I hold it far apart,
 Because the only words I write,
Are written in my heart.












-     10-
The simplest of words
I´ve searched the corners of the world,
Every hour of the day,
To find the words I might express,
The things I want to say.


I´ve scanned the dictionaries, encyclopedias, and,
I´ve looked deep into your heart,
For words that are suitable,
To make a decent start.


Then I´ll take my pen in hand,
Amd I´ll begin to write,
About thoughts that come to me,
When the stars adorn the night.


I try to decipher your beautiful mind,
And understand your soul,
To help you in any way I can,
To reach a common goal.


But it seems to me,
There is no better way,
Than to tell in the simplest of words,
The things I want to say.








My wish upon a Star
( To my beloved Bea)
The moon is watching you tonight,
Wherever, my love, you are,
And when you look up at the night sky,
You´ll see a silvery star.


Perhaps it’s the one in which my heart,
Is wishing you and I would be,
Alone and together in,
The pleasure of each other´s company.


I hope your heart will,
Always hear my prayer,
And that you will always know
How much I really care.


You are every thought I have,
You´re every song I sing,
And whenever Winter comes,
You are the joy of Spring.


You are the brilliant rays of,
The sunlight and the moon,
And every moment, my love, I hope,
That I will see you soon.





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Posted: Sunday April 29, 2012, 10:59 am
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