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Jun 2, 2012

Spirit...(God)...can speak to us in many ways, and oftentimes messages come to us in a dream.  Not all dreams are messages, but many are.  Some are just emotions left over after the day being discharged from our consciousness, but many dreams do indeed carry a message for us.

The message may or may not be straight forward.  It might be cloaked in symbols, made known only on an intuitive level to us.  The mind recognizes symbols as a way of communicating ideas since long before modern language was known.  Many symbols are universal in their meanings to us.  Learning to interpret these meanings can be very helpful in understanding our dreams.  At other times, our dreams may be very clear in what we're meant to know, without much interpretation needed at all.

Once in a workshop I attended on interpreting dreams I was told that each character in the dream represents a part of ourselves.  So, for instance, if you dream about someone who  is lying to you, it is you who is lying to you!  If you dream about someone you dislike, you are actually dreaming about a part of yourself you don't like.  There are countless ways this can play out.  It's very much the same as interpreting the Bible on a metaphysical plane.

I also learned that dreams always have a happy ending if allowed to come to a natural end.  In the case of nightmares, the person sleeping usually wakes up at the scariest part.  If they would have continued to sleep, it is said that they would have resolved their situation in the dream world somehow.  I think this is true with most problems we face in real life.  If we don't get afraid and run away, everything will turn out just fine.  There have been studies done where they have gotten people to re-enter the same dream from which they awoke, and indeed they have found that the dreams always do turn out good in the end. 

Prophetic dreams have been known to occur throughout all of time, and in the days of the Bible, this was very accepted.  People still have such dreams, and some of these people have helped thousands of people through information they've been given in dreams.

Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet, was able to help many thousands of people with information he received in a sleeping state.  As the founder of the Association for Research and Enlightenmentand the author of many books, he is still helping more people even today, sixty years after his death.  He is called the "Father of Holistic Medicine" by many, due to the nature of information which he passed on from his dreams.  There are discussion groups you can join to help you gain more insights into your dreams.

Dr. James Overman is another wonderful example of someone who was given information in dreams to help others.  I was very fortunate to have this man as a mentor of mine.  He took me under his wing for awhile and let me sit in his office with him while he worked directly with clients.  This was a fabulous opportunity to learn! 

Dr. Overman was a naturopathic doctor working in Millersburg, Ohio, about an hour from here.  He was the inventor of the Harmonic Quad 5 parasite zapper and a number of other electronic devicesdesigned to rid the body of parasites, including viruses, fungi and bacteria.  He also developed over 600 precise herbal formulas for very specific conditions, hence the name of his company, "Precision Herbs."  The amazing thing about Dr. Overman's formulas, is that he claims he got them directly from God in his sleep.  I believe that he did.

I have had several dreams of great meaning, myself.  One of the books that I'm currently writing came to me in a dream.  The dream was quite concise and direct to the point.  I simply heard a voice tell me that I needed to write a book and what it should be called, and then I woke up.  That was it!  As for the book, it was given to me in its entirety in those few seconds in time.  Getting it onto paper will be the challenge, but the idea for each page is already there.  (All of my books come to me through inspiration, just not all of them while I've been asleep!)  I think that this particular book will be of great help to a good many people.  The title I was given is attention grabbing, and the subject matter is extremely pertinent to many, many people today.   It is a book that requires references, so I'm working on that part of it now.  I feel very honored to be called to serve in this way.

I have been told it is helpful to write down our dreams the first moment we open our eyes, while the memory is fresh.  In time, this practice will help make the meanings more clear, and dreams will be more easily recalled.  I haven't had very good luck yet in keeping this practice, but I do think there are many secrets revealed to us in our sleep.  We are more open to Spirit during times of deep relaxation.  There is a very thin line between meditation and sleep. 

Something I have tried that has worked well for me, is to pray until I drift off.  In that way I am ensuring a more restful slumber and leading myself into a positive state, giving myself suggestions to be receptive to any messages that God wants me to hear.  Bedtime prayers are meant to protect us and keep is close in the arms of angels (symbolizing receptivity to divine ideas) until we awake.

The use of flower essences can be helpful in producing a restful night's sleep with vivid dreams.  Flower essences work on a deeper emotional level than herbs, although herbs can be used to help promote sleep, as well, by helping the body relax.  Drug medicine interferes with sleep patterns, whereas herbal remedies and flower essences do not.

Some people are afraid of dreamwork, fearing that they are turning to a power other than God for their guidance.  If you believe there is only One Power active in the Universe, though, then you will understand there is no other power and no reason to fear looking more deeply into our dreams.  Put your mind into a positive frame before sleep and ask for guidance in prayer.  Then put a pad and a paper next to your bed, and write what you remember when you wake up!  Soon you'll be writing love notes from God.

Blessings to You...and Sweet Dreams!
"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Saturday June 2, 2012, 10:08 pm
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