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Jun 10, 2012

I was always considered a little bit strange as a child.  I preferred playing outdoors with the toads, field mice and honey bees than playing with Barbie Dolls.  I guess you could say I was a nature nut even back then.   But when I became a vegetarian in junior high school, the label was written on me with permanent ink.  I was deemed a nut and am still considered a nut today.  A health nut, a religious nut, a strange, awkward, out of place weirdo in social circles.  "Don't invite her to the party, she's weird!"

Okay, I don't drink.  I'm a recovering alcoholic and it's really better I don't.  I don't mean to make anyone else feel uncomfortable in my choice not to drink, but people often take it that way.  Perhaps they think I am judging them when in reality I'm only judging for myself that drinking alcohol is not good or me  Sure, if you get drunk, I'll lose my patience with your demeanor and choose not to join in, but it doesn't mean that I'm judging you every time you pick up a glass of wine.

And no, I don't eat meat.  Is that weird?  Why is that weird?  I think it's much more normal than eating the flesh of a creature.  To my way of thinking that's what is weird.  It's worse than weird, it's out and out murderous, unhealthy and gross.  But I realize this is the society we're in, and so I don't judge you for every hamburger you eat.  People are often afraid that I'm going to picket their meal or something, when actually it's they who are making the negative comments about what it is I choose to eat, or in this case, to not eat, namely meat.  And to make matters worse, I no longer choose to eat eggs or dairy products, either, making me one of those really weird vegans you see on sit-coms on the TV.

Now I choose to eat raw foods...foods the way they were originally designed to eat before man discovered how to make fire.  Foods are in their most nutritious and least destructive state when they are raw.  Does this make me some kind of nut?  According to restaurant menus, I am clearly outside of the norm!  Imagine!  Eating food as it grows from the earth!  But alas...once again I am a "nut."

A health nut.  I shun artificial medicines, foods, and fragrances; all proven to present significant risks to our health.  I don't know what is so nuts about wanting life to last longer and to function as well as I can!  God gave me a wonderful body in which to carry out my work in this life, and I want to take care of it in accordance with its design!

Ohhhh....God.  Now I'm a religious nut, too!  Hahaha!

What is a nut, other than something you eat which grows on trees and comes in a shell?
  • a person who is very enthusiastic about something; buff; enthusiast; devotee: He's a real circus nut.
  • an extremely concerned or zealous person: My boss is a nut on double-checking everything
  • a foolish, silly, or eccentric person.
  • an insane person; psychotic.

The first two, I'll go with.  The second two?  I take offense! 

Very enthusiastic.  You bet!  Foolish?  I think the Un-health nuts are the ones being foolish!  They're the ones eating unnatural things that will shorten their lives!  And insane?  Silly to think it, but people have often acted as if being a health nut goes hand in hand with not quite being right in the head.

My opinion on the whole matter is that we're a society under the influence of brainwashing techniques and cleverly sculpted advertising campaigns which play on the principles of peer pressure we all succumbed to when we were 12.  For people to make fun of people who try to be healthy is just their way of trying to look cool being dumb.

You bet I'm a health nut.  I take it seriously.  This is the only body I'm going to get in this life, and I want it to last me awhile.  I don't want to become an invalid or die at an early age.  I want to enjoy my grandchildren and be able to romp with them and have a good time!

I mentioned that I'm a recovering alcoholic.  Does that make me a party pooper?  I would think I'd be more of a party pooper if I drank and threw up all over the place!  So I don't drink, and I'm glad that I don't.  Alcohol is not good for the body.  It dries up the organs, including the brain.  I don't think I'm missing out by declining to join in on the fun.

Now for the nutty part...I couldn't just "quit."  I had to work a "program" to help me.  I had to change my old habits to exclude people, places and things in my life that triggered the urge to drink.  A little nutty, I guess, but necessary to save my life.  So now it's been nearly 27 years, and I've learned a few things about how not to drink when I get the urge.  One thing I learned is that recovery is like walking up a down have to  keep walking forward or else you slide back. 

It's really that way with our health all around.  In this day and age there is so much working against us, that we better keep walking in a positive direction, because if we stop our efforts, we'll get pulled back.  We have to overcome so many obstacles in trying just to stay well.  There's air pollution, water pollution, workplace exposure to toxins, toxic chemicals in our personal care products, household cleaning items and even our food...We are exposed to an onslaught of poisons each day!  We live in an extremely toxic environment in today's chemical world.  These past 100 years have brought many conveniences and advances, but also much illness and degenerative disease as a result of it all.

Our immune systems are supposed to react when our bodies are faced with foreign invaders, but just like pushing a button over and over again on the VCR can cause it to start malfunctioning and break, so will our immune system break down if the panic button is constantly pushed.  Look at the rise in auto-immune diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis and so many more.

What about our nervous system?  Many chemicals have an adverse reaction on the CNS.  Do we not understand that this effects the way that we think and the way that our body is able to deal with pain, among other things?  Many chemicals also affect the endocrine system.  These effects include things like fertility problems and birth defects!  I'd be a nut not to try and protect myself from this chemical world!  

Kidneys, livers, lungs...are also all subject to problems from toxic overload on the body.  As a matter of fact, there is no part of the body that's not susceptible to problems from living in an un-natural world! 

We only have control over so much of our environment, so let's get a little bit nuts and try to save our own lives through exercising intelligent control over that which we can control!!!!!!!  (Am I starting to sound like a nut?)

God gave us good minds.  Let's use them for our own benefit and not for the benefit of those who would profit from our misfortune.  They're out there.  Don't be naive when it comes to your health.  Nutrition is not the #1 objective of big massive agricultural corporations who genetically modify seeds any more than keeping people out of hospitals is what the medical industry strives to achieve.  They're in it for money, the love of which is the root of all evil.  You can't depend on advertisers to tell you the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the whole have to find that out for yourself.  Turn to independent research sources to find out the truth, or just use some plain common sense.  

Well, it used to be plain common sense.  Common sense is not so common, it seems, anymore in this day and age.  If it were common, I wouldn't find myself the oddball in so many crowds.  I'm the one not wanting soft drinks or coffee or big globs of white flour, animal products and chemically altered food, drenched in denatured oils, refined sugar, salt, artificial colors and genetically modified corn syrup, etc.  That just doesn't seem appetizing to me!  

It can be a nightmare in social settings, sometimes, to try and adhere to my standards.  Not only is there the temptation which comes from past addictions to foods...(it is important to realize there are many components in artificial and refined foods which are extremely addictive!)...but also the social pressure of fitting in, or of being a gracious guest. 

I find myself in situations with artificial fragrances assaulting my senses, and knowing they are equally assaulting my health, I find that I have to leave soon.  I also commonly find myself in situations where I cannot eat the food being served, not only because I'm a vegan, but because I am acutely aware of the effect these foods have on my body.  I get physical ill-effects I can feel whenever I cheat and eat "regular" food. 

But sometimes I do cheat, to fit in and also not to go hungry at an affair.  The only value I won't sacrifice is that of my vegetarian roots.  All in all though, when at home and as much as possible when out, I am a vegan raw food enthusiast...(AKA "NUT!)

So am I a nut?  If it means trying to attain the highest quality of health that I can, then I am a health nut, oh yeah!  And if giving credit to God and trying to use what I've been given in the best way makes me a religious fanatic, then I have to plead guilty again.  So make fun of me, people.  I really don't care!  They ridiculed Jesus and many others in history who were trying to do things on a higher plane, a little bit different from the way the masses are trained.  Do what's best for you...not just what's popular with the rest of the crowd.  This is life...not junior high.  Who cares if they want to call names? 

Want to make a difference on a bigger scale?  Help make the world a more reasonable place, so reasonable people aren't thought of as being nuts.  Become more aware of how our bodies are affected by what we're exposed to, and then help to make others become more aware.  Learn the alternatives.  Learn how to diminish the effects.  Get involved in raising community awareness and perhaps helping to change a few laws.  Learn how to distinguish what's natural and what is not.  Your body is a natural organism.  Learn to treat it as such.

The norm shouldn't be to poison ourselves and our kids and our grandkids, and that's what we're doing by ruining our environment.  Even our own homes are toxic environments, with all the chemical cleaners and beauty products we use.  That's what is nuts.  It's totally insane.  We're poisoning our environment and we don't even seem to realize the effect that it has.  Someone has to get the message through to the world.  Maybe the truth will come through us nuts! 

Here at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, our mission is to teach people to teach people to teach.  Please join in this mission with us and help make this world a healthier place, the way it was naturally created to be.

Blessings to all,

"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Sunday June 10, 2012, 12:28 am
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