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Jul 14, 2012

When we let God drive the car, we don't wreck!  When we try to drive it ourselves, well, sometimes we get where we're going...and sometimes we quite simply don't.  When God drives the car the destination is to the right place, at the right time, and in good shape.  When we take over the wheel, well, let's face it...we might be late, we might wreck, we might go to the wrong address.  Sometimes we don't even get behind the wheel, and then we go nowhere at all.  Once in awhile we get it right, but might I suggest that perhaps those are the very times that we did let God drive the car!

Okay, we all know this is an analogy, and I'm not really talking about cars, right?  Well, partially, because it does apply to driving cars, as much as it does to anything else in this life!  So let me continue with this...

If we're not the driver, then are we the passenger?  Perhaps we might make ourself useful by reading the map, and telling the driver which way to turn.  Hmmm...Is that what we're supposed to be doing?  Telling God which way to turn?  (Well it said on the traffic channel that there's a roadblock the way that God's trying to go, so I thought perhaps some of my insight might help!) 

Or maybe we're not a backseat driver.  Maybe we're just along for the ride!  Enjoying the ride is so nice.  Singing along with the radio, looking at all the beautiful scenery, rolling the window down and enjoying the fresh air blowing in...sounds like a wonderful way to live!  Yes!

But no.  We're not the passenger, either.  We are the mechanic.  The dirty, greasy mechanic who has to climb under the car to keep it running.  We are the ones who change the tires, put in the fuel, wash the exterior, clean the interior, change the plugs, add in the water and change the oil.  We are the one who fixes the windshield wipers and anything else that might break.  It's okay, though, because with a good driver, like God, and a good car-maker, like God, they shouldn't break down all that much, if the maintenance is kept in check.  That's up to us.  We are the mechanic...and...we are also the actual car.

Yep!  God has no wheels but ours!  We are the vehicle through which God does work on this earth.  We are the vehicle for good! 

So, take care of your car, because it's the only one you'll get in this lifetime, and let God do the driving on every trip out into the world.  If you take a passenger, that is okay, but just remember that it isn't you....You are the mechanic and car.  And if you get into someone else's car for a ride, remember not to tell them how to drive or where to go unless they ask!  (This could be important to remember sometimes!)

So, check your fluids, use premium fuel, tune yourself up!  In other words, drink plenty of water and fresh juices, eat only quality organic food, and do things every day that keep you in shape, like exercise, singing, laughing, praying, and every other good thing that helps!

Let God give you direction.  Let God drive the car.  Don't tell God where to just go.

Living a God-driven life means turning your days over...turning your decisions over...turning the results over to a Power much greater...It means letting Love, Goodness, Wisdom, Life, or whatever other word you use for God be in charge.  It means doing things that are right when the wrong thing would be so easy to do.  It means telling the truth when it means being embarrassed.  It means paying what's owed even when the cashier doesn't know that there was a mistake.  It means eating the right kind of food when the wrong kind of food is right there looking tasty and being offered to you.  It means not smoking a cigarette when you want to quit.  It means letting God drive the car, because God won't ever steer you in the wrong way.  (You know what's right and wrong if you really are honest with yourself in your heart.  Letting God drive the car means to do it.  Just do it and let the chips fall.)

Living a God-driven life means that sometimes you won't be going to the same drive-in where all the other cars are.  You might be going somewhere that looks really boring to them.  You might be going to the Auto-Zone when all they want to do is go see a show.  You could go to the drive-in movie with them, but if you don't go get your car parts, then you could be in for some serious consequences.  Some of those parts are very important, you know!

Another important thing to remember is to change your brakes so that when God presses the pedal the car actually stops.  We should also make sure that the gas pedal works!  When it's time to stop, we need to be aware that there is a signal being sent, same thing when it's time to go.

The blinkers and brake lights are important so others will know what we're doing.  There's chaos without communication on the road of life.  A horn is good, too, but if it's blowing and honking incessantly, it's a good sign that God is not driving the car, it is us.  Get out of the driver's seat at that time and go back under the hood.

The more we take care of the car and let God do the driving, and not us trying to drive while no one really takes very good care of the car, then obviously the longer our car is going to last, and the nicer the drive will be.  

(There's nothing about this in the Bible, but imagine a get the idea!)

So if you come to a point in the road, ask yourself which way is the good way, the right way to go?  If you are quiet and listen, you'll hear the answer, just as surely as a good mechanic's ear is finely tuned to the hum of a smooth running engine.  You'll know which way to go.  And if you don't, just remember that God is driving, and so if you act with goodness and mercy and love in all you do, you will be acting in accordance with God.  With that being the case, just let God drive wherever God drives!

When the car stops at a rest-stop, and after checking the fluids, etc., then get out of the car, take a stroll (with God leading the way), and enjoy the flowers and birds!  But when it's time to go, get back under the hood and let God drive the car.  (Okay...once in awhile you can ride in the passenger seat, but don't get too carried away!)

Have a nice smooth ride and a pleasurable trip!

"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Saturday July 14, 2012, 10:30 pm
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