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Jul 23, 2012

i’ve been watching the thalidomide class action play out in court this week and was elated for lynette rowe, the lead plaintiff born with no arms or legs after her mother was prescribed thalidomide to combat morning sickness and anxiety during her pregnancy… a multi-million dollar payout – although 50 years down the track hardly makes up for a lifetime of hardship, and still doesn’t give her independence as most of us know it… i watched lynette cry though, and shed tears with her…

but i couldn’t help thinking – ‘doesn't this yet again prove the futility of animal experimentation? thalidomide was tested on animals wasn't it' so i did some research and of course, the answer is yes...

“The most famous example of the dangers of animal testing is the Thalidomide tragedy of the 1960s and 1970s. Thalidomide, which came out on the German market late in the 1950s, had previously been safety tested on thousands of animals. It was marketed as a wonderful sedative for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and it supposedly caused no harm to either mother or child. Despite this "safety testing", at least 10,000 children whose mothers had taken Thalidomide were born throughout the world with severe deformities.” from against animal testing from a medical and scientific perspective

“Here are just a handful of drugs that were extensively tested on animals and after being approved for human use, were found to have dangerous and deadly side affects. Some were pulled from the market.:

Clioquinol, Eraldin/Practocol, Tequin, TGN 1412, Thalidomide, Zyprexa/Olanzapine. Phenactin, E-Ferol, Oraflex, Rexar, Suprofen, Zomax, Suprol, Rezulin, Selacryn, and Vioxx have been pulled from the market after killing or harming thousands and thousands of people.

Side effects of prescription medicines kill over 100,000 people a year in the US and almost as many in the UK. That is more than all illegal drugs combined!

The great breakthroughs in science that have given us all the medical advances we enjoy today have actually come from ethical, human-based research - most notably astute clinical observation, epidemiology (population studies), autopsies and in- vitro research, including the use of human tissue. Anaesthetics, antibiotics, aspirin, beta-blockers, pacemakers and many other great discoveries owe nothing to animals and everything to human ingenuity.

Another issue is the fact that drugs can injure animals but display no adverse reactions in humans. These are equally significant in revealing the inaccuracy of animal data because these tests keep potentially useful medications out of our reach. Here are some examples of how animal testing significantly reveals the differences between human data and animal data."

more proof of the futility of experimentation on non-human animals…

maurice beddow bayly wrote the book ‘the futility of experiments on living animals’ way back in 1956 stating “In a universe which embraces all types of life and consciousness and all material forms through which these manifest, nothing which is ethically wrong can ever be scientifically right; an integrated cosmos of spirit and matter one law must pervade all levels and all planes. This is the basic principle upon which the whole case against vivisection rests. Cicero summed it up in the four words: "No cruelty is useful".

considering cancer research has been using animals for decades, with no cure on the horizon… “With billions of dollars, countless animals, and well over 30 years spent on the war on cancer, concrete results should have been seen if animal research was actually working. On the contrary, the incidence of cancer continues to rise.” this, again from against animal testing from a medical and scientific perspective and also borne out in the human cost of animal experiments from the animal liberation front website "the inability to validate carcinogenicity in animals kept cancer-causing agents legal for a much longer time."...

one of the most potent realities of all also comes from the animal liberation front website: "The real bottom line is stark: no animal experiment has ever saved a human life. But animal experiments have led to many human deaths."

frighteningly "increasingly animals are being genetically modified in attempts to model human illnesses. Even when these GM animals have an identical defective gene they do not always develop the same disease as humans, or indeed any disease at all." from what's wrong with animal experiments

surely non-human animal experimentation has been proven futile over and over again and needs to stop - if humans want ‘cures’, test them on volunteer humans who stand to benefit, not non-human animals who, incidentally, are not less than human, but equal to - they are not 'ours' to use and abuse...

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Posted: Monday July 23, 2012, 6:01 am
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