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Aug 19, 2012

We humans are biased for action, for doing.  We are too quick to get going, do something, start something, stop something, change something...  At the root of this bias is our belief that if we get going, if we do that thing, if we start that thing, if we stop that thing, if we change that thing - we will become happy.  In this way, we are always "doing for happiness".  In this way, we are postponing our "happiness" for later, until after we have done, until after the results of our actions have come.  So happiness becomes an "ideal" for us.  Materialistic stand about happiness is no different...  It also says that you need to "do" (struggle) for "happiness" (enjoyment or fun).  Let's face it, idealistic or materialistic approaches of "doing for happiness" are not working!

Let's be very clear that happiness is not in doing something, anything for that matter!

Madhyasth Darshan (Jeevan Vidya) presents an alternative to "doing for happiness", which is "doing with happiness".  Let's try to understand it!

At the root of every human action, jeevan (the conscious unit) has to be there.  Jeevan is the "doer" of all actions.  Body is the tool for jeevan for its "doing".  The expectation of happiness is there in jeevan, and not in body.  Jeevan manifests its "understanding" (or lack of it) in its "doing". 

The resolution that emerges in jeevan from understanding itself is happiness!  The problem (or lack of resolution) that emerges from lack of understanding itself is misery!

How do we be clear about what is "understanding" and what is "lack of understanding"?  What is "resolution" and what is "problem"?

This is a very important question, because every human being after certain age considers himself to be having the understanding that's needed for his living.  Every human being begins "doing" in any situation with the belief that he is fully resolved about that situation.

The demarcation of what is "understanding" from what is "lack of understanding" can be done by a human being who has achieved the understanding of reality the way it is.

The demarcation of what is "resolution" from what is "problem" can be done by a human being who is resolved in all dimensions of his living.

So we are talking about two planes of consciousness here...  One plane of consciousness is with lack of understanding and problems.  And the other plane of consciousness is with understanding and all round resolution.  The former is called "animal consciousness" and latter is called "human consciousness".

A human being living in human consciousness testifies that resolution emerges in his self (jeevan) continuously ever since he achieved the understanding.  This resolution itself is happiness, he goes on to say.  He says that he does everything with happiness.  He doesn't feel the need for surrendering the results of his actions to God or some probability.  He says, that I am definite of the outcomes of my actions - because I have understood and I am rooted in the laws of existence

OK, that's Him, what's in it for Me - who according to above description doesn't quite make it for the human consciousness!  This indignation or doubt is bound to arise in us sooner or later.

Its answer, as I have understood thus far is as follows:-

Every human being has natural expectation of happiness, which his existential need for understanding.   Human being does everything for happiness, until he has understood - which perpetuates problems and misery.  Once he has understood, he does everything with happiness - which establishes and furthers orderliness.  In this way, understanding becomes the primary need of every human being who has not yet understood.

OK, I concede that I need to understand, but do I have what it takes to understand?

Yes, every human being has the ability to imagine, which is all that it is needed for understanding.  Imagination has the ability of deciphering the meaning from the information.  Imagination is what distinguishes human being from animals.  If humans seem to be doing anything different from animals, it is because of their natural ability of imagination.  Understanding is when imagination becomes aligned or attuned with the reality of existence.  Human imagination seeks fulfillment.  The fulfillment of human imagination is in understanding. 

OK, what do I need to "do" for understanding?

Study.  Imagination can be used for studying, which is about paying attentionto the reality.  The one who has understood can impart this understanding to others.  Therefore, the one who has understood is a teacher and the one who wants to understand is a student.  Study happens in the union of teacher and student, and it culminates in student's achieving the understanding, like his teacher.

Study is not really about "doing", it is actually about "seeing".  It is seeing the realities holistically.  Holistic view of realities is understanding, which results in realization.

OK, then what do I "do", until I have "understood"?

Doing never stops.  It takes time for understanding.  Until one has understood, one can "do" for gradually aligning one's living according to understanding.  The model of living with understanding is teacher himself.  In this way, a student can follow the footsteps of his teacher.  The pace of alignment of living will vary from student to student, based on the student's circumstances, background etc.  Consciousness development is a wound-less process.

OK, how can I increase the pace of my study?

The pace of study is determined by the student, and not the teacher.  Teacher remains anchored in his understanding and answers based on the inquisitiveness of the student.  True inquisitiveness is that for which the student suffers.  Inquisitiveness is not about gathering answers to trivia questions.  Inquisitiveness in student determines his pace.

OK, how will I know if I have understood?

Continuity of happiness is the first benchmark of having understood.  Each human being can tell for himself if he is happy, when he becomes happy.  The evidence of having understood will reflect in one's behaviour with others and in one's occupation with rest of the nature.  The evidence of having understood would also be in imparting the understanding to others.  The biggest difficulty is that we prematurely believe ourselves as having understood, while in reality we have not fully understood.  In order to avoid this trap, the student has a way - which is to do continuous and comprehensive evaluation of his progress in study with his teacher.  Until the study completes, the teacher is available as guide, correct and coach by being a role model.  After the study completes, the student becomes on his own (or self reliant), and lives with a sense of gratitude towards his teacher.  If a student has not become on his own (or self reliant) or doesn't live with gratitude towards his teacher, it is a sure indication that he has not understood yet.

(This article is shared by respected brother Rakesh Gupta ji) 

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Posted: Sunday August 19, 2012, 6:11 am
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