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Apr 8, 2007


 America is in Iraq and waging war, into our fifth year. Whether you agree with this act or not, we are there. I have trouble in accepting a need for war; I hear my spirit say there is another way…always-another way. But we live in a world that is not guided by my Pagan philosophy; we have to deal with life the way it is and war is the way it is now.

We Pagans are also in the military; we are waging war, we are also fighting against it. We are doing what each of us feels is honorable and necessary for the good of all. We who fought the need of war must believe that the universe will hear our cries and will make things better, with less chaos and less death for the innocent. We must remember that war has always happened and always will until we all make ourselves responsible for peace. For those who are in the battles, who are carrying out their oaths to this country…we hold you in our hearts and may the gods bring you back home to your loved ones in honor and in safety. 

Those who die over there in Iraq or Afghanistan, they get their symbol of belief on their headstones...but not so the Pagan soldiers. For 10 years that has been a sign of respect that Wives and Mothers and Daughters have been fighting for, for thier fallen loved will be going to court. To think Americans would have to go to court to get the same respect as any other religion...but Wiccans and other Pagans are there fighting and dieing.

A non-Pagan friend gave me a picture. He knew I would enjoy it and needed a lift. This picture is of The Tholos, a temple to the Gods of Time, and over it is the analemma; if you could record the position of the sun in the sky at the same time every day, let’s say sometime around noon and subtracting one hour if you are observing daylight saving time, you would notice that the sun takes a rather strange path. You might notice that at certain times throughout the year the sun's position not only varies higher and lower (North and South) as you would expect with the change of the seasons, but also slightly east and west. This figure-eight path that the sun makes in the sky is called the analemma.
This lazy-eight path in the sky is what can be seen as the symbol for Eternity, how appropriate to see the symbol of Eternity over the Temple of the Gods of Time in the ancient place of Delphi. 

Time, The Wheel of the Year, one Sabbat that follows another, spring, summer, fall, and winter; each season follows another. We celebrate these seasons, these times of change. We should never forget that our ancestors also followed seasons of change and from them we have come. What seasons of change will we leave for those who will call us ancestor? What world will they be blessed with? The world can be of peace or war for them and for our Mother Earth. The movements of the Sun will be eternal; the Moon will shine Her light on a barren world or our Green Mother. It is up to us. What will we do with the Time the gods have given us…?  Lord and Lady bless you with Time. 
By Keir
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Posted: Sunday April 8, 2007, 5:38 pm
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Keir Gazelle
female, age 66, married, 2 children
Springfield, LA, USA
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