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Oct 7, 2012

I am a minister.  We are all meant to be ministers.  Yes!  We are all called to bring forth love, peace, health and harmony in the Universe!  That is to include in our own lives, in the lives of our neighbor, in the lives of all fellow creatures and to our own environment, and if we should venture out into space, we are called to go forth spreading love, peace, health and harmony there.

Our mission in life is to express LIFE...lovingly, peacefully, in health and harmony with ourselves and all of life.  To be a minister means to accept this mission and carry it on.  I recognized and accepted this calling at twelve, as anyone can, at any point in their life.  The purpose of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is to help others in accepting and expressing their calling, as well.

I am also a naturopathic doctor (N.D.)  Many are confused as to exactly just what this means, so I will explain.  The title of "doctor" is actually an educational title.  It is not exclusive to the medical profession as oftentimes people think.  Medical doctors (M.D.'s) are schooled in the contemporary form of medicine which is currently taught and supported as a whole by the medical profession.  Other examples may also be a doctor of philosophy (PhD), a doctor of chiropractic care (DC), a doctor of divinity (D.D.), or any kind of doctor in any field of study who has been bestowed this type of degree.  What a naturopathic doctor has studied to earn this degree is ways of interacting with nature in ways such as to bring health and harmony about, demonstrating that this is our natural state.

Just as we are all meant to be ministers, we are all meant to be naturopaths, too.  Maybe not with the formal education required to get fancy letters after your name, but certainly to learn to bring health and harmony about in our lives and the live of our family, and however far into the Universe we are able to carry this mission out.  A naturopath is someone following the "natural path."

So now we have two words, "minister," and "naturopath."  I hope you can see the inter-relatedness of these two words, and I hope it helps you to understand what it is that we're working to accomplish together here, as a church.  The third word I'm going to use is another piece of the puzzle to see the whole picture of just what it is we are doing at Essentials of Life, and what it is that we're teaching here.  Whole picture...yes...that's a good way to begin to explain the next word...

"Holistic."  Everyone uses that word, but what does it really mean?  It is to see the inter-relatedness, actually the oneness, of our aspects of being, namely mind, body and spirit, as being all part of the whole.  It also means to see us, as whole beings, as a part of the whole with each other and God, however we perceive God to be.  We teach that God is the Source and the Spirit of Love and Life running through all...the Energy, the Light, the Absolute Power of Good to prevail.  In using "holistic" healing, true healing occurs in body, spirit and mind, because we are working to bring natural harmony about in all three.  If one aspect of being is out of balance, it will affect all three.  So in order to properly heal and truly bring health into balance, we cannot simply focus on the body, but we also have to work towards the goal of peace and harmony of spirit and mind, or the imbalance will manifest in some other way, even though we "think" we fixed what is "wrong" with the body.  The body is never "wrong," the problem is one of "imbalance," not an issue of right or wrong.  Holistic healing is designed to bring balance about.

So, this is a naturopathically based holistic healing ministry.  We are teaching natural methods of bringing about the harmony of body, spirit and mind as intended by God, that all-knowing power of life!  We are here to learn together and support each other in our healing journey towards Love.

So, where to begin?  I would suggest to begin with a prayer.  Contemplate the words that I just put before you, and ask the God of your being if they feel true and right.  Do you feel called forth to spread healing Light?  Healing Hope?  Healing Love?  Do you feel called forth to learn more of your nature, the way you were created to be, naturally well and in harmony with others and the environment?  And once you have experienced this natural health for yourself, or enough of it to believe it is real if you already do not, then do you suppose you might feel called forth to share what you're learning with others?  This is all between you and God...things to contemplate in quiet prayer.  Then if you feel called forth in these directions, then please join us here at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center in any way you would like.  Learn with us, share with us, ask questions of us or ask for help.  We are a community of love and support.

Where to begin after prayer is a matter of personal preference or Divine guidance.  After bringing your mind into a state of oneness with the mind of God during prayer you can hardly go wrong!  Just jump in anywhere.

Friday night at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center we were blessed to have my niece, Julie Eshelman, join us from California to do a presentation on Chakra balancing for us.  I'm going to use this as an example of a place you could start to work on bringing natural harmony and balance into your life, which are the natural precursors to health. 

Chakra balancing brings the energy centers into balance.  These energy centers govern the energy coming into the body from Spirit and being dispersed throughout our body and also the mind.  There are seven which are commonly addressed, but actually there are more than just these, because actually we are much larger in essence than our body physically is.  We have an ethereal body, as well.  In holistic healing this is taken into consideration, as we recognize our entire being as part of ourselves.  In current modern medicine, if you can't see it or drug it or cut it out, it doesn't exist.  In holistic ministry work we know much better than this.

So, in using chakras as a jumping off point in bringing the body, spirit and mind into a state of harmony and well-being, a general balancing meditation can be performed, as one place to begin.  There are colors associated with each chakra which can be visualized.  There are also sounds which resonate with each energy center.  In natural healing we use natural forces to awaken the natural response of well-being by stimulating these energy centers with the vibrations to which it responds.  This will bring it back into proper functioning again.  Colors, sounds, and even particular aromas and foods resonate with each of these chakras, or energy centers.  By performing a meditation, complete with color visualization and other elements to strengthen the awakening, you can perform a general balancing on your entire self.  To become more specific in healing measures, there are characteristics which indicate an imbalance in each specific chakra that you can easily learn to recognize in what you are manifesting in your physical, mental and spiritual life.  Then you can focus in on bringing balance in that particular area about.

Chakra balancing is not a method, it is more the result of other methods applied.  Chakra balancing can be achieved through meditation, the use of gems, colors, aromas, foods and other natural substances such as herbs and water, direct contact with certain energy points on the hands, the use of yoga poses...these are all methods which can be used in various combinations to bring a state of balance about.  Imbalance of the chakras brings imbalance about in our bodily (and spiritual and mental) functions, and this, combined with toxins (poisons of body, spirit and mind) and/or a lack of proper nutrition (again, on all levels), is what brings any and all types of sickness about.  To learn how to balance the energy system is an extremely valuable aspect of healing.  Whether or not you refer to it as "chakra" balancing is inconsequential to the fact that no true healing occurs unless true balance occurs.

To further this idea of using what we can learn from ancient knowledge regarding chakras...knowledge widely used and put into practice for healing all over the world many thousands of years the idea of using the indications the body reveals as to which chakra needs balancing as a way to bring healing about.  The body shows "symptoms," commonly thought of as symptoms to a particular "disease," and although in holistic healing we do not concern ourselves with disease but rather with health, we can use these indications as a sign as to where the imbalance is based.  By working towards the goal of returning balance to a particular energy center, the "disease" will oftentimes just "naturally" disappear all "on its own."  (Of course we know it is not all on its own, because health is the natural result of lining up with our Energy Source....God.)

Some people think that to use healing methods as these is to turn to some kind of magic that would make a personal God jealous as if we were turning to some other power.  Well there is no Power but God, and God is, to my way of thinking, THE Energy Source, the Only One.  God created the earth and our bodies in such a way as for us to be healthy and live together in harmony.  It's only natural to my way of thinking that God would provide ways to heal.  People from all over the world discovered so many of our natural holistic healing traditions thousands and thousands of years ago, before travel and mass communication had occurred, so far as we know.  How did this happen?  It happened because these healing ways work, and we instinctively or some other way knew; perhaps through direct inspiration from God.

So these are the ways we are learning here at our church.  We are learning natural ways of healing the body, spirit and mind.  These ways include the use of the natural elements, such as through gem healing, and they also include methods of meditation and prayer.  We are learning ways of healing which have been natural to us since the beginning of time.  These ways of healing are ways which promote healing in all aspects of being, namely the body, spirit and mind.  We also promote harmony between us and nature, recognizing that we are all expressions of life, sacred and equally precious in the whole scheme of things.  We live by the rule of Love.

Thank you again to Julie Eshelman ( for coming and sharing with us about chakras!  We had a wonderful workshop with friends!  Julie has just completed an adventurous healing tour of learning indigenous methods of healing all over the world, particularly in South and Central America, where methods (and results!) as these are still widely recognized as Healing Truths.  We hope to add our little candle to the Light of the world so people can easily see that we are all meant to be happy and well!  We'll be sharing more specifics with you about chakras real soon.  It's all part of God's great healing plan.

For view our past and upcoming events, please visit

In Harmony and Love with ALL of Creation!
"Vibraceous, ND"
(This is me with my grand-daughter, Lilith.  She likes chakra balancing, too!)

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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