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Oct 11, 2012

A day filled with light and warmth has crept into our windows
A week quietly keeping a corner for hope,
that dream as unattainable as the moon
that fusion peaceful with our brothers of two and four paws
with our Mother Earth,  quietly, attending both pain and humiliation that we cause
This summer is being particularly dramatic, abandoned animals, sacrifices ..
Impunity, lawlessness, injustice, never mind the word to label a story drawn blood and forgetfulness, indifference and selfishness, who cares?
At noon a phone ringing, a call from heart to heart
Of those who share the love with these 4 paws angels
We enter the deep magic feeling
From a different language, of a link without words, you get caught, you entangled, calling you
My dear friend asked us energy Olatz to send to  Boj,
 the help that only practice and friendship
not understand away, rush or opportunity
They are bonds that bind you to the gifts of the Earth
 full of wisdom and goodness
Boj came to life for six and a half months
A story of human cruelty and wickedness
A Stolen Life
A freedom chained
Scarring of the neck
vile of human action that leaves its stamp worst
Isolation and distance
No games or green fragrances doggy
In June we met you, without words, without barking
With shining eyes, sad and deep
of life , without fanfare or sounds
A being of light, dull and tired gait
hard and long image avatars
You enjoyed with every blade of grass
with the simple and sublime experience
caughing life at every moment
the second stolen last time
Played with other dogs amd cats
embracing the magical experience
with clumsy gait and weary
The ride never enough
Needed a little encouragement
To feel the soft wind
kiss your slender paws
and look back fondly
to apply slightly more
Many departures a day
Much devotion and tenacity
I dedicated this generous friend
now you have left as empty
Your silence was the best language shared
Your gaze traced without sound
the path of an exceptional practitioner
that without clothing and devices
demonstrated qualities unmatched
Today I am so inspired
I lack the words that shape
I want to give you tribute
Maybe tomorrow from grief
overwhelms me now
I can send from my silence
that message that only crazy lovers
your brothers on two paws
want to voices, but no words
share with you in another galaxy
I do not want a heaven for men
I do not want masses and ceremonies
I melt with you, with all my ancestors no name
with the millions of unsung heroes who have drawn a story
lost in distant memory
Without a shared paradise
None of this journey
would never sense
Mo went and you came
Clara, Indi, Rodi, Moon, Heaven
so many others at each point in the sky
But just look at infinity
and to contemplate the immensity
a beautiful new shining star
Goodness, Oasis, Peace Garden
Source of wisdom
Lifelong friend
Thanks for sharing this earthly stage of your existence
with these your other friends
never forget you
You are in me, Great Master
I am in you


The Association called Boj has a dream , because on Monday October 8th, Boj left us. The angels as 2 million and 4 paws pass through the world as unsung heroes, victims of greed, consumption and fashions of humans, but let pass deep imprint on the lives of those who still feel the deep bond of brotherhood with Mother Earth and its creatures
The endless drama of neglect, abuse and slaughter of animals does not stop, either in Spain or in the world. In this country the law is particularly permissive, slow, partial and unfair in some way prior to the offender and penalizes the victim, to that being who can not speak or vote and victims of  fiercest violence from Human beings

My friend Olatz, whose heart and love for animals goes beyond the limits, has lost a great friend, a great dog, an excellent Master. I dedicated that  poem to him

Boj was rescued from a hamlet, 12, 13 or 14 years, do not know their age. Passed from one owner to another who was sentenced to a chain around his neck painful, deep scars with the result of a life in silence: Impossible barking
Isolated on a normal life , or happy relations with others of his species, without running, to enjoy the grass, Boj grew alone, always tied up, and do not know how he was deaf
His legs atrophic result of cruelty lived barely still standing
He arrived at his new  last home and lived there for six months and a half
Nobody would bet on it. 11 pills, waterlogged lungs, breathing pitiful, could not sleep
lying down, choked

But she struggled and he devoted himself body and soul, and he, a survivor, wanted to touch and feel the life that had been so cruelly and unjustly seized
I met him in late May and his  look deep, sad and silent doors pierced my heart. Tears of compassion, helplessness, anger and pain came to my eyes, sharing, somehow, with him, the meaning of that special look

ALWAYS ready out, to melt into a hug with fresh green grass all his life he had been denied
He was slow, watching, reveling in what normally would have been better off your life
Mucking and left peacefully approaching any other dog, experience that clearly enjoyed
It was never enough, coming home was not the best option, and Olatz down again and
again. Boj was known to all in the neighborhood, and surely, in every one of them has left an indelible mark
He had many ailments that sounded the alarm, but his unwavering tenacity hurry made until the last second, every ounce of air
Olatz also dedicated to Tara, and other ailments more dog, Coco, Lia and Pancho, three kittens also abandoned.
I commented on the need to find a place away from the city, not to be so bound, so that they will walk  loose and enjoy it all with, but there were so many obstacles

When Monday, January almost noon, she called, I immediately felt that something serious was happening:
"Boj is wrong, is not kept up, send energy, I talked to the vet, says that probable stroke, I wait a few hours to see if he recovers"
We share a deep sorrow and concern that I left on all day.


One of my dogs was almost 6 hours of testing at the vet, which was an added concern to a day already tinged with gray
Just after 7 pm I called my friend, could not speak, his daughter told me what happened:
The vet came to the house, you could not do anything, a muscle relaxant, ... she took his leg, looked into his eyes and went ...
This and the next night I kept thinking about him and mourn
Lighting incense and candles in his name.
Next Saturday our Zen meditation group will plant a tree in your name, and do the prayers that deserves a great friend
Looking at the sky I can see a bright star , I know you're there Boj We need your wisdom,
the voice of the silence to continue fighting for you all on this planet still suffering at the hands of so many humans insensitive

In May my friend shared a great idea that later bore fruit: A local newspaper advertisement requiring the collaboration of animal lovers, a field assignment or in collaboration to a shrine of abandoned and abused animals. In three weeks there was  answer. A widow agreed to lease its land for two years without charge
Began an adventure not without  problem

Papers, statutes, licenses, wait, that's only  animal lovers know, because death and abandonment are shadows that do not rest.
And it takes money, of course, to build the foundation of that dream which will be called Boj: Garden, Oasis of Goodness, Boddhitshava, Compassion, Buddha, Om, if they are the words that spring from my heart and linked his name with deeper meanings, that after all part of his quiet existence and suffering

This is a tribute to his life, my friend, a dream that can come true for this project, so I appeal to the feelings of those who have lived close an experience that can not be measured in words, Love, and Friendship human-animal bond, human-dog, man-Angel of 4 paws

I leave my testimony here waiting for the door to open many hearts and shed light in the form of blessings to make those contributions that draw sprout and give life to Boj animal sanctuary in northern Spain, in San Sebastian, and ultimately , is also a tribute to all that  left as Boj, still suffering in every corner of the planet without deserving it,without way to run away


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Posted: Thursday October 11, 2012, 6:19 am
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natalie n. (164)
Thursday October 11, 2012, 7:45 am
this is a very beautiful and poignant dedication. i could really feel for the poor dog who suffered at the merciless hands of other humans. i pray that his soul and all the other abused and abandoned animals will find peace at the sanctuary, in the graves and in heaven.


jovita prinz
female , single
Alabaster, AL, USA
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