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Oct 29, 2012

you’re at a work function, there’s catering, there’s a big spread for the carnists - then there’s the vegan not-so-varied spread the caterers threw together for those who don’t eat other earthlings… have you ever noticed there’s always some non-vegans who decide they will just tuck into the vegan fare without regard to the vegans missing out?

we had an in-service staff training day last week and it was the obligatory spread for the carnists – morning tea for them consisted of sweet muffins, pastries and scones - and what did the caterers do for the vegans? a small plate of dry, crumbly, savoury muffins - at least lots of fruit is always provided for all!!!

knowing that would likely happen though i got up at 5.30am to make a dozen vegan muffins to make sure we had something yummy to eat (6 berry, 6 chocolate - and no, not pics of mine - who thinks to take photos that early in the morning while psyching yourself up for work?) - exactly enough for us vegans (and one colleague with all sorts of allergies and special dietary needs who often brings in vegan-friendly stuff he or his partner have made that i can share) - so that meant we had one each for morning tea and one each for afternoon tea…

but of course, there was a lot of cajoling by many - 'are you sure there's none to spare?' (well, der, yeah, i'm sure!!!) or 'can't i just try a little bit' (well, no, then there's not enough for the vegans!) - did i already mention they had quite a bit of food? - that meant someone had to stand guard over them until those they were made for – the vegans - actually got theirs – oh, did i mention i paid for everything to make them out of my own pocket? i'm not begrudging that at all - so long as the vegans were benefitting - but it adds a bit more perspective to something that happened in the afternoon...

most understood - and many asked me for the recipe (because they looked delicious, and of course everyone knows someone who is either vegan or has some sort of animal-product intolerance), but i had a ‘stand off’ at afternoon tea time… this one particular, belligerent, selfish, greedy fucker was determined he was going to have the last one – i was equally determined he wasn’t…after attempting 'civility' i got to the point where i just kept telling him ‘you’re not fucking vegan, you're not having it' to his 'i'm vegan for the moment if i say so because i want it' - a real spoilt selfish smart arse... i really had to contain my urge to pick up the container they were in and smashing it across his face – another colleague had a go at him pointing out the obvious:  he was able to eat anything else there, the vegans couldn’t…

i was really pissed off (still feel pissed off thinking about it!) - guess if you're totally self absorbed and believe in your own entitlement to everything, courtesy and respect for colleagues don't enter the picture... sometimes we've all just had enough, reached our tolerance threshold - i certainly had this day, i was well over pain-in-the-arse selfish uppity humans - especially ones i have to work with on a regular basis...

this sort of shit happens all the time though - i’ve spoken to a number of vegans (and vegetarians) all have had the same sort of experiences at functions – that’s when vegans even get catered for at all!!

while on 'catering' - whatever happened to the plain old garden variety salad, the type that went perfectly on a sandwich - you know, tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, beetroot, perhaps some coriander, maybe some vegan mayonnaise – when did sloppy marinated eggplant, capsicum, etc. become the 'gourmet' ingredients for a wrap that had to sit for who knows how long? don't get me wrong, i love these foodstuffs - as part of a vegan platter... as well as the wraps last week we got wholegrain sandwiches with something that looked like mashed steamed veg on spinach – now that really was a slop sandwich!! where do these so-called caterers get their 'inspiration' for vegan food from? there are so many recipe sites, vegan cook books, information in general so how can they make such crap?

methinks next time i’ll just take my own salad roll for lunch!!

as for being vegan, i long for the day the majority live a compassionate lifestyle and all catering is vegan (and edible!!)...

a good place to find out information on the vegan philosophy, lifestyle and food is at the world vegan day gatherings... and as november is world vegan month activities are happening worldwide, with melbourne's world vegan daycelebration to be held on 11 november at princes park in carlton...

but before that celebration, there is soi dog australia's trade of shame demonstration against the brutal dog smuggling trade in asia at federation square on 3 november... perhaps i'll see you there...

"As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together." ... Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Posted: Monday October 29, 2012, 11:46 pm
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