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Nov 3, 2012


Elections in the United States are coming up this next week.  What are you going to do?  What are we all going to do?  Vote like good citizens, yes, but does it matter in the big scheme of things?

I'm not talking about whether or not our votes count, or whether there is fraud involved or whether or not the system is "fixed."  I'm not talking about electoral votes, either, or any of that.  What I'm talking about is that it doesn't really matter considering that God is always in charge and is the Source of all Good.

Yes, I know.  This is our country and it is our responsibility to vote...and to care!  But in the end, really...does it matter who "wins?"  The point is that half of the voters or thereabouts is liable to be disappointed...some quite the news that their candidate did not win the race.  What are we supposed to tell them?  That they're left out in the rain?  No!  I will tell them, the same as you, that it doesn't really matter one twit which side wins!  Not in the big scheme of things.

When we're likely to be left out in the rain is if we put our faith in politicians at all.  They're human.  Subject to faults.  And let's face it, the political system is pretty corrupt. 

Yes.   Call for change.  Hold them accountable.  Sign petitions and take part in demonstrations.  AWrigte letters to your public officials.  Make phone calls and make your needs and your wishes known.  Do all thT you can to effect positive change!  Tell others about your views on issues important to you and make it easy for them to also stand for positive change.  Probably the best way you can effect change, is to vote with your dollar bill.  You are a consumer, and there is power in that.

But don't give your happiness to them.  Don't put your faith in this one or that one or think that the country is doomed if the other guy wins.  Remember. that God is the Ultimate Source of all Good.  Look to God to bring Peace.  Look to God for your health care.  Look to the Power within yourself to find a way to earn an income.  There's always work in this world to do, it just might not be the work that you think.

When you place your power outside of yourself into the hands of a political system or anything else other than the strength implanted in you and in all of life, then you give up your freedom for which we stand.

We are free to believe however we want to believe.  Freedom of religion allows us to have a belief system which sets us free from limited thinking.  Health care is a big issue in politics these days, but does our health really depend on what they are offering to us anyway?  War is also a big point on the agenda.  Do we have to be at war with each other just because we disagree?  Abortion is another big issue.  Do we have to have one just because they say that we can?  And if they say that we can't, well, I guess that's another top0ic for another day, but we can turn to other forms of support should we ever find ourselves in that spot.  Another issue that I personally find very important is that of genetically modifying our food.  That's a good example right there of something that maybe we can't do anything about with our little vote at the poles, but we can vote at the grocery store.

Health, of course, is a big issue to everyone.  But remember...God is the Source of all health, the only healer, and available to anyone any time.  We are learning methods here through Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center that do not depend on political help.  Methods like prayer, love and the proper use of God's Gifts of Healing, such as water, food, touch, laughter, movement and so many other natural things.  Do what you can with what you have!  You always will have enough if you learn and apply natural ways.

There are many important issues which affect us as a nation.  As a church, we are not permitted to favor one candidate over the other.  To do so would jeopardize our non-profit standing.  Furthermore, we can't devote a huge amount of our efforts towards supporting any particular legislative action, although to some extent we can express our views on issues.  We can speak out for peace, for love, for compassion, for justice, for freedom and other such ideals, of course!  But particular candidates, no.  To tell you the truth, I don't think we'd want to even if we were allowed, because it is the issues that count, not the person doing the job.  We need to place our trust in God and put ourselves onto the task of helping to resolve the issues.  We all are accountable for doing the best that we can.

I know that sounds quite simplistic.  And for that matter, what is this "God" we're turning to?  The Bible tells us to worship in Spirit.  I choose to worship God as the Spirit of Love and Goodness present in all of Life.  I worship ideals, not a political woman or man.  I vote according to which individual best represents my ideals.  (Sometimes I really don't think any of them do.  I've not a lot of faith in the system these days.  But I do still believe Good will prevail if we set our eyes on ideals of Love, Peace, Charity, Fairness, Compassion and other such positive things.  If each of us were to think on these things instead of fighting over who wins or not, then maybe we all would win!

We can't expect the politicians to do it all for us.  We have to work on an individual level for community change.  Take on causes at the local level that are important to you.  Work to raise people's awareness of issues that matter.  Do what you can in your own little corner of the world.  Vote for YOU!  Vote for GOD!  Vote for LOVE!  Vote to not allow yourself to become upset over it all.  You're not a victim.  None of us are.  Do the best with what you have and work to make the parts of the world that you touch a little bit better by you being there.  That is a good way to make positive change!  Much better than fighting with each other over who wins a political race.

We each have all the power in the whole world right inside us, waiting to be called forth to action.  Learn ways of developing your use of this Power.  Develop it through entering into the quiet stillness of your mind and becoming aware of this Source of Goodness and Plenty and Strength.  It is there.  Become familiar with it and let it be your  Guiding Light.  Let your Light shine before others.  Be a beacon for Truth in the world.  Vote for yourself.  Vote for God.  Vote for Love.  Vote for Peace in your life and the world!

Still worried about the election?  The more you worry the more there is cause for concern, because worry shows a great lack of faith.  Don't worry.  Take any action you can and then let it go.  It's not worth losing sleep...or your friends! 

Here is a very nice meditation on the upcoming election.  Sit back, relax, hit the play button and just close your eyes and let go of all tension and fear....

Our job  AFTER election day is to send prayers and blessings to whoever wins .  They need prayers.  They need to be surrounded in the Light of God.  They need to be inspired with the Spirit of Love, Peace and Goodness.  We need to hold them up in prayer instead of tearing them down.  Your job is to do your part there.  That's something we all can do...and it works!  Be a part of the solution instead of making the problem worse.  When you are fighting against something, you take the energy you need to fight FOR.  What are we fighting for?  Peace.  Let it begin with each one of us right now. 

Blessings of Love and Peace to ALL!  Unconditional Non-Partisan LOVE!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center
...A Place to Come Together and GROW!!!

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Posted: Saturday November 3, 2012, 10:09 pm
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