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Oct 4, 2012

             Contrast has such a strong, and versatile  meaning. The time that contrasts me with my doings, the contrast between day and night, the contrast of differences, the contrast of silence and words. I think that inner living has a  silent contrast between the wants and cans, between heart and mind, between self and the other. Contrast is a normality in our life but in some situations can be a motive to change, and an understanding of differences.

         One of the first thinkings I had when I read the calling of the 8th Gallery Challenge, made by Designanator, was the contrast between day and night, fos (which is the greek word for light) and darkness (skotadi, is the greek word). But this contrast thinking of black and white, brought in mind so many everyday contrasts all in opposite beings like in the yin- yang chain. The contrast of laughing and crying, of being alone and being loved, of being without being, and by this thinking I understood that contrast is an element of our living. Even we, our self is a contrast to our past.

       My contribution to the challenge is the contrast between light (fos), a symbolism using night and day to signify the light and darkness we all carry inside, like small, individual yin and yangs. The photographs belong to the Fos Collection, and the first one (Fos), is an image of dancing children and humans in a celebration night. The actual photograph was shot in night using a moving camera, and it  is a signature image to me for the movism technique. But the most essential is that the joy, the positive energy, and the need of creation, celebration can even turn night into day. Children are also thought to be the light of the world, meaning our wish for a better world.

    The second image (Microcosm), is a photograph of a woman dancing, and it is also shot in night. Microcosm, means that we all carry inside a small world, and I find this visual depiction so touching and sensitive, at least it is to me, as a woman. There is a difference when a woman has to face and make a world inside the world when she is alone. There is such a contrast between men and women, although human. And this image  symbolizes the inner solitude of each woman, combined with her need to create, feel, give beauty, art and joy. A woman dancing in the city, in the night, feeling in love inside her heart, living in her microcosm, so inside and outside of the world at the same time. I think that we all are microcosms. (The photographs,created with the move technique, have only the colour and the focus alteration).

           Thank you Designanator, for this challenging challenge, which made me think, and understand that maybe contrasts  are (or can be)  a maturity road, when sensed with the mind of heart.

Best wishes to all!!!!

                                       (Images and Text  ©  Stathi Stathi)

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Posted: Thursday October 4, 2012, 4:10 am
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Stathi Stathi
female, age 39, committed relationship
Athens, Greece
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