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Nov 8, 2012

What if you could be artistic and tuned into the universe, operating as a channel for limitless creativity, absolute freedom and power? Congratulations! You are now officially artistic. We are born creative and it takes very little to reassess that natural state. To make art, all you need to do is to grab a brush and go – really.

Artistic freedom is equally important as the freedom of speech. It is the freedom to just be, to revel in the endless possibilities of the moment. Spirituality and creativity is the same thing. The creative flow is your spirit and when you create, your spirit works through you. The creative process enhances, strengthens and celebrates your true essence. This does not mean that everyone should have a creative profession. It means that you, I and everyone else needs to make time and space for weekly creativity in order to feel really good about ourselves and to remember who we are.

Everyone secretly wants to be an artist or a writer. It looks like magic from the outside, watching an artist confidently move a pencil over the paper, rapidly and consistently rendering the image until there is a sudden stop; the artist steps back and observes the image in deep contemplation before getting back to work with a smile on the face, as if a quiet whisper had delivered a secret to the ear of the sensitive artist. Or look at how the poet is caressing existence with words. That quiet whisper comes from inside, it is a feeling, an idea and a complex calculation. But it doesn’t need to be a calculation to be valid, it is ok to have no idea of what is going on, it is ok to be clueless and lost, it is ok to dip a brush in purple or red and just splash the brush on a canvas, just for fun. Is that art? It is the beginning of art and it can go beyond your imagination, but you need to start somewhere. Loosen up and have fun. Just remember to leave self-importance behind.

Fear of failure is stopping many people from expressing themselves creatively. The good news is that nobody can fail. It is not a competition. There is no goal to reach – all that matters is the action. The action is what is going to nurture your spirit and strengthen your connection to the magnificent you. The feedback from the outer world; praise, sales and a tap on the shoulder, feeds the ego – that is different. Your spirit does not need to prove its talents to the world; it is needless and rejoices in spontaneous expression.

Many artists create extraordinary and unique works, because they are comfortable with their creativity and they trust their hunches. It can be difficult to be self-confident as a beginner, which is why I recommend you to start with loose, abstract, improvised painting. Let yourself go. Be needless of positive feedback from others and allow your spirit to be the source of your strength. Enjoy the feeling of playing with color, shape and line and be brave enough to enjoy the result as well, as it is one step towards your freedom as an independent and powerful creator.


Elinrós Henriksdotter 

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Posted: Thursday November 8, 2012, 12:58 pm
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Elinros Henriksdotter
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Jinja, Uganda
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