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Nov 14, 2012

This two part article series takes a look at acupuncture, an ancient Eastern practice, from a more western medical perspective.

Acupuncture treatment is an ancient therapeutic practice developed in the Far East, which involves the insertion of ultra-fine needles at very precise locations in the body. This, explains the acupuncturist in San Diego, is intended to improve functioning while encouraging the body’s natural healing abilities. How does it do this? The traditional explanation given by the Chinese practitioners of acupuncture is that energy runs in channels and patterns through the body. These channels are referred to as meridians and can be likened to great flowing rivers that run their course over the surface of the skin, providing nutrition and hydration to the tissues, organs and systems. An obstruction in the flow of these meridians, explains the acupuncturist in San Diego, causes a dam that backs up the smooth running of the other energy meridians.

Acupuncture treatment is used to influence and ‘unblock’ the energy meridians at specific points on the body. By reestablishing smooth-flowing energy meridians, the acupuncturist in San Diego can help the body’s organs, systems and tissues to correct imbalances, thus improving and hastening healing and recovery from a number of conditions, diseases and maladies.

Acupuncturist in San Diego: The Western Perspective

The explanation provided above comes from the Chinese doctors that practice acupuncture according to the ancient traditions and methodologies that have been preserved and passed down for hundreds, if not thousands of years. For this reason, says the acupuncturist in San Diego, many people and especially those that have been raised on the western school of thought, approach acupuncture treatment with great skepticism. However, there is a scientific explanation provided by the acupuncturist in San Diego. First, consider these fascinating facts about acupuncture treatment:

1.      The effectiveness of acupuncture treatment has been scientifically shown, through carefully controlled clinical trials, to be effective in the treatment of many illnesses and diseases, says the acupuncturist in San Diego.


2.      From a strict analysis of all the various bits of scientific literature on acupuncture, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized 200 different health conditions, diseases and maladies for which acupuncture is seen as an effective treatment.

      3 . There are 78 specific conditions for which acupuncture treatment has attained positive results, says the acupuncturist in San Diego. However, further scientific testing is necessary in order for a solid relationship to be established.

     4.  The availability of acupuncture treatment at medical hospitals in the United States has increased considerably over the last five years. This, says the acupuncturist in San Diego, certainly serves as recognition of the efficacy of this ancient Eastern practice in the treatment of a whole suite of illnesses, conditions and diseases.

   5. In the last decade, the Air Force, Navy and Army doctors have taken acupuncture to Iraq and Afghanistan to lessen the pain felt by wounded soldiers and to help all soldiers cope with the incredible stress of being in constant mortal danger. In fact, says the acupuncturist in San Diego, acupuncture treatment has become an integral part of the emergency care provided by many hospitals in war zones.

So, given the acceptance of acupuncture by as internationally respected organizations as the WHO, it would seem as though there is a more scientific explanation for this ancient practice! And it goes as follows:

 The insertion of needles encourages the release of certain natural chemicals in the spinal cord, brain and muscles, says the acupuncturist in San Diego. These chemicals can either trigger the release of other hormones, which influence the body’s natural internal regulating system, or they change the body’s experience and interpretation of pain. This stimulates healing and promotes emotional and physical vitality, explains the acupuncturist in San Diego.

Acupuncturist in San Diego: Stay Tuned

For more information on the western approach and understanding of acupuncture treatment, stay tuned for the second installment of this article series.

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Posted: Wednesday November 14, 2012, 10:56 pm
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