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Nov 18, 2012

Giving thanks increases the experience of good in our life!  It increases our experience of GOD.  Giving thanks helps us to become aware of really everything we do have to be thankful for...things which might normally escape our notice.  Things which possibly could save our life.

Give thanks for the little things and suddenly they don't look so little.  Give it a try!  Pick something.  Your shoes?  A smile from a passerby?  A nice song on the car radio?  Okay, now imagine life without shoes.  Suddenly you're more thankful, right?  What about a life with no one to care at all or to interact with on this big planet earth.  What about only people without any smiles?  Did you give a smile in return?  Notice that smile that you got and give thanks!  As to the song on the car radio, well doesn't that make life just a little bit nicer for that moment in time when your spirits are lifted u?  We can only live  life just one little teeny tiny moment at a time anyway, so that moment was just as important as any other, and wasn't it nice enjoying that tune!

Okay, now think of some of the big things in your life to be grateful for...Health?  Loved ones?  Your home?  Transportation?  Surely there's something, is there not?  Probably quite a bit of big things to be thankful for when you start adding them up one by one!  How about starting with life itself?  Or the ability to be reading this message at all...eyes are pretty nice things to be grateful for. 

But what of those who don't have any eyes?  What about those with poor health who are lonely and possibly have no place to call home?  What about the people who truly do have very little in their life for which to give thanks?  Most likely, for one thing, they aren't reading go out and give them a hand!  They need help!  Be grateful you're not in the position they're in, and stop thinking it could never be you.  It could be any of us at any time, for a whole lot of reasons.  If it does happen to be you in such a position, and somehow you are reading this, then be grateful for whatever it was that brought this message to you, because we all have things to be grateful for.  Even those with seemingly nothing at all have the opportunity for a new day each day.  With life comes the hope of things to come,  and we can influence that more than we think, simply by carrying a spirit of gratitude about in our heart.  It shows, and it also increases our good!

Gratitude attracts blessings to it.  Like attracts like!  If you look for what's right, you find more.  If you look for what's wrong, oh sure, you will find it.  But what's so great about that?  Think on the wonderful things to be thankful for, and bless them and multiply the good in your life!  Open the door for more wonderful things to be grateful for!  Friends, sunshine, laughter, health, fresh air, flowers, music, dance. animals, fingers, toes, knees, ears, water, food, stores, gardens, refrigerators, telephones, running water, indoor plumbing...if we don't have it, then outdoor plumbing!  Whatever it is that you have, give thanks, and it's benefit to you will increase!

Okay, well what about sadness?  What's to give thanks for in that?  Give thanks for the tears to wash it away.  Give thanks that tomorrow will be a new day.  Give thanks for the sensitivity to even feel sadness at all.  Give thanks for someone to listen to you.  If you don't know anyone, then write a letter to us and we will listen to you.  Our email address is

What about sickness?  Give thanks that the answers to sickness are always available to us, and then fut faith together with that gratitude and start looking for the answers for you!  God and nature will always provide for wellness, but you have to seek in order to find!  It all starts with an attitude of being grateful in faith that the answers are there.  That is what open's your mind, and answers are never found with a closed mind.  Gratitude opens the door.

What about people who are hindering you.  They sure can provide a challenge to the idea of being grateful for all!  But look at it this way...they are bringing opportunities to you to learn how to more fully love others, and also yourself.  Every time someone bothers us, remember, they are carrying a message to us about something in us that we're bothered by...or something in us that bothers others.  Usually we'll find we're very much in some way or another just like the people who bother us most!  Be grateful for the opportunity to find those parts of yourself and love your way out of them.  Be grateful!  You can't hate your way out of bad habits, but you can love yourself enough to change.  As for the other person, the one bothering grateful for whatever it is that they're meant to bring to your life, because the sooner they bring it, and you receive it in gratitude, the sooner they'll stop being a bother to you!  They'll either leave, or else you'll find that they're not so bad.  Gratitude really does help.

So, give thanks for your friends, give thanks for you enemies, give thanks for your joys, give thanks for your sorrows, give thanks for all you have and for all that you do not have.  In general, just give thanks for life and trust that you have all you need!  If you don't see it, perhaps you're not looking in the right place!  It is there.  Give thanks and ask to be led, and then give thanks again, for it is done!

How does thanksgiving apply to our health?  Give thanks for a body that was marvelously made!  Our design is PERFECT!  If it doesn't appear to be perfect right now, the really great news is that it is also designed to self-heal!!!

Our bodies are programmed down to the tiniest bit of a cell to function in a way so as to help our body survive, and not only to survive, but to thrive.  We are implanted with Intelligence beyond even our own comprehension to build our entire body, think with our mind, and to act in accordance with our own desires.  If we cut our finger, it heals!  If we give our body a chance, it will heal from anything, so long as the offense wasn't too bad and no longer occurs, if given the right healing tools.  The tools are simple, and all found in nature, such as food, air, water, and things of that sort.  Exercise balanced with rest, and a proper attitude help, too, of course.  What kind of attitude helps healing the best?  An attitude of gratitude, of course!!!

We need to remind ourselves how lucky we really are.   We don't have to think about breathing to breathe, although we might improve it a bit if we did.  We don't have to think about blinking or about circulating our blood through our circulatory system.  We don't have to think about growing new cells.  We've got a lot to be thankful for, so we would do better to think about that and sit in awe than to worry about whether we're going to "catch" the next "flu-bug" that comes traveling by.  I don't care one twit about "catching" the "flu-bug," because I'm too busy being grateful for such a fabulous immune system design and so I've been feeding it herbs and other good foods and doing exercise and thinking positive thoughts keeping it healthy and strong! I'd rather live from a place of strength and gratitude than to live in worry and fear of anything.

Gratitude for all things reminds me that there is good in everything.  Even when hard times do come, as sometimes they will, we can be grateful to know that things will get better if we continue to look for the good and be grateful for what's on the other side of the pain.  Even in those times, it helps to be grateful.  Being grateful opens the mind to positive things.  Things really start to go better then!  Like begets like and like attracts like.  Positive thoughts of gratitude and appreciation breed positive results.  They are of the same vibration.  Lift your vibration in gratitude and similarly lift your experience of life.  Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Speaking of vibration and of Thanksgiving, give some thought to the vibration of the food that you eat on Thanksgiving and other days.  The higher the vibration of food, the higher the lifeforce that it contains.  Dead food is dead.  It does nothing to bring about life.  Life begets life.  Vibrant fresh fruits and vegetables contain and provide vibrant life!  Raw nuts and seeds contain all the potential of life, and pass this on to us when we include them in our diet plan.  Food needs to have life to give life.  Food in a can is dead, as "food" from a dead animal is.

Also, think about the vibration which comes with suffering, and decide if those are the kinds of vibrations you want to take in at your meal.  If not, then perhaps choose a vegan diet.  If you choose to eat a diet with animal products and by-products, then you may wish to look into your particular source.  Large factory farms are full of filth and disease and are well known for their maltreatment of animals.  It will be worth your time to investigate these practices for your health, besides your conscience.  Choose wisely and please give some thought to the animals who pay the ultimate cost for your eating choices.  Make a conscience choice when it comes to issues as this.  Give thanks to the creatures who provide you with what you are asking of them, and please at the very least don't cause waste.  Consider upgrading your choices if you don't want to do anything which some might think drastic.  Meatless Mondays are a good start. Going organic is also a step in the right direction, as is buying locally from small family farms.  Thank you for your kind consideration of a topic like this. 

You can get your free Vegetarian Starter Kit from the Physicians for Responsible Medicine by clicking here.

Gratitude for ALL of LIFE!!!

Blessings to you.  Perhaps you might enjoy our previous Thanksgiving messages from last year.  They are:

(They sound the same, but they're different, click both and have some nice reading time!)

Happy Thanksgiving,

"Vibraceous, ND"

Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Director of Healing Ministries, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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Posted: Sunday November 18, 2012, 6:08 am
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