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Nov 24, 2012

If you could give any gift in the world to the most special person in the whole world to you, what would you want it to be?  Imagine that money isn't an object.  Picture that gift in your mind.

A luxury home with gorgeous scenery?  A new luxury car?  A trip around the world?

Or what about the gifts that fairy god-mothers are so pleased to give in all the stories, like beauty, grace, charm and the gift of song?  What about the Prince or Princess Charming we all long to meet?

What about health?  Surely that would be at the top of the list for someone we love!  We would want to give them a long healthy life, full of vim, vigor and energy, as well as sweet peaceful dreams.

Well, these gifts have already been given to each of us, because we are all precious in God's perfect sight. 

We were given a beautiful luxury home called the Planet Earth, nestled nicely in the Milky Way neighborhood somewhere!  It has beautiful scenery and has a fully stocked kitchen which restocks itself, as well as a stocked medicine chest. 

A luxury car?  We were given that, too!  A perfectly designed vehicle designed to do self!  Perfect to carry our soul around in this physical world!

As for the trip around the world, yes, we were given that, too, but we don't often notice because too much time is spent indoors.  Go outside and see the world of fresh air, beautiful streams, fields, mountains, rainbows, flowers, trees, lakes, oceans, valleys,'s all there waiting for you!  Start in your own backyard!!! 

It's not that we haven't been given the gifts, it's that we don't take the time to notice what exactly it is that we have.  We have the best there is of everything, all at our fingertips! 

Health?  Read above.  Find these things, you find health.  Same with a good night's sleep!  Or at least the opportunity for such.

Same thing with love....and beauty, charm and the gift of song.  We all are beautiful.  Yes!  And quite charming when we choose to be.  As to the gift of song, it is there, buried within.  But it doesn't mean much if we don't let it out.  Love isn't love until we give it away, and health isn't health until it's expressed.  Just because we've been given gifts, doesn't mean that we'll use them well, or even open the packages up.

We already have what we need.  God created the heavens and earth and the animals and us and saw all that was made as good.  This is something we know, even if to some God is just a Big Bang.  Even if it was a Big Bang, the pieces fell together pretty good when the dust all settled from that, don't you agree?  We are perfectly made, and we are living in a world that is perfect in its design, too, and perfectly suited to us. 

So what do you give someone who already has everything, which would be everyone, since we are all equal in our creation.  Well, let's about the awareness of the perfection of all that is within and without?  How about if we could give someone the willingness to use what they already have?  We can give information, but awareness is something that comes from within, and as to the willingness, everyone has to come up with that on their own.

I suppose the best thing to give someone is something along the lines of how to practice bringing the perfection implanted within into manifestation in everyday life.  If it is awareness that someone lacks, perhaps yes, information, might help.  Or a demonstration in your own life, perhaps.  Are you living what you'd like to give?  You have to have it to give it away!  (Don't worry...there's an inexhaustible supply!)  If it is willingness that's needed, hmmm...back to awareness, I guess!

Hope is always a good thing to give.  Again, that goes along with awareness.  Living your own life in accordance with that which brings about the conditions you are hoping to give goes a long way in helping others believe.  Be an example of what you wish to teach!  If you're not perfect, that is okay.  None of us are perfect in our expression, we are only perfect in what we're capable of.  We're on a journey of coming closer to that which is in our design.  It's a journey, however, not a quick drive-by, so relax and enjoy the ride!

If you want to help someone become aware, share information with them.  Make it easy for them to understand what you are expressing to them.  The more you share, the more they'll be able to grasp the concepts in what you are saying.  You would think people would already know these kinds of things, but they don't.  We've been asleep as a race for a very long time.  It's morning now, so everyone open your eyes!!!  Listen to what GOD has to say.  LISTEN.  LOOK.  FEEL.  There is a world full of love, sustenance, beauty and song!  A world where you can be as healthy as you choose to be!  You have to work at it, though, but it is there.  Look around!  There are plenty of examples to see.  Look with your eyes, your ears, your mind, your heart.  You will see.

So in giving a gift to someone you love, what will you give them?  I think the best gift is a reminder of their True Identity, which is that of an heir to the Throne.  Give a gift that reminds them how special they are, or a gift that serves as a wake-up call as to the absolute goodness of LIFE!  Another idea might be the tools of the trade...a gardening hoe, an artist's brush, a new flute made from some wood or a camera perhaps.  How about a book identifying the herbs of the field?  Or a gift certificate for a relaxing massage?  How about a beautiful mirror with the words imprinted on it, "You are beautiful, creative and loved!"  These are all example of gifts which bring out the true gifts we already have. 

How about a copy of "God's Gifts of Healing:  The Essentials of Life!"  There's a great gift idea!  Help others to become AWARE.  The gifts are already theirs.  The gifts of healing are free to us ALL.  If it is love that they need, above all else, please make sure they know they are loved.

Have a wonderful time shopping.  Instead of Black Friday, I think it should be more Rainbow colored, and it certainly should last for more than one day!

Love to all....
"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Saturday November 24, 2012, 10:08 pm
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