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Dec 8, 2012

While God is an Invisible Being,  His Creation in this realm is both visible and connected to the Invisible.    All He has created reveals an aspect of His personality and by meditating on all natural things of this planet, we are gently pointed toward Him.    

As the Lord leads me, I'll be adding more and more spiritual lessons of His Creation and a few personal testimonies on this blog for all of you to enjoy and be encouraged by.

Back in 2008, the Lord opened my heart up toward the animals, trees and plants we co-exist with on this planet.  Before this, I loved God, but I looked upon everything He made as something either to hunt or eat, and take for fuel.  I failed to see how mankind- even religious mankind- is taking more than we need and not giving back.  I was shown the disconnect we humans have formed- the veil we have placed between us and God- even involving His Creation.    We have elevated ourselves above the Animal and Plant Kingdoms and have become Usurpers- not stewards.

In past centuries, there have been some rare souls who have actually lowered themselves to the same level as the rest of Creation.   One such soul is St. Frances of Assisi.     As he continued to commune with Christ through the Holy Spirit, his soul became simplified. He saw all animals and nature as his fellow brothers and sisters under God.   Within time, the Holy Spirit even opened him up to be able to communicate on a certain level with animals.  Many of his brothers in the faith noticed that animals were not afraid to be around him.    I am very sure that Jesus's disciples noticed the same thing about Jesus and any stray animals or birds that they came upon while in the garden of Gethsemane.

I can share with you one testimony where the Lord revealed to me how precious He considers all His creation.      I used to be somewhat indifferent to native flowers and plants, wild animals, birds, etc-- even complaining at our crab apple tree when some of the crab apples landed on my car.    After a particular life changing experience/visitation (I will share  one day in the future as the Lord leads) my heart opened up and I made a special point from that time foreward to NOT destroy wild plants from our yard- just transplant them instead.  I also transplanted many baby maple saplings from destruction of our lawn mower and did other things for the wild things I used to disregard where the opportunity presented itself.

One morning before waking up, I clearly heard a woman's voice singing these words to me:  "you are helping the flower to seed;  all things are precious".        I woke right up after hearing this, and noone visible was in my room.       Then this past Summer, while taking a walk on our Country road, I was meditating on how all Creation is interdependent upon each other-  how all Creation needs each other. While thinking upon this, I received this thought (which was not from me) that said that not only is Nature dependent upon each other - but humans ALSO need Nature and were not created to be inter-dependent from Nature as well!      WOW! I thought!  Apparantly, my thoughts were being heard- and that point hadnt occured to me!

Nothing in Creation is wasted- even the fallen leaves from the trees are used to nourish and fertilize the ground for the very plants and trees that grow in that soil.    The birds rely on the trees for food and shelter.   All things are shared, and this is how God wants we humans to live-- to share WITH Nature- to give back after taking.    To re-learn our connection again and to allow Him to take away that veil we have placed between us and the rest of His Life He has placed on this planet.   To learn this is to truly ascend closer to Him and to start to think as He thinks.

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Posted: Saturday December 8, 2012, 1:05 pm
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