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Dec 27, 2012

Category:Breakfast & Brunch
Prep Time:Less than 15 min
Special Considerations:Vegetarian

 Pan Fried Apple & Oatmeal

1 whole seedless Granny Smith apple, cut up ( about 112 cal.)

¼ cup raisins (1 and ½ oz.= 130 calories)

5 pats unsalted butter (35 cal per level teaspoon or 20 cal per pat,

so even rounded out to 30 cal each,..about 150 cal)

powdered cinnamon to sprinkle onto the apples, about a teaspoon ( 0 cal.)

one-half cup of whole oatmeal (150 calories)

two-thirds cup of water ( 0 calories)

Here's a super-delicious and nutritious meal that comes well under 600 calories and will have you thinking about how fantastic each bite tasted long after you've gotten past the last one. It's so good, and this without a single grain of sugar, that it's like having a dessert for your whole meal. The sweet tastes come naturally from the butter and fruit, enhanced by the cinnamon.

So here's what you do! Put your five pats of butter on the bottom of the fry pan, cut up your apple (Granny Smith apples are arguably the best for cooking or baking, but really any kind of apple you have on hand will do) into whatever kinds of chunks you feel comfy with and put them in the pan all on a medium-low heat, then sprinkle the apple-chunks with cinnamon...a lot if you're a big fan of cinnamon's flavor or just a little if you're not so sure. Measure out a half cup of the whole oats and open up the little box of raisins. When you hear and see the butter bubbling and crackling at the apples after they've been lightly frying just a few minutes, you can put the ¾ cup of water in the pan, and the oats and raisins and stir-fry them until it's cooked as thick (or thin) as you might like...won't take but a very few minutes, for it will cook quickly! Turn the heat off and pour your meal into a bowl, let it cool a smidgeroonie-noonie! It may not be hot enough to burn your tongue, but d'ya wanna take a chance?! When you eat this, your own entire body will thank you! You're Welcomed!

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Posted: Thursday December 27, 2012, 11:44 am
Tags: breakfast healthy cooking oatmeal vegetarian brunch ideas [add/edit tags]

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Susan Lee LPN Retired (82)
Thursday December 27, 2012, 11:55 am
Since i created this a couple of years ago, I have also used many other kinds of apples with this.


Susan Lee LPN Retired
female, age 63, single, 1 child
Pensacola, FL, USA
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