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Dec 29, 2012

You know you need VoIP services for your enterprise if you agree with most of the following statements:

●    My business operates from a single headquarters, but we have partners from different states
●    My business regularly transacts with international suppliers and service providers
●    My business gets a lot of calls
●    My business accepts work from home part-timers
●    My business needs to save on long-distance calls
●    My business seeks to exude a professional look and feel - despite our size - to existing and prospective customers

If you say yes to at least four statements, then getting a VoIP system should be your business’s top priority for this year. Read on to know why it is good for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) such as yours.

In today’s modern world, no company is ever small. SMBs can now compete with larger companies. Thanks to new technological breakthroughs such as the VoIP service.

Simply put, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make calls through the Internet, as an alternative to your regular landline. Everybody knows the power of the Internet, and now, through VoIP technology, you can not only read and get information from the web, you can also talk to someone over the Internet using the same equipment that you already have in your office.

If you have business partners from different states, you need to find a better and more efficient way of communicating without the high overhead costs. Using technology for this purpose, such as hiring the services of professional VoIP providers, can help you achieve your communication goals without the high costs.

The same is true if you regularly need to get in touch with your suppliers and other service providers. Business process outsourcing is now very common not just for big businesses but for SMBs as well. More and more smaller businesses are now considering to employ this strategy to be more productive and efficient. In such a scenario, getting a VoIP service for your business will be a good support infrastructure.

If you have ever experienced getting a lot of calls from existing and would-be clients, it is inevitable that they will have to be put on hold. With a VoIP service, you need not worry about busy lines or unanswered calls. It allows you to have a system of retrieving voicemail via your e-mail, as an attachment.

The business applications of this technology are far-reaching. For instance, you can file and store actual voice messages from your customers, sort the positive from the negative feedback, and put it all in one location, much like your regular computer files. Because the voice messages are digital, you can listen to them again and again before you give them your best answers. In addition, sending first-hand information and feedback from your customers to your business network is made much more experiential by systems because they can listen to the actual messages on their media players, iPods, and even smartphones!

Best of all, for startups and emerging small businesses, exuding a professional reputation matters a lot. While getting a VoIP service is not the only road to take you there, it’s one way of giving the impression that you are bigger that you actually are, because you made an investment to digitize the way you communicate. That’s plus points for the customers, who are undoubtedly king.

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Posted: Saturday December 29, 2012, 2:48 am
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