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Jul 28, 2013

Matthew 26:52-53: “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “All who take the sword will die by the sword. Don’t you know that I could call on my Father for help and at once he would send me more than twelve legions of angels?”

Lucas 24:36 While they spoke about it, Jesus stood in their midst saying, "Peace!"

Brutus: Peace! Count the clock.

Cassius: The clock has stricken three.

Set in the time of Julius Ceasar.

The anachronism here is that in 44 AD there were no clocks.

It’s a big world out there.

Please know that I care.

Rhymes adapted with due recoginition from content submitted to:


May all the world find peace.

May love & truth embrace with ease.

Let’s embrace our differences

& overlap our circumferences.


Pray for peace & goodwill

Amongst all men & women.


I pray you may have peace of mind,

The kind that comes with understanding,



May each of u reach out with ease

To touch the universe with peace.


May God’s love & light

Heal the world with all His might.


May everyone seek peace on earth

& find joyous gifts, despite sorrow & mirth.


Pray for peace across the land

& so lend a helping hand,

You understand.


Pray for peace for friends, family

& all world nations to reach amicable treaty.


Pray for peace today for everyone, as you may.

Pray we find peace in ourselves & outwards each & every day.


Lord, through love & mercy,

Bestowe health, grace & love

On those without that you see,

In peace & harmony from above.


Remember that life is about loving one another

& living for the Lord in eternal life as sister & brother.


Pray for peace, love & goodness & as you will

& do not doubt for a minute that this is possible.


Pray for peace from within,

This is the true beginning.

Peace be to all,

Both great & small.


Pray for peace

In this country

& globalle

If you please.


Pray for harmony & integrity in all instances

To rise above adverse feeling

& thus offer healing.


Pray for victory & humility;

Wisdom & grace in decisions to your best ability.


Let’s pray for peace at heart,

Most especially for those experiencing difficult time,

Now, that ere you depart,

You will bless others by letting your light shine.


Pray to realise that in connection in learning from past differences,

We are united in celebrating our sacred differences

In all instances.


Pray to God to grant the gift of peace to others to understand,

As you thank God for His blessings as He continues to keep you in the hollow of His hand.


May the omnipotence of God’s love be realized in these days

& may you awaken to the purpose of love, wisdom & courage in creation, always.


May you know the inner peace that quells anything

that appears insurmountable, as you to God praise sing.


May the light of inner peace today

Shine for us all alway.


You will have no worries nor cares

When you keep God in your prayers.


Pray Today

That you gave enough of yourself

To have made a difference yesterday,

That tomorrow you will be humble enough to show all you encounter

Compassion & kindness too

& that in the future peace & love will be flowing for me to

You & from you to you.


Pray to God for acceptance of solitude

As it grants understanding of those lost & lonely in magnitude.


May you find peace in your heart

& in spreading Goodwill throughout the world play your part.


Peace begins with You

& extends to all you encounter too.


Pray today

That you gave enough of yourself to have made a difference yesterday,

That tomorrow you will be humble enough to show all you encounter compassion & kindness too

& that in the future peace & love will be flowing from me to you & from you to you.


Pray that all in the world find joy, love & warmth

To promote peace throughout the world this week & month.


Pray for peace & happiness for all friends, family & loved ones,

That all hurdles in their lives thus will be overcome.

God bless you with love, always.


May you be blessed with the joy of peace & the contentment of tranquility.

May God bless us with harmony & present a vision of peace with clarity.


Pray that everyone

will find peace,  each & own.


Lord, grant peace & understanding

In each & every undertaking.


Pray for unity,

To embrace peace,

Starting with you & me.


Pray that everyone will find peace

& blessings to all God’s creation, please.


Pray that all will fine peace & healing,

Contentment & good feeling.


Peace be with you

& around the world too.


Pray to our Heavenly Father for peace to every hurting soul,

That through forgiveness we can truly learn what it is to be whole.


Pray that we may take twice as  much the seeing

& working towards peace & understanding,

Resulting in blessings increasing;

In realizing of humility,

May realization become a powerful reality.


Pray for peace in every home,

That all may feel safe & welcome.


Treat each other with kindness, mindful to share

& let love guide your action & peaceful interaction as you care.


May you enjoy happiness,

Devoid of suffering. Bless



Pray that peace will come to the  weary,

That those who feel lost & lonely, will be contrary.


Pray today, as one,

To judge nothing & no-one.


May all those who are in pain due to misunderstanding,

Hurt, rejection & loneliness, have prayers of peace again

& love answered & thus faith regain.


Pray for peace,

To heal the world.


Pray that we all come to know the Prince of Peace, in fare,

Jesus Christ, as our Saviour,

Sent by our Heavenly Father, the one living God,

To save the world’s abode.

We share His peace with others,

In a smile, hug, sharing & caring for those in need.

Thus peace will come to the whole earth in deed, indeed!

Believe that the LORD gives strength

& will bless you with His gift of peace, at length.


Pray for those who have no time for one another, in meets,

Who are only concerned about their own needs.

Pray that they are able to experience life to the Fullest,

The good especially & thus be able to express it to others best.


Pray that each individual finds peace when times are troubled,

That God will take care of everything, with strife & sorrows divided & blessings doubled.


Pray for sufficient kindness to tolerate

& enough humility to know you are not alone – it is never too late!


Pray be kind to others,

In God we care for all sisters & brothers.


Pray for healing of past wounds, pain & despair.

Pray for love & guidance, patience & tolerance to bear.


God is the bright light that guides the way

For a wandered when it’s not day;

The warm blanket

That wraps around cold & lonely not to forget;

The smile that is returned

When  a random act of kindness is earned;

The tears shed for the homeless, frightened, lost & lonely,

The hope of tomorrow & dreams of today, yes, the one & only.

So believe in the miracle that change lives every day

& give praise to God for this earth & blessings thereon for you, along the way.


There’s a new song out

& prayerful peace is what it’s about.


May God always protect & watch over you.


Pray that each may find the way,

To follow the narrow path, as from today.


If you’ve changed sacred from scared,

Also change raced to cared.


New Yr:

Let us Pray 4World Peace in 4+9thcoming Year,

As we Pray for 4Prosperity &Blessing 4all Near &Dear
+4thz not 2b
HAPhazard 2013,
but a HAPPening New Year.

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Posted: Sunday July 28, 2013, 8:18 am
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