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Dec 30, 2013

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There is a word that exists in nearly every language that seems to put caps on our imagination, and belief. This word is one that will limit those who believe in its meaning. This is a word that has broken hearts, and that had allowed others to lose hope. The word I speak of is Impossible. defines Impossible as, “not capable of being done or happening"


Now let’s first take a look at why people use this word. Usually the context of the word is used when a situation comes up that some people believe cannot be done, hence the definition of the word. In this case, let’s make the situation one that nearly everyone will recognize that would be "impossible".


You are in a book store, any bookstore, and you are near the science section. You see this young kid who is struggling to reach a fairly large picture book on science on the top shelf. You go over and assist him. He grabs the book, thanks you, and immediately   opens it up to pictures of the planets. For the next couple of minutes, as you are minding your own business, this kid keeps smiling, laughing and making odd gestures and noises while turning the pages. The kid then sets the book down, and runs off. Less than a minute later, he comes back, dragging his father along with him. He keeps telling his father that he had just been to Saturn. The father seemed very confused and told his child that it was impossible that he had been there. The kid then made his father get down on his knees, down to the kids height, and had him close his eyes. The young on told his father to pretend that he was on a spaceship flying throughout solar system. He mentioned the different planets and such that he had flown by. Now as this kid is telling his father to imagine all of this, he is opening the book, and going to a picture of Saturn. The kid continues the story and tells his father that he is now at Saturn. The young lad holds the book up to his father’s face, and tells him to open his eyes. When the father did so, he had Saturn in front of his face, big and bright, as the kid had told him to imagine it. The father puts the book down with tears churning up, smiles and kisses his son on the head.


In this situation, the young kid uses his or her imagination to travel to a planet that is far out of their reach. It is our Imagination that allows us human beings to do the impossible.  That and positive thoughts.


A wonderful thing that I would like to touch on with this situation is the very fact that it actually happened. It was about a year ago, at a Barnes & Noble in Indiana. I was so taken back by what this kid had done, it took my breath away. This kid, who had to be only about 6 or 7, had shown that nothing was impossible.


There are many people today telling us that things are impossible.  The truth is if you really want something, and are willing to use a little imagination and hard work, you can accomplish anything.


Children are the most important out of everyone who need to understand this concept. There are also those who have lost hope all together.


For that, I have come up with a saying.


Tell a kid that something is Impossible, and they will immediately get heart broken, and give up.

Tell a kid that anything is possible through imagination and positive thoughts, and you will then watch them grow up to be at their best, and live out a happy brilliant life.


I came up with this saying from not only observation, but personal experience.  I grew up with everyone telling me that what I always wanted to do was impossible.  Whether it was a simple statement I had made, or something I actually wanted to do, or be done. For far too many years I had given up hope in my imagination, and fun thoughts. It was not until recently that I had been given the information that anything is possible.  That is, through imagination and positive thoughts.


It does take a certain level of belief to control this mind set, and there are many who do not quite agree. I would argue that they have not tried to open up their imagination.


There are also so many examples of those who have been in "Impossible" situations in which there were others that they had no hope in getting through, or beating. In the end, they are triumphant, and prove those others wrong. Whether it was for beating a cancer, or surviving a crisis, it will always work.


The trick is to use your imagination to see yourself doing this "impossible” task, then having positive thoughts towards doing it. It may take time, but it will eventually come to you.


Try it. I dare you.


Now then, everything seems to exist for a reason, even things that are not physical. So this word has to be here for a reason. Well it does, and here is why.


The word impossible is here to challenge us. We have this world in nearly everything language for us to tackle it in a sense, and show that we can get past it. It is that wall in which we have to get past to proceed in what we are trying to accomplish. At first it will be hard to try and get past this theoretical wall, and it will seem as though it is Impossible.  It is not though, as long as you use a little imagination, and stay positive, as mentioned.  

That is at least why I see why this word has an inanimate existence.


Thank you for reading this snippet.

-May The Universe be on Your Side 

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Posted: Monday December 30, 2013, 6:01 pm
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